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My Blog To Do Item July 25, 2011

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Oh well, this folder remind me all the time that I have a lot of pending blog item to be updated lol. Sitting right in the middle of my desktop, this is where I keep all the photo for my blog posting and I must soon make sure that all the item in it would be cleared 😉

My Blog To Do Item

Gambatte!!! [Hope to clear all June and July pending post by end of this month]


Inikah Standard? July 21, 2011

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Standard defination: –

  1. something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example : criterion <quite slow by today’s standards>
  2. structure built for or serving as a base or support

Isn’t it nice to have a standard but now the question is  who set the standard and on what basis a standard is being established? It’s very subjective isn’t it? Sometimes it can be very bias toward the establisher point of view of what is considered standard and might not be agreed by some minor group. Standard, how can we set a standard without everyone agree-ing to it? I guess it would only create more of not standard’s standard.

The Reality of Standard

Maybe it’s right, there would not be such a perfect thing exists in standard, even the best would have a loop hole. It’s only for us to define what is the best to handle everything to form as universal standard … or just simply put it this way: Our Standard is NO Standard 😛

AsiaBox July 19, 2011

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Just about two months ago I’ve helped Adrian to get an AsiaBox to fix at his uncle Jason’s house in Sitiawan. However due to bad internet connection in Sitiawan, the device seem to be useless then as it took ages to load and buffer any movie.


Since it can’t be used there, I decided to have it instead as Penangfon is definitely able to support the high speed requirement for media streaming. Now I don’t need Astro as I can watch a lot of drama series, movie and even anime (Bleach lol) that I’ve not watching for quite a while.

AsiaBox Controller

AsiaBox, not bad and hopefully more movie will be offered in near future 😉

History of Apple July 4, 2011

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The history of Apple is rather fascinating and I didn’t realise that Apple has so many and such a wide product range though it’s always make up from the technology gadget but hey, they are one of the technology leader in the world isn’t it?

History of Apple

Great history and revolution of the Apple Corp. 🙂 Now apart from just some workstation, they are already leading the mobile world with its iPhone and due to launch the latest iPhone 5 by end of the year. Should I get one?

25:30 Hours??? June 22, 2011

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Have you ever come across with any notebook that battery life can last more than 8 hours? I guess not many available in the market but I have one which show me that it can last for 25 hours and 30 minutes!!! That’s way too long isn’t it? I don’t complaint though if it’s for real but I guess there’s a faulty calculation by the system when I plug out the power cable after yesterday meeting in the office.

25:30 Hours

Anyway, that’s not 25 hours and 30 minutes for sure, just a system bugs I would say. Wrong display maybe but whatever, the notebook that I’m using can only last me 3 hours the max 🙂

No More Free Download June 11, 2011

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Lesson never learned for sure by our Government that now they are starting to ban on some technology stuff. Back to 20 years ago, in view of launching the first ever national car, they’ve implemented more and more taxes on foreign car in order to get the so call national car to tap into the market. Instead of improving their  vehicle to get people confident, they force the people to buy instead by slapping various fees on the competitor. Conclusion, as long as any method can help the car sales move, it would be implemented instead of looking into way to compete fairly.

It's What?!

Now on some technology stuff, they too adopt the same methodology by banning on those site that provide free download to user. Why wanna ban? Why no work together with those site and implement handshake method to earn some of the return. Isn’t it a better solution? As you know, technology is a technology … it’s sooner or later that people will get the alternative to those banned site. Don’t tell me that Government want to ban on every single site up in the virtual world? Be smart in implementing your countermeasure, don’t just look a yard away but many many more down the road. Oh well, just my two cents personal opinion 😛

Ms .Net 4.0 Sharing Session May 25, 2011

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🙂 Yeah, today I would be attending to a seminar of Microsoft .NET 4.0 Sharing Session at the PSDC center. With me, there’re another 9 colleagues of mine attending too. Anyway since the seminar only started at 8:30am, it’s not really good idea to go into office first before going, so we decided to have our breakfast at the Sunshine McD.

McD For Breakfast

After the breakfast, we left for the seminar. The hall for the seminar was similar to those hall I used to go when I was in university. It certainly bring back some fond memories to me. Back to topic, .NET 4.0 is of course better then those version before this. It has more features and support more of other programming programs. Learn more of .NET 4.0 from Microsoft website 😛

Just Feel Like Attending Class In University

Chan HH, Lim SL & Chua CK Stay Focus

Little Give Away Item From Microsoft

Attending such seminar is always tend to bump into someone that you might have know. I met with 3 other ex-unimates of mine though one of them is one that I always hang out with. Somehow it’s nice to know that everyone is doing well at their respective company 😉

Real IDIOT Kembara

However my good day today was all but spoilt by the idiot neigbour of mine. I thought this is too much and I decided that I need to log complaint to the security to get this guy to learn how to park his car properly. If don’t know how to park, then don’t park … how could this world has such an inconsiderate plus idiot lawyer (so-claimed-to-be). Real IDIOT!!!

PC Fair May 8, 2011

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Just a quick one, today is the last day of PC Fair. Adrian need to get a LED television for his uncle Jason and I need to get a portable disk drive for my teacher’s daugther. We were there too early. The fair is officially started at 11:00am but we were there at about 10:30am. Waited a while under the hot sun 😦

Waiting For The Fair Started

Exhibitor Pass

In the afternoon, I went for facial and also back massage. Wow, it was so nice especially after so long (about 2 months I haven’t go for one d :P) What a day for my short short Sunday 😀

Justin For Jacko May 7, 2011

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Serious shit that I saw this amazing comment in YouTube on Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean song that I almost joined in the pray for the wish to come true. Share with you … I called it Justin for Jacko!!!

Michael Jackson's Billie Jean

Just in case you can’t read the comment, here’s the slightly focus one.

Top Comment

Now, let’s join Ssigguks to pray for his/her dream to come true 😉

How Google Works? April 27, 2011

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Just a simple illustration on how google (or any other website) works. Hope with this, all those not so IT guy would learn something new 😉

How Google Work

I’m Feeling Lucky 😉