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My 30th July 2011, Saturday July 30, 2011

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My 30th July 2011, Saturday activities: –

  1. Slept at 3:00am due to updating blog. Adrian is still awake with me talking shit
  2. Wake up at almost 10:30am. Saw 6 miss call from my boss. Called Tan PL if there any problem with shipment. Solved the problem.
  3. 12:30pm we went out for lunch at Taman Perkaka
  4. 1:oopm we went to PISA for PC Expo just for a walk
  5. 2:00pm came back home. Do nothing and Adrian left for Sitiawan with sister-in-law. Me continue to update blog
  6. 4:00pm went to Bukit Mertajam. Get myself a hair cut (sob sob sob sad … 😦 )
  7. 5:00pm went to Jane’s house. Had an early dinner.
  8. 7:00pm went to look at Gemilang Permai development progress and snap snap some photo.
  9. 8:30pm went to Jusco Bandar Perda.
  10. 10:00pm came back home to Penang house. Continue update blog and online check on mail, FB and etc.
  11. 2:30am (31st July 2011) time to ZZzzzz

Before Hair Cut - Long Hair

After Hair Cut - Short Hair

See The Progress of Gemilang Permai

See The Progress of Gemilang Permai

See The Progress of Gemilang Permai

Gemilang Permai - Completed Unit For Show House

Gemilang Permai - Completed Unit For Show House

Honda Integra DC2

Honda Integra DC2

Tiring day today and worst of all, after getting myself a hair cut, Adrian said I look “FAT”. Yes, I’m fat and I knew it. Work out??? Should be the time … to control eating as well lol hahahaha 😀


Shabu Shabu July 23, 2011

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It’s Saturday night and we were bored. House cook dinner not much left, so we went for buffet style steambot in Manjung at Shabu Shabu. This is the first of its kind ever in my area, this is pretty common style of steambot in Penang anyway.

Shabu Shabu Unlimited Buffet Steambot

Shabu Shabu Unlimited Buffet Steambot

Shabu Shabu Unlimited Buffet Steambot

We (Myself and Adrian) went to fetch my sister-in-law for dinner. Errr, overall it’s not bad, just a typical steambot kind of food available lol. I thought the cooked prawn was good and mutton as well since I don’t take beef and I don’t really like chicken and there’s no pork, so only mutton is my choice of food now. We had it til our neck level, it was very full 😛 Nice.

Durian Again July 8, 2011

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After a round of durian feast, now my cousin Adrian is craving for one. He has been asking me when to eat durian over the last few days and finally we were to have one today.

1 红虾 & 2 葫芦榴莲

We only bought two durians and instead of getting it from the farm at Balik Pulau, we got it from the stalls set up at the New World Park area. We’ve got 红虾 and 葫芦 and decided to enjoy it at my house with the view from the 23rd floor.

Adrian Start The 榴莲 Feast

Oh well, it tasted good though. Two for about RM50 but I thought it was worth it.

The Delicious 红虾

The Meaty 葫芦

My sister-in-law also took some, very little only since she’s in her early pregnancy stage and doctor advise her against any durian but you know, the crave could be so tempting so just a small piece of it would help to cure the temptation lol 😛

Enjoying Durian From 23rd Floor

We left some to be taken back to Sitiawan for my aunt lol. We know that she and her husband would love it a lot.

9 Months Battle – Victory June 29, 2011

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After a long fought battle one two of the insurance policies, finally victory were destined! First of all, I would like to clarify that this has got nothing to do with the insurance company but the damn bloody fcking agent. They (yes, a couple of husband and wife) created the havoc, could not do any shit on instruction and worst, delay my time and put all the blame on me and refusing to help when I’ve gave them so many time and option. Finally I think this is the end of it, I want to hear no shit from them anymore and direct deal with the insurance company instead.

9 Months Battle

After a lot of ding-dong here and there, providing information and running around the Penang branch office, finally it’s a good news for all the effort that I’ve put in. They’ve agreed that it’s due to their agent fault and would do compensation to me accordingly 😉 Great to hear that!

Happy Father’s Day June 19, 2011

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It’s strange, it’s just a relationship that ties two person together that we call it dad-and-kid. However due to many reason, not everyone has a chance to earn this kind of relationship ever since and I’m just one of the many. Nevertheless, regardless if your dad is good or bad … maybe a simple wish would make a different.

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father’s Day 😉

Betong One Day Trip June 18, 2011

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Initial plan was we were suppose to head to Hatyai but come to second thought, Hatyai is just simply too far for us to travel especially with our plan is just to have a one day trip, that gonna be rather tiring. Instead of Hatyai, we turn to Betong which is so much nearer. However the problem was that we’ve never been there before and worst of all, our preparation was just a day before. Did some googling and printed some map and direction. That’s all we’ve for this trip. Worst, my car charging dock is not working thus GPS is out of our usage.

Wat Phuttathiwat

Wat Phuttathiwat

Anyway we still went ahead with our trip. We started our trip at about 11:00am after breakfast. Instead of following the direction stated in the printed map, I opt for BKE [Butterworth-Kulim Express] instead. We took the wrong turn at the end of second BKE toll station and make the trip rather complicated then. Actually no turning is required at  all, just a straight drive to the end, we’ll be able to come to the junction to turn to Betong. Damn, wrong turning made us needing more time to move around. We also ask around at Karangan area then.

Buddha Statue @Wat Phuttathiwat

Buddha Statue @Wat Phuttathiwat

Finally we made it to the right route. All the way we drove til we reached the border and it was about 2:00pm already then. We made it through the immigration after some minor complication (guess you know what was the problem) and head toward Betong town then.

Myself & Buddha Statue @Wat Phuttathiwat

Adrian & Buddha Statue @Wat Phuttathiwat

Adrian @Wat Phuttathiwat

Totally having no idea of places in Betong, we just drove around and finally we stop by Wat Phuttathiwat temple just for sight-seeing. I realised that I forgot to bring my camera, leaving with no choice so I use my SEK800i camera phone lol.

Street of Betong

Cute Yamaha Scooter

After that we just drove around, wanted to stop by local shop to have some food but after looking at those food, it wasn’t very appealing at all. We thought we were just simply wasting time there. We went to 7-Eleven to grab some stuff (junk food) and then we left Betong. It was just about 1 hour and 30 minutes plus of period we were in Betong.

Immigration Border @Betong, Thailand

At Thailand Immigration Counter

We stopped by Baling to fill our stomach at roadside stall. We ordered a plate of fried rice and one bottle of barley drink and “bird nest” drink. The fried rice portion is quite huge and we actually shared it together. Luckily didn’t order for two.

Stop Over @Baling

"Bird Nest" Drink

Baling Roadside 煮炒

Minute Maid Splash

Lastly, this is the leaflet given to us when we was at the Thailand border immigration premises. Hollywood … it’s interesting isn’t it? Wonderful!!! 😉

Betong's 'Hollywood'

It’s a quick trip isn’t it? Betong one day trip … that’s how we made it 🙂

Fong ZY & Ng LY’s Wedding Dinner June 4, 2011

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After about 2 hours and 30 minutes journey, finally we’ve reached Sitiawan. I went to my grand-aunt house to get her house key and head over there to allow my friends to take a rest first. I went home after that.

Ong YH's iPad - Center of Attraction

iPad-ing Session

More & More Join In For iPad-ing Session

While I was at home, Tiong JL brought some ‘kong piang’ for my Penang friends to have a taste of local famous foods. Some of them already had it before but not all. They certainly enjoy it a lot. Being a bit bored, they were playing with Ong YH’s iPad while myself and Jane enjoy watching Blue-Ray movie which my uncle brought back from Ireland. About 5:30pm, we started to get ready to attend to Fong ZY and Ng LY wedding dinner.

Fong ZY & Ng LY

The 'Yum Sheng' Moment

The dinner was at Beijing Restaurant. Basically just a dinner that I always went to lol, nothing special. The only special part was we enjoy the catching up and blow water session for month of June in Sitiawan. We had some photo taking session but I don’t really know where all the photo went to, probably it’s with Kuan CH and he didn’t put it to Facebook, damn! After dinner, we went home for rest while I went out with Adrian for our usual supper time 😉

Recovery In Progress May 29, 2011

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It’s already a day after operation, it’s now recovery period for grandma. Our today mission is to make her to be able to sit up after two days of lying on the bed. We wanted her to be prepared for tomorrow discharge from hospital life especially getting down from the bed. We were worried after such a long period of lying, a sudden sit up would cause her to feel dizzy as the blood circulation might not be going as normal.

Grandma's Leg

Grandma's Leg

However after a round of trying, she doesn’t seem comfortable with it and we decided to stop. Hopefully tomorrow would be a better day for her 😉

The Chicken Rice Shop

We went for our lunch at the The Chicken Rice Shop in Tesco. The foods there is kinda nice but it’s quite expensive as well. Not really worth of that for just chicken rice. I didn’t even know if there’s even quarter of chicken portion being served and maybe just slightly more if there were. However the Three Layers Tea drink taste nice, maybe I can learn how to make one soon 😛

The Three Layers Drink

Enjoying The Lunch

Woo KR & Syamil

After the lunch, we went home while I get myself prepared to depart for Penang 🙂 Anyway I wish grandma speedy recovery 🙂

9 Screws & A Metal Plate May 28, 2011

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9 screws and a metal plate, that’s what were the item that has been installed into grandma leg to join back her broken bone. As you can see, there’re 9 screws attached to it to secure the plate and not sure if you can see the broken bone hairline gap, that’s how the bone was broken.

Grandma Bone X-Ray After Operation

Hopefully with this metal installed, everything would be fine. My Johore aunt, Hoi Ting is coming back today 😉

Successful Operation May 27, 2011

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After a quick breakfast with Adrian this morning, we went to the hospital to see how’s grandma condition and would expect to calm her down before her operation schedule between 9:00am to 9:30am.

Grandma Before Going For Operation

It was a heartbreak to see her just lying on the bed as she can’t move a lot due to the pain from the broken bone. I saw the X-Ray file of the broken part and it was not a clean break but vertical with certain degree break. I don’t know how to explain it, just like cut the bamboo, they don’t cut of horizontally clean but slightly vertical that make sharp edges to it. That’s exactly how the bone like now. Good thing was that grandma is still her usual-self and still able to joke with us. Several people came visit her and gave her encouragement words before she was push to Operation Theather (OT) at 9:30pm.

Grandma BP, BPM Reading After Operation

About 2 and half hours later, she came out from OT with doctor declared to us that the operation was a success. She would need to be monitored for few hours to ensure everything is fine for her before she is push back to the patient room. Myself and Adrian accompany her all day long, talk to her and get her some foods and etc whenever she need it.

Dinner @Hei Huang Tornado Cafe

My Honey Chicken Nasi Lemak Set

At the night, it’s our house maid, Kak Mira who is taking take of grandma as its much convinience for her to take care of grandma. Anyway one of the best statement for today was that “Broken leg pain is so much greater than Labor Pain” lol 😉