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Stunt Driver March 31, 2009

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Stunt Driver is the souvenir given by my colleague from his Aussie trip recently. Oh well, actually I was suppose to have a Batman’s Car key chain but since I have quite a number of key chain not in use, I decided to change to another if possible.

Stunt Driver Magnetic Badge

Ta da … Now I got this magnetic Stunt Driver badge. It has a nice silver wording on it and though it’s a bit plain but it suit my liking of being simple. Anyway thank you very much Tan SK for the lovely souvenir.

My Magnetic Item Collections


Happy Birthday Chan HH March 30, 2009

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Today is my friend also colleague birthday and KT have got her a card to be signed by the whole department people. It’s the same card as given to Tam MC few days back but with different cartoon chracters on it.

Birthday Card by KT

Anyway, Happy Birthday to you, Chan HH.

Birthday Card Signed by Everyone

Cheng Beng Jane’s Grandparents March 29, 2009

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Cheng Beng (清明) is the chinese equivalent of ‘All Souls Day’. This is the day when everyone would visit the dead at the graveyards and it’s everyone duty to clean the grave as well as prayers and offering for the dead which I would prefer to labelled as ancestor.

Today is the first time I Cheng Beng in Penang. It’s for Jane’s grandparents who is buried at Teluk Bahang graveyards. We did not start our day early as what typical chinese would do. We left our home at 8:20am and move all the way to Teluk Bahang. There’re a lot of cars on the road and when we reaches the entrance from the main road, everything started to jammed up. It’s roughly about 1km of path leading to the graveyard but all the cars is moving rather slow as everyone trying to search for a place to park the car. The process was made worst when there are several people were there to collect entrance fees  although it’s reasonable for them to collect the fees since they helped to maintain the area.

Almost everyone were already there apart from 小叔 who stayed quite far away. The culture of Cheng Beng is quite different from what I had in my hometown.

Jammed on my way up

First, the relative would fills in the middle part of the grave with sand to made the grave stay high. They would then put on those yellow papers (金紙) all over the place on the grave. In my place, we would just to the 7 colours paper (七色紙) along the side of the grave and a few on the middle. Placing of offering item is done before the prayer started. There are various offering foods such as roasted pork, buns, meat, fruits and etc. After everyone is already in place, then we would burn incense stick and pass each and everyone on the scene for prayer.

Grave @ Teluk Bahang Graveyard

After the prayer was done, then I just step aside while the rest is busy burning some offering item such as paper shirt, paper car (damn, I did not take photo of the paper Toyota Alphard) and etc. I think this is common practise among the chinese as we believe the item would reach the dead and they are able to use it (silly isn’t it? I not sure how true is it!). Once everything is done, we ate some of the offering foods before calling it a day. It was almost 11:30am by then.

Jane's Grandparent Grave

We left and had our brunch at one of the nearby foods stall. Then we went to Canon Fair to survey for printer since the one we had already not functioning (actually I also not very sure if it’s not functioning lol). Anyway we bought this Canon PIXMA iP3680 in the end since it’s within our budget and look nice, yeah … look nice.

Canon PIXMA iP3680

小叔 finally visit to my place since he has yet to done so since I bought this house in November. He said the place is good and worth the price which I fully agreed. We had some chat before they rush back to Sg. Dua.

Illegal Parking March 28, 2009

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I know parking space is one of the major problem in Penang and several major city nationwide however that’s not the excuse you can use to illegally park your car anywhere you like.

Illegal Parking

I wondering if these illegal parking car’s owner ever really worried if their car is blocking or obstructing the road or anything? Personally I think these people is just simply brainless or probably the right word would be inconsiderate. Have they ever thought of other people?

Illegal Parking

I also wonder where has all the police gone? I can easily hit thousand of summons for this offence anywhere around the island yet the sight of traffic police is never there unless it is nearing the festive season? I wonder how effective they are. Please be considerate if you are reading this post, do not simply park your car as if it’s your grandfather road. After all even if it’s your grandfather road, your grandfather would scold you for obstructing the road too 🙂

New Page – about bleach March 28, 2009

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Yo, I’ve created a new page in case you do not realise it. The title of the page is ‘about bleach’ which is specially created for Stella. I tried to summarize everything into a page but it seem a bit long with a lot of information still not in place.

about bleach

Oh well, hope you’d learn more about Bleach. I’ll try to update as much as possible lol.

Earth Hour – Funny March 27, 2009

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Today I found a kind of funny illustration on Earth Hour and just to share with you. The message of the illustration is ‘Join in the activity wisely and not just do it blindly’.

Earth Hour Illustration

… No Title Lol =P March 26, 2009

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Fuh, for this first time I do not know what I shall put for the title because what I want to post here now seem bit and pieces of some of my today.

First, I not gonna post about my office stuff so I start of after office. On my way back, I saw this particular bus with the emergency door was not properly close. Wow, that was damn dangerous as at any time, the door might just give way and hit another vehicle. Might ‘contribute’ to road fatality lol.

Emergency Door Not Properly Closed

Second, I think today we had the best dinner of all night since the day we started to cook ourselves. We had 小白菜, 豆腐汤 (bean curd) with 肉丸 (meat ball), 番茄 (tomato),  鱼饼 (fillet) and etc and also 蒸鱼. Everything is just nice and taste great. Oh ya, I would like to declare that vegetable in Tesco is very fresh that I’ve kept my 小白菜 for a day plus in the refrigerator and yet when I want to wash it, there is actually an earth worm still alive in it. That’s the sign of freshness!

Birthday Card

Lastly we went to QBM for a short walk and also because I want to buy a birthday card for my colleague birthday. It’s a nice card and I would pass it around the office to get as many signature as possible lol. I also made my credit card payment since I’ve just got my pay. Sob sob, every month pay is use up almost immediately lol 😦

Birthday Card

Oh well, isn’t it the card is lovely?

Bleach Marathon March 25, 2009

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It has been quite sometimes since I last catch up with my anime, Bleach. The last episode that I’ve watch was sometimes back in January on episode 203. After such a long period, I finally found the time to come with the idea of having marathon for anime. Oh well, not really a marathon since each episode of it is only about 15 minutes.

Bleach 204: Ichigo’s Seppuku Persuasion Strategy
Bleach 205: Thump! The Football Tournament of Hollows

Bleach 204

Bleach 205

I started off from where I left previously with episode 204 and 205 which was a bit disappointing because it was just filler.

Bleach 206: The Past Chapter Begins! The Truth from 110 Years Ago
Bleach 207: 12th Division’s New Captain, Urahara Kisuke
Bleach 208: Aizen and the Boy Genius

Bleach 206

Bleach 207

Bleach 208

However thing get interesting on episode 206 onwards because it’s now showing the ‘The Past Chapter Begins! The Truth from 110 Years Ago’ on how Hirako Sinji and fellow shinigami became Vizards.

Bleach 209: Muguruma’s 9th Division, Sets Out
Bleach 210: Hiyori dies? The Beginning of Tragedy
Bleach 211: Betrayal! Aizen’s Secret Maneuvers

Bleach 209

Bleach 210

Bleach 211

It also touch a bit of the background of the famous Uruhara Kisuke that show who and what Uruhara actually is. Also on how the 12th Division Squad turn into The Bureau of Technology of the Seireitei. Interesting episode from 206 onwards til the latest of 212.

Bleach 212: Rescue Hirako! Aizen vs. Urahara

Bleach 212

Episode 212 officially ended the story of the 110 years ago. Now I am looking forward for the greatest battle on earth 🙂

Earth Hour March 24, 2009

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So Earth Hour they called it. The worldwide event supported by various country by simply switching off the lights as a vote, a vote for Earth or leave the lights on as a vote for global warming. Simple isn’t it?

Earth Hour

It is all started back in Sydney in 2007, when 2.2 millions homes and businesses switched off their lights for one hour. The message from the action has turn out well when in 2008, several famous global landmarks such as Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Rome’s Colosseum, the Sydney Opera House and the Coca Cola Billboard in Times Square all turn into darkness for voice raise their vote.

Today in 2009, Malaysia will join into this rally to urge everyone in the country to vote for Earth by switching off the lights for one hour between 8:30pm to 9:30pm on 28th March 2009. I think this vote is simply much much better than voting for any political party in the nation. Let’s make thing happen on this coming Saturday for a better Earth

For more information, visit to Earth Hour

Still The Best? March 22, 2009

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The title seem familiar isn’t it? Well, it’s the same title as the post posted last week but with just additional ‘?’ added to the end of it.

Two game with just a week apart, Manchester United suffered their second defeat and also a consecutive defeat since . Generally United performance is just too poor that I think even the lower division team could have do the damage not to mention Liverpool and Fulham. They just never look confident and the coordination as well as tactic just don’t work as planned. Thing were made worst as the referee Phil Dowd was very much bias toward the visiting team as quite a number fouls was called against United and advantages were given to Fulham most of the time.

United - Where Goes Wrong?

I hope they would bounce back sooner rather than later as the league seem to be slipping through but it was a relief that Chelsea failed to take advantage of United defeat as they were beaten by Spurs with goal from Luca Mondric.