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Jane’s Friend Wedding January 30, 2010

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It’s always fun to be able to witness your best friend find his/her own happiness and today one of Jane best friend, Sharon has found her.

Jane herself woke up very early this morning because she would be join in as the ‘姐妹’team. I’m not able to join the event as I have to go to office to do month end closing stuff. Just too bad but I would be joining the wedding dinner at the Fisherman Warft.

I went to the office at about 8:0am and found that there’s 69 shipments data was processed with error. It was quite a big problem but fortunately the error was not hard to solve. I managed to auto run the job processing but there’s 3 shipments data which is a bit tricky. In the end, I only able to solve it by almost 1:30pm. After complete all the job including invoice linking, it was already almost 3:00pm. It’s way way longer than what I’ve expected.

At night, myself and Jane went to Sharon’s wedding dinner. It’s the first time I attended Jane’s friend wedding after she’s attended several of mine. it’s nice to be able to know some of her friend.

By the way, the worst thing of the day was I went out supper at Kayu with Ling HJ. He came all the way from Sitiawan to here in the midnight and we went out for supper. As the result, I was not able to sleep because I was too full and only managed to go to bed at about 4:00am lol 🙂

Oh ya, today is also the birthday of one of my best friend, Saw CL. Happy Birthday to you and may all your wishes come true 🙂


Very Jam Lor January 29, 2010

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It’s certainly one of the worst holiday that I’ve spend today. It’s a replacement holiday for Thaipusam festival which falls on Saturday and in Penang, it’s a real big festival where almost everywhere you turn, you’ll come across with people preparing all the necessary for the festive celebration.

Today I sent Jane to work, as normally the journey would probably take me about 15 minutes but today, due to heavy traffic and also closure of several route along the way to the town, it took me almost an hour to do the same.

Happened to be today is also the cutoff for the month end which was suppose to have ended yesterday but due to certain reason, it was extended to today and I need to be back in the office to support the warehouse. It took me another 45 minutes to get from Jane’s office to my company. I know it’s pretty sad to work during holiday but what to do, it’s our job.

In the afternoon, again I was stuck in jam to get to Jane office again. This time I have get the car for her to drive to her meeting at Jelutong. She dropped me off at Komtar and from there, I went to do my stuff and also get quotation for Canon EOS 500D Kit set for Andy. I spend the remaining hours doing nothing but loitering around and finally settled for Popular book shop to do some reading while waiting for Jane.

After Jane finish her work, we went to Island Plaza because Jane wanted to buy herself a white colour dress for her friend wedding events. She got herself a dress from Eve which cost her RM220++ lol.

As for dinner, we went to Fettes Park to have western foods. Jane got herself Fish Maryland which I had Chicken & Lamb combo set.

At night, I spend most of my time playing FM2009 (craving for FM2010 now lol 🙂 ) and also MSN with my friends. It’s great time having chatting with one particular friends as we talk a lot of our past and several relationship issue. Kinda interesting to exchange opinion and sharing some personal experience. Hope to chat again soon lol 🙂 My day ended at about 2:00 am in the morning … tiring!

My Fav Arts Drawing January 28, 2010

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This drawing has been drawn back in year 2005, exact date 18th October 2005. It’s one of my favourite drawing up to date as I felt it’s very meaningful (ceh … trying to be pro of arts).

Just to share with all of you who visit to my blog. FYI, I love to draw hands … I don’t know why but I think it’s just nice.

Type-R Metal Plate January 26, 2010

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I think this is the best bargain I’ve ever got from the Mudah.com site which is the original Honda Civic FD2 Type-R metal plate. I don’t just bought 1 but 2 and in total of 4 with my colleague Tan SK.

Just some info, this isn’t just any Type-R plate you can get from anywhere. Each of this plate come with a serial number stating that it belong to which specific Honda Civic FD2 Type-R in the world. The number I’ve got are R-02717 and R-05307 respectively.

This is definitely an item to own stuff for every Honda Civic owner and I think I’ll give one of it to my brother since he has just converted his Honda Civic 2.0 to Mugen style, I think this plate would make his car look nicer. Another one would be for my own Honda City for sure, who cares if it’s Type-R or not, I love it lol.

25th Jan 2010 January 25, 2010

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It’s 25th January  2010 so it’s the 26 years old birthday for Andy this year. Happy Birthday to you and you know what, it has been 5 years since you last came back, wondering when is the next!

Myself and Andy

Anyway, congratulation to you on your marriage as well. You keep up with your plan really well … good for you! I’m still working on it lol 🙂 Take care

Lunch With Grandparents & Aunt’s Family January 24, 2010

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It has been quite sometimes since I have lunch with my aunt … I always have lunch with my grandparents whenever I’m back. As usual, because I would be leaving for Penang earlier, I would need to have early lunch lol.

Today lunch would be on my grandma … we went to an Indian shop just right beside my aunt shop. Again I did not take down the name of the shop but I can always update on my next trip back home. The food is not bad, I ordered myself a mutton rice set and fruit lassi. The curry or I would say the gravvy is nice, tasty yet not very hot (just nice for me).

We also ordered a few side dishes like curry fish head, curry chicken and vege. Lotsa curry isn’t it? Indian food le, what do you expect? As long as it taste good I don’t mind lol 🙂

Back In Sitiawan January 23, 2010

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Just a brief one, it’s always good to be back home in Sitiawan. It’s time for relax and also meet up with whichever friend who is happen to be around lol.

This round I really give myself time to relax because I did not wash my car (very dirty d). I just come back for foods, tv and sleep. At night I went out with Ling CH out for drink. We chat about cars and his education stuff. We also talk about business and future plan, it’s nice to learn a lot from him though he seem like those play play around type 🙂

Night time is always the football time. However lately I find football kinda bored … don’t really excite me as much as it used to. Hmmm, probably Man Utd haven’t been doing very well lol 😛

Wanna Learn To Swim January 21, 2010

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Hmmm, I’ve just decided that I want to learn to swim … I mean in the correct method because at this moment, though I do swim but I can’t really swim just like other people, my head would not go into the water somehow.

Now I started to do some simple styles and it was made easier with the facts that I can easily float in the water so not so worried. Most important is get my breathing timing and method correct so that I can swim in the right way. Actually it’s quite tiring to swim with the head stay above the water.

By the way, we (myself and Ooi WJ) saw this funny lizard newt by the pool and probably it’s dying of clorin containminated water lol. Nice one, it’s quite first when I took a stick and try to move it to safer place, it bit the stick lol 🙂

The Spy Next Door January 20, 2010

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Oh well, we were suppose to go for Avatar since the review from many of my friends were up up thumb but … we seem to have problem with our time. Taking consideration that Avatar is about 2 hours and 30 minutes shows, probably it’s not a good option to watch it especially as late night show. Therefore we opt for a shorter duration show yet interesting, here we go for The Spy Next Door by Jackie Chan.

As usual, Jackie’s movie of late is more to comedy and hilarious type but at the same time, action and some love story is a must as well. This time it’s about a guy by the name Bob who is in love with a mother of 3. His mission is to get the kids to like him in order to be able to stay in relationship. One fine day, Bob need to take care the kids and then is when all the action get started …

Nice movie also, I would give maybe 7/10 considering Jackie’s movie should have more action pack stunt than this … but not bad, suitable for kids as well. Anyway, Bob is not his real name lol 🙂

Lim TK Farewell January 19, 2010

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Another farewell to attend, this time I don’t really know the name of the place we are having the farewell for her. It’s in the Sg. Ara area just right beside the KFC. Lim TK would be leaving her position in the ITD for join the production line as line supervisor effectively on 21st Jan 2010. As a recognition for ther 14 years services in ITD, we throw her a farewell dinner party.

Ok, let’s not talk about the farewell dinner first, I should go about on what I thought of Lim TK. TK is a very nice person, responsible and hardworking. I’ve never heard any complaint about her. She’s a very helpful type and would always there to offer herself if you ever need her help. Though she’s not very highly qualified but her eagerness to learn new thing make her give her an edge over the rest. Besides, I think she’s a very understanding person. Conclusion is I can’t find anything bad to say about her … I wish her all the best in her new position. Good luck ya 🙂

Now dinner time, I thought the dinner was great. The portion is quite huge and the set price itself is very reasonable. It comes with started meal of salad, mushroom soup and garlic bread followed by the main course and dessert. However they do not allow the patrons to take picture in their premises though I don’t really care, after all it’s nothing big deal. I took it anyway. Just to share it here lol 😛

Anyway today Ms Chan just came back from her Bangkok trip and got me a white elephant as souvenir. Thanks ya 🙂