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A Short Weekend Walk June 29, 2008

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It’s another weekend for a walk in Queensbay. Me and Jane decided to have something good since both of us has been quite busy over the weekdays so we head to Siam Express. Typical thai restaurant, we order a Couple Dinner Set which come with 4 dishes plus 2 desserts. One particular dish that actually encourage us to have our dinner there was the Green Curry Chicken. It taste just good at least for me because it’s not too hot and the chicken used was very fine. Of course you can’t miss the tom yam soup in thai restaurant. Seafood tom yam with prawn, grill fish, cuttlefish and a few other ingredient. The most special ingredient was oyster, yes, this’s the first time I had tom yam with oyster. Taste just nice.

Siam Express Green Curry

Then we just walk around, Jane wanted to get some hair solution to make her hair look nicer after she got herself new haircut. Not bad but she don’t seen to like it anyway. Girls girls! Oh ya, we happened to see the Digi Yellow Man picture board, you know, the one without the face. So I became the Digi Yellow Man for that very moment. Proabably the face is too big for me, but nice isn’t it? 

Myself As Digi Yellow Man

Jane As Digi Yellow Man

Anyway I’m not using Digi as my mobile network. Not because Digi is not giving out good services but it’s because I’m already used to Maxis. I have only one number which given by my bro before he left for Ireland. Since then, it’s already 8 years the number stay in the family, I don’t plan to change it too. Well, a happy weekend … will follow by Monday blues …


Why Me? June 27, 2008

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately, really a lot and I mean it. I was thinking of this and that, is it right or wrong, or could it be better or worst … Somehow no exact answer being replied so far. One particular question always pop in my mind is ‘Why Me?

It’s probably a small thing but since it hit on me in rows, I really felt the Impact of it all. Like I’ve complaint in my earlier post Money Not Enough, yes, I’m having a tight budget lately though I’m still a lot better than most people out there. Still, why me? I’ve been trying hard to control my budget, I’ve succeeded in doing it but always something else will come out from nowhere that force me to fork out more than what I have.

NGK Iridium Spark Plug

It started with untold processing fees of buying house which I’ve not budgeted and it is quite a sum. Then followed by petrol price increase. On top of that, after my car 40k mileage service, the performance drop badly and it start to consume petrol as if it’s drinking it. I’ve been thinking hard for a while how can I solve all this. I’ve manage to save some cash for the processing fees but there came another lawyer’s fees for another house transfer which is also equal to the processing fees amount. I’m doomed! Then I found a way to turn my car back to what it performance previously by installing Iridium Spark Plug … something else strike! My car tyre was punctured by a long screw while I was on my way back just now. Sigh, it was already late a night and I have no choice other than replace the tyre with the spare one. RM260 for spark plug is budgeted but another at least RM320 RM400 for tyres was totally out of my expectation! I’m thinking Why Me, Why Me? Why can’t it be somebody else?

My City On Spare Tyre

Sigh, guess no point for me to further complaint. I need to get my car to fix tomorrow morning. I need to settle my unpaid so-called debt and of course, I have to carry on with my life. Well Beejay, think positive! Everything happened for a reason and why not just face it bravely! You can make it through. When you think you are doomed, think of those in starving in Africa, those suffering in Sichuan and etc, you are God Damn Lucky dude!

Honk! If You’re Malaysian June 26, 2008

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Honk! If You're MalaysianIt was on the shelves since 16th December 2006. Lil’ve got herself a copy and I thought I could be an interesting reading stuff. Yes, I’m right. It’s indeed something interesting that it took me almost two years to find out.

I’ve been trying to tell myself to get the book but whenever I stepped into the bookstore, something just stop me. Probably by nature I’m not book worm, I’m not into reading and I find book to be the best sleeping pills. So, I never really buy myself anything from bookstore.

Last week, I saw my cousin brought the book to my house. I was thinking, maybe I can save the money and borrow from her. Well, it was actually Lil’s book, not sure if she’ve gave it to my cousin. Anyway that’s not important, I’ve brought it along with me to Penang now. Spending every night with two chapters, it’s just nice to entertaint me yet at the same time doze me off. What a win-win situation!

Basically this book is all about how we, the Malaysian behave, what is our special culture and what we cultivate as our norm. It’s pretty hilarious and funny yet it’s so true that I have to admit that I’m a typical Malaysian in some way. It’s just too true to believe something we don’t realise yet we are practising. For non-Malaysian, great material for you people out there to learn more about this unique country and it’s population. Read on guys, good stuff!

5th Generation Honda City June 25, 2008

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Autocar July CoverThe generation continue with new look, that’s the latest 5th Generation Honda City published on Autocar India.

How true is it? No one know, even Paul Tan’s Automobile Blog has yet to release any news regarding this popular vehicle but according to Autocar, this is the new Honda City and is being uncovered in their July edition cover. Any how, I’ve seen the post in several forum including TeamCity which is where I obtained the photo from.

5th Gen Honda City

So what do you think? It’s a bit like Honda Airwave look but as for the rear, it’s a bit disappointing coz it look bit like Toyota Vios 2nd Gen. Not sure of all the details but one thing for sure, it doesn’t look like Fit resembled. Whatever it is, I’m proud of my 4th Gen Honda City 🙂

Money Not Enough June 23, 2008

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I remember once Julie send me an email on how to inline with our great Prime Minister YAB AB a.k.a Pak Lah advise to the Rakyat in facing the increase of living cost. It’s very simple, change your Life Style! According to simple calculation of an average RM3K earning basis in the mail, it tell us how miserable a person have to cut down and juggle the budget for every aspect of the monthly usage yet it’s still short of few hundreds RM.

Well, I personally felt that I shall not complaint much as I’m in much better condition compare to many many people out there. So I can’t complaint but I just want to point out to those who is ‘daylight robbery’ our hard earn … Please think twice. Imagine you are in other people shoes and walking other people path, you’ll know how important is every cent to the people life. We try hard to make end to our living yet it was hit harder as inflation and reccession is just around the corner. It’s like running towards a big wall with our eyes blind folded, the IMPACT is so great especially towards those in lower and middle income group like me.

Money … for us, money is really not enough. However to some, money is not not enough, but they are robbing not enough money. Still, daylight robbery mah, they hold the license to do so, they have the rights! You cannot complaint … A song for relaxation, relax la …

The Flying Dutch [Part Finale] June 22, 2008

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The title of the post is not suppose to be so, but since there’s part 1 and part 2 so I’ll just go on with the final part. Anyway the actual title which is in my mind should sound like ‘Dutch defeated Dutches’.

Some of you might not understand what ‘Dutch defeated Dutches’ when the game was actually between the Flying Dutch and the Russian. Well, actually the Dutch in the supposedly title stand for Guus Hiddink while Dutches stand for Flying Dutch. Hiddink himself is actually a Dutch but he was stuck in between his professionalism and nationalism which  he wanted to avoid so much that he faced it bravely. Being a master tactician, he plot his Russian game just like a chess set. Playing every single component to perform to the highest level, they leave the Flying Dutch with no chance at all.

Netherlands 1 - 3 Russia

The outcome of the game was surprisingly to most pundit after predicting that Flying Dutch would go through to the semi final after great display in the previous 3 games in the Group of Death. However in the world of football, there’s no such thing as sympathies and emotions. They were clearly outplayed by more determined Russians and of course under the guidance of one of the best coach in the world.

Anyhow, no more Flying Dutch in the tournament also ended my interest in Euro 2008. Anyway, I would like to congratulate and wish Edwin Van der Sar all the best for his contribution throughout the years. He played his last game superbly. Without him, Flying Dutch would have eliminated even in the normal 90 minutes play.

1. Hiddink guided South Korean to World Cup 2002 semi final (the best ever archievement of Asean team)
2. Hiddink guided Australia to World Cup 2006 in Germany when they seem to be dead in the qualifying stage

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday June 21, 2008

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Nothing much happening on this and coming days.

Thursday: Doing nothing much, busy with work from 8 to 6 and watching HK drama series from 7 to 10. Kinda like waste of time isn’t it? Well, it’s a tiring day even though nothing much was accomplished … probably I should have spend the time sleeping

Friday: Again, just another busy day but this time slightly relax compared to Thursday. Yeah, I’m going for second movie of the week with Jane. Though it has been on cinema for quite sometimes, finally both me and Jane can make it to Kung Fu Panda. Hilarious and funny movie, it definitely suit everyone from 3 years old to 80 years old, no doubt with that!

Kung Fu Panda

Saturday: At the moment I’m writing this post while waiting for Jane to get ready and fetch her home to BM. Then I’ll be on my way back home too after so long. Not exact of what happened but already have rough idea what gonna happen. I’ll need to get myself to the barber, probably afternoon tea with grandpa and cleaning of my little wife, Honda City. Bored isn’t it? Yeah it’s kinda bored but hey, it’s suppose to relax so I’ll do nothing heavy unless I have no choice.

Sunday: Again it’s just all plan and might goes off or might not. First and again, it’s for my little wife. I need to wax her to make it look shiny. Then probably take a rest, spent some times with grandparents. Lunch of course before I head back to Penang again. Maybe I’ll be in Penang by five or half past five. Quite a few thing pending on me which I think it would occupied my left over time then.

Life is such a bored, probably I’ll need to change my Phrase of the Moment to ‘~Life Sucks~’

The Flying Dutch [Part 2] June 18, 2008

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They seem to be flying even higher although they were doing it with their second team. With only Khalid Boulahrouz and Orlando Engelaar remained in the squad against France, Marco Van Basten rotate the remaining with his second choice team players. However, they still prove to be too strong for the Romanian side.

Netherlands 2 - 0 Romania

With the victory, the Dutch did a big favour for the Italian, beating World Cup 2006 Final opponent, France by 2 goals without reply as well as sending them packed home. Now the Dutch will face another big team in the quarter final against either Russia or Sweden.

Group C Standing

With the standing in the so-called ‘Group of Death’, the Dutch obviously show what they are capable. Flying Dutch all the way!

Fish Spa June 17, 2008

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Soaking your legs in the water and allowing the sensation running through yourself, that’s what Fish Spa is offering if you ever experience it. I’ve been learning about it quite sometimes back in the Star’s paper but was wondering if I need to travel all the way to KL just to experience it personally?

On 14th June 2008, a new fish spa therapy was brought to Penang at New World Park called ‘Happy Feet Fish Spa’ to give all the Penangites the chance to enjoy something they never had before. Paying just merely RM18, one get to enjoy 30 minutes of fish spa sensation. This promotional price is valid until 18th of June and it would be charged at RM28 then. I’m lucky to have experienced it at RM18 though.

Fish Spa

For the first timer, you might actually feel weird having all this small creatures (Garra Rufa fish) running through every parts of your legs and it could be real ticklish. After sometimes, once you’ve get used to it (normally after just 1 or 2 minutes), you’ll start to feel the micro massaging feeling as the fish rounded the legs as if they are desperately looking for food (in this case your dead skins). The feeling is just like running your legs on your old grandparents legs massage machine. Well, I think it’s worth a try for at least experience what is it feel like to have your leg bitten by all this small fish.

Fish Spa with Jane

I not sure about the future but at the moment, the business seem good that you’ll have to make an appointment to try it or ended up waiting for several session before your turn. You may call in for appointment at 042296916.

Fwd: Rubber Duck Love June 15, 2008

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Browsing through other people blog seem to be an interesting activities for me especially on such a lazy Sunday, again I’ve found something interesting in Lil’s blog. I would love to share this with everyone out there about the Love Life of Rubber Duck. 

Post was taken from ifantabulous for sharing purposes only.