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My 30th July 2011, Saturday July 30, 2011

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My 30th July 2011, Saturday activities: –

  1. Slept at 3:00am due to updating blog. Adrian is still awake with me talking shit
  2. Wake up at almost 10:30am. Saw 6 miss call from my boss. Called Tan PL if there any problem with shipment. Solved the problem.
  3. 12:30pm we went out for lunch at Taman Perkaka
  4. 1:oopm we went to PISA for PC Expo just for a walk
  5. 2:00pm came back home. Do nothing and Adrian left for Sitiawan with sister-in-law. Me continue to update blog
  6. 4:00pm went to Bukit Mertajam. Get myself a hair cut (sob sob sob sad … 😦 )
  7. 5:00pm went to Jane’s house. Had an early dinner.
  8. 7:00pm went to look at Gemilang Permai development progress and snap snap some photo.
  9. 8:30pm went to Jusco Bandar Perda.
  10. 10:00pm came back home to Penang house. Continue update blog and online check on mail, FB and etc.
  11. 2:30am (31st July 2011) time to ZZzzzz

Before Hair Cut - Long Hair

After Hair Cut - Short Hair

See The Progress of Gemilang Permai

See The Progress of Gemilang Permai

See The Progress of Gemilang Permai

Gemilang Permai - Completed Unit For Show House

Gemilang Permai - Completed Unit For Show House

Honda Integra DC2

Honda Integra DC2

Tiring day today and worst of all, after getting myself a hair cut, Adrian said I look “FAT”. Yes, I’m fat and I knew it. Work out??? Should be the time … to control eating as well lol hahahaha 😀


Nice Dashboard of FTO July 16, 2011

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My cousin is trying to poison me with his Mitsubishi FTO dashboard and honestly, I thought this dashboard is awesome. It’s the after market product and assemble by himself during his free time in Ireland. I’m also quite into this ride apart from my long time dream car of Honda Integra DC5 Type-R, this could be a cheaper alternative 😛

After Market FTO Dashboard

If only I’m able to bring back his ride to Malaysia, I’ll defintely buy it from him. What a ride … [drooling]

Silly Question!!! June 6, 2011

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Now I think I confirm with my initial opinion on you that you are just simply not capable of what you are. How could you ask such a silly question in such a situation? It’s just not doing any good to help but just to get thing worst. It’s a real silly question I would say. Damn … maybe I should start to consider my option, shouldn’t I?

Lindt Chocolate From Ling KE From Her Euro Trip

Honda Integra DC5 Type-R

Anyway, saw a nice Honda Integra DC5 Type-R on my way to Perkaka. It’s an amazing car that simply attract my attention so much that it make the Volkwagon Golf beside it look so ordinary. What a great stuff from Honda that make me even more eager to own it one in near future 😉

Ms .Net 4.0 Sharing Session May 25, 2011

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🙂 Yeah, today I would be attending to a seminar of Microsoft .NET 4.0 Sharing Session at the PSDC center. With me, there’re another 9 colleagues of mine attending too. Anyway since the seminar only started at 8:30am, it’s not really good idea to go into office first before going, so we decided to have our breakfast at the Sunshine McD.

McD For Breakfast

After the breakfast, we left for the seminar. The hall for the seminar was similar to those hall I used to go when I was in university. It certainly bring back some fond memories to me. Back to topic, .NET 4.0 is of course better then those version before this. It has more features and support more of other programming programs. Learn more of .NET 4.0 from Microsoft website 😛

Just Feel Like Attending Class In University

Chan HH, Lim SL & Chua CK Stay Focus

Little Give Away Item From Microsoft

Attending such seminar is always tend to bump into someone that you might have know. I met with 3 other ex-unimates of mine though one of them is one that I always hang out with. Somehow it’s nice to know that everyone is doing well at their respective company 😉

Real IDIOT Kembara

However my good day today was all but spoilt by the idiot neigbour of mine. I thought this is too much and I decided that I need to log complaint to the security to get this guy to learn how to park his car properly. If don’t know how to park, then don’t park … how could this world has such an inconsiderate plus idiot lawyer (so-claimed-to-be). Real IDIOT!!!

Fast Five Here We Come May 14, 2011

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It’s rare that we would go for movie on any other day except for Wednesday but honestly, we do not have much time during week day for movie so we opt for today instead 😉

Jane Enjoying Her Drink

Nando's Half Chicken Set

Before the movie, we had our quick and simple dinner at the Nando’s. I was quite full so we ordered just a set of half chicken meal set to share. We were only granted about 20 minutes before the movie started.

Fast Five

The movie was great. I love the starting part where the first ride appear in the movie make it way to stop the prison bus. It’s the legendary Honda NSX Type-R, the black Type-R look awesome and it’s so hot when it’s driven Mia. Overall this movie is fill with thrills, comedy and action pack. It’s rated 9/10 for me personally. Only those rides in the movie itself is already 8/10. Awesome!!! 😉

Coca Cola Blue Glass May 13, 2011

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“McD Order” list is created and order taken through email from colleagues in office and we’ve got 15 sets order. It’s raining quite heavy and look like it’s a troublesome stuff to do but nevertheless, it shouldn’t be a show stopper. Here we come 😉

Coca Cola Blue Glass

Coca Cola Blue Glass

This is this week Coca Cola Can Glass, the Blue colour.

MyVi Near My Parking Lot

Kembara Near My Parking Lot

My City Got Sandwich Between MyVi & Kembara

Anyway, I’m kinda fed up now having to face with some really inconsiderate driver who just simply can’t park the car properly. Somehow it’s very very near to my parking lot that causing so much difficulties for me to get out of my car. I think if happened again next time, I’ll have no choice but report to guard 😦

Parking Is A Real Problem May 9, 2011

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I think some people is just having so much difficulties in getting their car park in the allocated space. Hey, is this under table license kah? Park la properly or else don’t blame others if your car got knock lol.

Kembara Do Not Required So Big Space Le!!!

I really wonder if this people ever thought of the others? Your grandpa did not buy my parking lot ok, so park properly la 😦

Just Another Saturday May 7, 2011

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It’s just another Saturday for me. Tired from yesterday badminton session, I woke up rather late. Jane went for seminar early in the morning, so I thought it would be good if I stay on the bed a bit longer.

Nissan Skyline R34

Oil Filter, Engine Oil & Engine Oil Lug Nut

At about 10:00am, I went to Northern Garage to get my City service. Just a normal service for 95,000 km milage. I’m the first customer of the day and within an hour my car is ready to go again. For this service, I added another stuff onto my ride, that’s the magnetic lug nut for the engine oil. It’s said that the magnetic end of the nut will cause the carbon deposit (so-called dirt) to be concentrated at one point which is the lug nut and easily discharge from the engine when doing the next service. I not sure but certainly it would not harm my ride in anyway, so give it a go 😉

In the afternoon, Adrian came and I brought him to Gelugor to get massage treatment from one old uncle. I not sure if it would work on him as his backache has been there ever since he can remember. Anyway, we still give it a go to check if it help. Finally … just for temporary relief yeah, not helping at all after a while 😦

The Weird Red FTO

Still Look OK From The Back

We also went to one of the used car dealer place to check out another Mitsubishi FTO. We know this one is not looking nice at all for the exterior look as we’ve saw the photo from Mudah.com website. Oh well, the actual condition is far worst that what we’ve expected apart from the engine itself that is still in good condition, the exterior sucks and the interior was bad. Crack on the dashboard and also suspected this car has been involved in accident too, not quite sure but from the way we look at it, chances is high. The look itself already turn off out mood to even want to try a round on it 😛

FTO With Ugly Looking Sports Rim & Roof Top

In the evening, we went to Pikom PC Fair for a walk and look if anything nice to get from there. We only did some survey and that’s it, tomorrow we shall come again 😀

Another Parking Problem April 21, 2011

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Parking in the space has been quite a problem … at least for me when others is not doing it correctly. I hate most when people park their car over to my space as it give me some difficulties to exit from my car as well as headache to worry about other people accidentally hit my car when the door is open.

Big Car More Space Required?

It's On The Line

However my neighbour today park his/her car slightly to my space. I managed to get out from my car but it was not without must careful attention being given to it. I wrote a note to inform the owner of the car about my concern. Hopefully thing would be better from tomorrow onward 😉

Wrong Place Dude April 11, 2011

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I’ve been parking my car at my already blacklisted neighbour parking lot until recently the lot has been rented out by the management (Yes, I missed out this lot, what a waste). Since the lot is now occupied, I might just need to park my car at the original lot that I’ve rented which is at the top floor of the parking building.

Perodua Kembara At My Parking Lot

However when I went to the rented lot, there was a Perodua Kembara there. Oh well, I could only report to the guard to get the owner of the Perodua Kembara to move his car to somewhere else, anywhere as long as not here. I don’t want myself to simply park and got clamp by the guard. By the way, wrong place dude 😛