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Fast Five Here We Come May 14, 2011

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It’s rare that we would go for movie on any other day except for Wednesday but honestly, we do not have much time during week day for movie so we opt for today instead 😉

Jane Enjoying Her Drink

Nando's Half Chicken Set

Before the movie, we had our quick and simple dinner at the Nando’s. I was quite full so we ordered just a set of half chicken meal set to share. We were only granted about 20 minutes before the movie started.

Fast Five

The movie was great. I love the starting part where the first ride appear in the movie make it way to stop the prison bus. It’s the legendary Honda NSX Type-R, the black Type-R look awesome and it’s so hot when it’s driven Mia. Overall this movie is fill with thrills, comedy and action pack. It’s rated 9/10 for me personally. Only those rides in the movie itself is already 8/10. Awesome!!! 😉


Justin For Jacko May 7, 2011

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Serious shit that I saw this amazing comment in YouTube on Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean song that I almost joined in the pray for the wish to come true. Share with you … I called it Justin for Jacko!!!

Michael Jackson's Billie Jean

Just in case you can’t read the comment, here’s the slightly focus one.

Top Comment

Now, let’s join Ssigguks to pray for his/her dream to come true 😉

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart April 20, 2011

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Ops, no no no, no one is breaking my heart. It’s just the title of the movie we’ve just watch starring Daniel Wu, Louis Koo and Gao YuanYuan. Chinese title of ‘單身男女’, it’s a love comedy movie. It’s a nice movie though, not much of meaning but just for the relaxation, needless to think much type.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

By the way, the most eye-catching part of the movie is the Toad and the saddest part would be the Toad was killed in the midst of fight between Daniel Wu and Louis Koo.

The Toad Of The Movie

Have a watch, I would rate 7 over 10 😉

K-歌 Session April 7, 2011

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Work work work … it’s time to relax a bit. Michael is organizing a RedBox K-歌 session today as tomorrow is the replacement holiday for last year end Malaysia Suzuki Cup victory holiday.

Jessie With Her Sushi

Danny & Tan CS

Fish Tan EH, Danny, Tan CS (Busy Singing) & Jessie

This time session is joined by more people and we booked a larger room for it. We have 18 persons for session from 6:30pm to 12:00am at the 1st Avenue RedBox.

The Purchasing Girls, Ooi LL, Goh PS & Teh SN

Tang SY, Chan HH & Myself

Koed HK, Chua CK, Michael, Jane Teoh & Ooi CM

K-歌之后 were found in Jennifer from this session. She can really sing well and not only new song but also some old song which is way past our generation. For myself, I don’t sing a lot instead I spend most of my time listening and I did play with Wii provided for FOC from the booking.

Yeoh LP, Ooi LL & Jennifer

Chua CK & Fish Tan EH Playing Wii

The Group Photo (Not Everyone Is In Lol)

We called it the day ata about 11:30pm as tomorrow I have an important appointment to attend to 😉

Sushi King Yee Sang January 30, 2011

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It has been a boring day today with myself spending most of my time listening to the Mobile Radio Hong Kong for their ghost story series “挑燈夜談”. It was quite interesting and if you guys are interested, you can actually download the podcast from mobileradio.hk website. It’s much better than PenangHokkien podcast as the topic seem to be very interesting. By the way, I’m a big fans of ghost story so don’t blame me for liking it so much.

Saw A Big Grasshopper Near The Lift

In the afternoon, I fixed the wall light in my room and now the room light is nice again. I also spend my time monitoring office work because this month we have a lot of urgent shipment to keep up with our sales target. Not long later, Jane is back from BM.

Sushi King

Sushi King Yee Sang (Before)

Sushi King Yee Sang (After)

We went to Tesco Focus Point to get her spec which she’ve send over to replace the lense. Still thinking what we should have for dinner, then we thought of Sushi King. Just like last year, we again (myself and Jane) had our yee sang at the Sushi King, E-Gate. This year Yee Sang compare to last year was not different actually, it’s the same … even the price itself 🙂 Nevertheless, I’ve had twice yee sang so far lol.

Cook My Own Dinner January 14, 2011

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It’s all-on-my-own-dinner day as Jane is attending her company dinner. A bit lazy to eat out, I thought it would be great if I can cook some instant noodles which I haven’t really take for quite a while would be great. Add-on with some anchovy, sausages and minced meat was just simply perfect. As Jane can’t be taking any egg, therefore no more egg supply at home or else would just make it even better 🙂

My Dinner Set

That’s my dinner for tonight. Instant Cintan Mee with some add-on + Rootbeer floats + Initial D Stage Four on my home theater system, just nice 😉

2011 New Year Party January 1, 2011

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It’s already year 2011 and Happy New Year to all of you who is reading this post and probably I have to say it’s Happy Belated New Year to all of you since I know this is a backdated post. Hey, it’s not bad that I updated it 3 days late compare to 3 months late isn’t it? Lil would know best.

The Cute Little Princess, Elysia

Tang SY

Chan HH

Though  it’s new year, I spend my morning working for about an hour. After that, it’s a lot of news reading/update and also blog updating for those backdated post until Jane came back from market, we started my first her second round of steambot feast. Her mum even cook us honeydew sago milk . Chan HH came to my place to work in the afternoon about 3:30pm … and she work for quite a while to get her thing done. Finally she’ve completed her month end task at about 6:30pm. She left after that while myself and Jane get ourselves ready for 2011 New Year Party at my boss house.

Jane Chatting With Teh PE

Jane & Teh PE

Teh PE

The party was at 7:00pm but for sure people come in as the night falls. I reaches at about 7:30pm and there were already quite a number of people there. We help ourselves with foods and drink … it feel weird though that everyone was rather quiet. It’s not really like party mood at the beginning but once the dirnking session kick-off, the hu-ha started to kick in. I spend my night watching football of game between West Bromwich Albion vs Manchester United together with Danny and a few others while Jane was busy talking with Teh PE all night.

Jessie Teh

Koed & His Wife

Yap WH & Ling KE

I did some talking with Teh LL too and it was a nice conversation after so long since she left the company. After that I became the photographer playing around with Ooi CM newly bought Olympus Pens series camera. It was quite fun though, various mode and effect is available but I still personally prefer dSLR model than semi dSLR compact model camera. Oh well, very much of personal preference anyway. I call it a day at about 11:45pm.


Michael Teng

"Fish" Tan EH

Happy New Year to you !! 😉

Movie Day – Gulliver’s Travel December 29, 2010

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It’s Wednesday … it’s the Movie Day today. Ooi CM asked me few days back if I were interested for movie and I realised that I haven’t go for movie for quite sometimes … without much thought of it, I agreed with two tickets 🙂 It’s the Gulliver’s Travel that we were watching. I went with Jane and together with Ooi CM, Tang SY, Ong SY and another account department colleague.

Gulliver's Travels

Just another funny comedy without any real story line to follow. It’s a movie for relaxation for sure. Just laugh and enjoy without needing to think a lot. Oh … not really worth watching in the cinema actually but it’s just RM12 for two, ok la, no complaint.

My New Adidas Sports Shoe

After the movie, we went for quick shopping with myself ended buying instead of sandal, I bought a casual sports shoe. Jane in turn got herself an Esprit long pants 🙂

Bonus & RedBox Session December 23, 2010

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The most waited day of the year has finally arrived. It’s the bonus period and we shall be getting our annual bonus rewards and this year, my bonus was a good one which is beyond my expectation. It’s nice to know that there’s $$$ in your bank account by now lol 🙂

Chiam SL, Ooi CM, Tang SY, Myself, Chan HH & Jessie

Jessie, Lim KG, Danny & Tan EH

With bonus in hand, it’s time to enjoy. Oh well, basically it’s not only for bonus but also to celebrate for other reason like celebrate Christmas, Jessie wedding and etc … so we went to RedBox in First Avenue to have a minor celebration as well as to relax ourselves after all year long of working 🙂

Danny, Tan EH, Ooi LL, Yeoh LP & Chua CK

Group Photo With The Santa

We enjoy the buffet dinner which … ok ok la, some dishes is not bad but certainly not all. No complaint though … for fun and enjoy only mah. There were total of 14 of us but some left earlier. Nevertheless we really had lotsa fun that night and we actually were there for about almost 6 hours singing all night long 🙂

风从哪里来 September 6, 2010

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Probably this is nothing for you but it’s meaningful event not only for my brother but us as well. It’s something that worth remembering and something we might not be having in near future. I’m more lucky in the sense that I’ve heard his singing for quite a lot since I’m staying with him but for my brother, it’s definitely something special. Following is a post plug from my brother facebook: –

Andrew Chee Keong Lau: “记得有一天,我在车上播着这首风从哪里来,他就坐在我身旁轻轻的哼着这首歌,这是我第一次听到他唱歌,29年来第一次听到,对我来说毕生难忘,第一次,也许也是最后一次.”
– posted August 19 at 1:08pm

Maybe you can learn more about the song in youtube or somewhere as I’m not sharing it out in my post 😛