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My Different Look July 18, 2011

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Ehem, this is my look in long hair and I not sure when is this photo being taken. One of my wishes is to have long hair and tie it, something like David Beckham hairstyle previously but I don’t think I can wait that long due to some reason.

My Different Look

Maybe next year would be the year I start again with my hair dream lol. Gonna cut it soon I suppose 😛 Lil, long hair long hair lol.


Our Tonight Dinner July 17, 2011

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This is not a very good weekend for both myself and Jane. I was not feeling well since yesterday night and suspected with mild foods poisoning after running for toilet for 3 times. Probably it’s the pasar malam foods that I’ve taken earlier that cause stomach upset. As for Jane, she’s down with mild flu and also sore throat.


油炸鬼 & 花油炸鬼

Since both of us was not alright, we decided to have something simple for dinner instead. After fetching her to consult on her sore throat, I bought her Gardenia bread and soya drink as dinner while myself also having soya drink but also get 油炸鬼 and 花油炸鬼 for myself. Jane cannot take deep fried food lol 😛


Gardenia Bread

After the dinner, she took her medication and we went to bed early. For her, she’ve got MC off tomorrow while I still need to work lol. Sien 😦

Nice Dashboard of FTO July 16, 2011

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My cousin is trying to poison me with his Mitsubishi FTO dashboard and honestly, I thought this dashboard is awesome. It’s the after market product and assemble by himself during his free time in Ireland. I’m also quite into this ride apart from my long time dream car of Honda Integra DC5 Type-R, this could be a cheaper alternative 😛

After Market FTO Dashboard

If only I’m able to bring back his ride to Malaysia, I’ll defintely buy it from him. What a ride … [drooling]

Ang KT Drawing July 15, 2011

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Coming back from an all-day long meeting, this is what I found sticking to my PC monitor. This is the stuff did by my colleague, Ang KT while I was away lol.

Drawing 1 - Marriage @Pangkor

Drawing 2 - New Born

Drawing 3 - Happy Family

Too free isn’t it? Hopefully my boss don’t read my blog or else will assign more job for her lol 😉

Pocky For Sharing July 14, 2011

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One box of Pocky chocolate stick left from my Betong trip recently. I brought it to the office to be shared with colleagues. Although not much to be shared with but I guess each a stick and everyone happy, isn’t it a nice move?

Pocky From Betong

I guess Pocky is just good, maybe next time can get more from Betong (if and only I’ll ever go Betong again :))

My Wednesday Breakfast July 13, 2011

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It has been quite a while since I started to buy nasi lemak for my breakfast every Wednesday. Probably about 9 months or more. Normally I will buy extra two packet for Chan HH and Ooi CM. The stall that I buy the nasi lemak from initially operate in their small lorry kind of vehicle but now they’ve moved to a coffee shop instead. Business is getting better but I thought that is normal because their food (not only nasi lemak) is good!

Snapped My City While Waiting

Stall Is Getting Ready For Business

Normally Will Ask Colleague To Return Spoon And Fork

Today I was there slightly earlier at about 6:45am and they were just getting ready for business. I waited for a while for them to get ready before I could get my nasi lemak. Tasty 😉

Yong WC’s Birthday July 12, 2011

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Almost two months since the last birthday celebration was help by the ERP team and today we have another birthday boy. It’s Yong WC birthday today.

The Birthday Cake

Yong WC

Singing The Birthday Song

However today is also the day that I receive a bad new from him that he’s leaving the company soon. Oh well, whatever decision, as long as it’s a good one then I will be happy to see it happen. Happy Birthday to you 🙂

Duplo-ing July 11, 2011

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Bueno was a while back, now I’m Duplo-ing instead. Another chocolate bar given by my boss from her Euro trip but instead of 3 now, it’s only one. Good thing was Duplo come with 4 breakable portions so 3 lucky person will get to enjoy the Duplo with me 😉

Ferrero Duplo

Duplo, a product of Ferrero … Great!

Errr … Is It Real? July 10, 2011

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Bersih 2.0 has been the latest most talked about issue and I certainly not into any political view because I just can’t care much about something that personally I think is a big mess up stuff. However when I saw a post on FB on a register voter with SPR, I certainly think that Bersih 2.0 rally is a good rally to urge the Government to have a clean election. Why? It’s very simple, I just don’t believe that there’s any Malaysian that live for more than 110 years old or else I would have find it a record in the Guinness World Record.

131 Years Old Registered Voter

131 Years Old Registered Voter

123 Years Old Registered Voter

123 Years Old Registered Voter

132 Years Old Registered Voter

132 Years Old Registered Voter

123 Years Old Registered Voter

123 Years Old Registered Voter

128 Years Old Registered Voter

128 Years Old Registered Voter

114 Years Old Registered Voter

114 Years Old Registered Voter

Anyway, the record do exists in the Electoral Roll Checking portal of SPR. You do the call to believe it or not … I certainly don’t. Just personal opinion as I don’t really like to get involved  too much in our politic.

Durian Again July 8, 2011

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After a round of durian feast, now my cousin Adrian is craving for one. He has been asking me when to eat durian over the last few days and finally we were to have one today.

1 红虾 & 2 葫芦榴莲

We only bought two durians and instead of getting it from the farm at Balik Pulau, we got it from the stalls set up at the New World Park area. We’ve got 红虾 and 葫芦 and decided to enjoy it at my house with the view from the 23rd floor.

Adrian Start The 榴莲 Feast

Oh well, it tasted good though. Two for about RM50 but I thought it was worth it.

The Delicious 红虾

The Meaty 葫芦

My sister-in-law also took some, very little only since she’s in her early pregnancy stage and doctor advise her against any durian but you know, the crave could be so tempting so just a small piece of it would help to cure the temptation lol 😛

Enjoying Durian From 23rd Floor

We left some to be taken back to Sitiawan for my aunt lol. We know that she and her husband would love it a lot.