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Sushi King Dinner July 28, 2011

Posted by ~ bjlcm ~ in All About Myself, Foods, General.

It’s Sushi King time again … just simply loving it and it seem like everytime I am at the Sushi King, Shishamo is a must. There’s only one time where the dish was out of stock that I don’t eat it, else it’s a 100% record 😀

Agedashi Tofu

Mini Fry Don (Small)


We had a few plate of sushi on the belt and yes, we were having a very light dinner only. You know, trying to control our diet a bit, not wanting to overload ourselves with rice 😛 Oh no, we both seriously just love Sushi King so much.



1. Lil - August 1, 2011

there are better sushi than sushi king. and i don’t know, i didn’t find sushi king that good…

~ bjlcm ~ - August 1, 2011

Yeah, Azuma is good but somehow the thing I love most actually is Shishamo and I haven’t seen any place else have this, or just I didn’t bother to check it out yet 😀

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