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Betong One Day Trip June 18, 2011

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Initial plan was we were suppose to head to Hatyai but come to second thought, Hatyai is just simply too far for us to travel especially with our plan is just to have a one day trip, that gonna be rather tiring. Instead of Hatyai, we turn to Betong which is so much nearer. However the problem was that we’ve never been there before and worst of all, our preparation was just a day before. Did some googling and printed some map and direction. That’s all we’ve for this trip. Worst, my car charging dock is not working thus GPS is out of our usage.

Wat Phuttathiwat

Wat Phuttathiwat

Anyway we still went ahead with our trip. We started our trip at about 11:00am after breakfast. Instead of following the direction stated in the printed map, I opt for BKE [Butterworth-Kulim Express] instead. We took the wrong turn at the end of second BKE toll station and make the trip rather complicated then. Actually no turning is required at  all, just a straight drive to the end, we’ll be able to come to the junction to turn to Betong. Damn, wrong turning made us needing more time to move around. We also ask around at Karangan area then.

Buddha Statue @Wat Phuttathiwat

Buddha Statue @Wat Phuttathiwat

Finally we made it to the right route. All the way we drove til we reached the border and it was about 2:00pm already then. We made it through the immigration after some minor complication (guess you know what was the problem) and head toward Betong town then.

Myself & Buddha Statue @Wat Phuttathiwat

Adrian & Buddha Statue @Wat Phuttathiwat

Adrian @Wat Phuttathiwat

Totally having no idea of places in Betong, we just drove around and finally we stop by Wat Phuttathiwat temple just for sight-seeing. I realised that I forgot to bring my camera, leaving with no choice so I use my SEK800i camera phone lol.

Street of Betong

Cute Yamaha Scooter

After that we just drove around, wanted to stop by local shop to have some food but after looking at those food, it wasn’t very appealing at all. We thought we were just simply wasting time there. We went to 7-Eleven to grab some stuff (junk food) and then we left Betong. It was just about 1 hour and 30 minutes plus of period we were in Betong.

Immigration Border @Betong, Thailand

At Thailand Immigration Counter

We stopped by Baling to fill our stomach at roadside stall. We ordered a plate of fried rice and one bottle of barley drink and “bird nest” drink. The fried rice portion is quite huge and we actually shared it together. Luckily didn’t order for two.

Stop Over @Baling

"Bird Nest" Drink

Baling Roadside 煮炒

Minute Maid Splash

Lastly, this is the leaflet given to us when we was at the Thailand border immigration premises. Hollywood … it’s interesting isn’t it? Wonderful!!! 😉

Betong's 'Hollywood'

It’s a quick trip isn’t it? Betong one day trip … that’s how we made it 🙂



1. Lil - July 31, 2011

dang that’s more than a fast trip… you guys just like driving around for no reason? 😛

~ bjlcm ~ - July 31, 2011

We were there for reason but not sure if I should mention it here … you should know why we went there lol 😛

2. Lil - July 31, 2011

hmmm since i don’t always know the gossip, tell me by private message 😉

~ bjlcm ~ - July 31, 2011

I thought you know haha but anyway, just pm so check your mailbox 😀

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