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My 30th July 2011, Saturday July 30, 2011

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My 30th July 2011, Saturday activities: –

  1. Slept at 3:00am due to updating blog. Adrian is still awake with me talking shit
  2. Wake up at almost 10:30am. Saw 6 miss call from my boss. Called Tan PL if there any problem with shipment. Solved the problem.
  3. 12:30pm we went out for lunch at Taman Perkaka
  4. 1:oopm we went to PISA for PC Expo just for a walk
  5. 2:00pm came back home. Do nothing and Adrian left for Sitiawan with sister-in-law. Me continue to update blog
  6. 4:00pm went to Bukit Mertajam. Get myself a hair cut (sob sob sob sad … 😦 )
  7. 5:00pm went to Jane’s house. Had an early dinner.
  8. 7:00pm went to look at Gemilang Permai development progress and snap snap some photo.
  9. 8:30pm went to Jusco Bandar Perda.
  10. 10:00pm came back home to Penang house. Continue update blog and online check on mail, FB and etc.
  11. 2:30am (31st July 2011) time to ZZzzzz

Before Hair Cut - Long Hair

After Hair Cut - Short Hair

See The Progress of Gemilang Permai

See The Progress of Gemilang Permai

See The Progress of Gemilang Permai

Gemilang Permai - Completed Unit For Show House

Gemilang Permai - Completed Unit For Show House

Honda Integra DC2

Honda Integra DC2

Tiring day today and worst of all, after getting myself a hair cut, Adrian said I look “FAT”. Yes, I’m fat and I knew it. Work out??? Should be the time … to control eating as well lol hahahaha 😀


Sushi King Dinner July 28, 2011

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It’s Sushi King time again … just simply loving it and it seem like everytime I am at the Sushi King, Shishamo is a must. There’s only one time where the dish was out of stock that I don’t eat it, else it’s a 100% record 😀

Agedashi Tofu

Mini Fry Don (Small)


We had a few plate of sushi on the belt and yes, we were having a very light dinner only. You know, trying to control our diet a bit, not wanting to overload ourselves with rice 😛 Oh no, we both seriously just love Sushi King so much.

My Blog To Do Item July 25, 2011

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Oh well, this folder remind me all the time that I have a lot of pending blog item to be updated lol. Sitting right in the middle of my desktop, this is where I keep all the photo for my blog posting and I must soon make sure that all the item in it would be cleared 😉

My Blog To Do Item

Gambatte!!! [Hope to clear all June and July pending post by end of this month]

The Lighting Core July 24, 2011

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Yet another random post of an image taken with the point and shoot camera of Olympus. I find the way the shine of the bulb is rather fascinating and it’s like sacrificing itself to glow for its surrounding.

The Lighting Core

It’s indeed the lighting core. Enjoy 😉

Inikah Standard? July 21, 2011

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Standard defination: –

  1. something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example : criterion <quite slow by today’s standards>
  2. structure built for or serving as a base or support

Isn’t it nice to have a standard but now the question is  who set the standard and on what basis a standard is being established? It’s very subjective isn’t it? Sometimes it can be very bias toward the establisher point of view of what is considered standard and might not be agreed by some minor group. Standard, how can we set a standard without everyone agree-ing to it? I guess it would only create more of not standard’s standard.

The Reality of Standard

Maybe it’s right, there would not be such a perfect thing exists in standard, even the best would have a loop hole. It’s only for us to define what is the best to handle everything to form as universal standard … or just simply put it this way: Our Standard is NO Standard 😛

My Different Look July 18, 2011

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Ehem, this is my look in long hair and I not sure when is this photo being taken. One of my wishes is to have long hair and tie it, something like David Beckham hairstyle previously but I don’t think I can wait that long due to some reason.

My Different Look

Maybe next year would be the year I start again with my hair dream lol. Gonna cut it soon I suppose 😛 Lil, long hair long hair lol.

Our Tonight Dinner July 17, 2011

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This is not a very good weekend for both myself and Jane. I was not feeling well since yesterday night and suspected with mild foods poisoning after running for toilet for 3 times. Probably it’s the pasar malam foods that I’ve taken earlier that cause stomach upset. As for Jane, she’s down with mild flu and also sore throat.


油炸鬼 & 花油炸鬼

Since both of us was not alright, we decided to have something simple for dinner instead. After fetching her to consult on her sore throat, I bought her Gardenia bread and soya drink as dinner while myself also having soya drink but also get 油炸鬼 and 花油炸鬼 for myself. Jane cannot take deep fried food lol 😛


Gardenia Bread

After the dinner, she took her medication and we went to bed early. For her, she’ve got MC off tomorrow while I still need to work lol. Sien 😦

Ang KT Drawing July 15, 2011

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Coming back from an all-day long meeting, this is what I found sticking to my PC monitor. This is the stuff did by my colleague, Ang KT while I was away lol.

Drawing 1 - Marriage @Pangkor

Drawing 2 - New Born

Drawing 3 - Happy Family

Too free isn’t it? Hopefully my boss don’t read my blog or else will assign more job for her lol 😉

Pocky For Sharing July 14, 2011

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One box of Pocky chocolate stick left from my Betong trip recently. I brought it to the office to be shared with colleagues. Although not much to be shared with but I guess each a stick and everyone happy, isn’t it a nice move?

Pocky From Betong

I guess Pocky is just good, maybe next time can get more from Betong (if and only I’ll ever go Betong again :))

My Wednesday Breakfast July 13, 2011

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It has been quite a while since I started to buy nasi lemak for my breakfast every Wednesday. Probably about 9 months or more. Normally I will buy extra two packet for Chan HH and Ooi CM. The stall that I buy the nasi lemak from initially operate in their small lorry kind of vehicle but now they’ve moved to a coffee shop instead. Business is getting better but I thought that is normal because their food (not only nasi lemak) is good!

Snapped My City While Waiting

Stall Is Getting Ready For Business

Normally Will Ask Colleague To Return Spoon And Fork

Today I was there slightly earlier at about 6:45am and they were just getting ready for business. I waited for a while for them to get ready before I could get my nasi lemak. Tasty 😉