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Surprise Gathering August 30, 2008

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It has been quite a while since most of the friends from my secondary school gangs had gathering and I believe it would be even less as time goes. Up to date, we are not able to have an official or full gathering as now most of us has our own life commitment therefore it’s getting harder to meet with each other often.

Beejay & Marilyn

Anyway it was a surprise gathering which was held on 30th August 2008. The main purpose was to throw a some kind of party for one of my friend Chew Hing as he would be going to Australia soon. Another one would be Joo Lee although his is nearer, Sabah but do it together la haha.

Beejay, Marilyn, Joo Lee & Chong Lim

It’s just another ‘tui’ beers session although I won’t be able to join them (because I don’t drink) but I can feel the fun and enjoyment throughout the session. Chit chatting and catching up with life is another great part and of course, singing K to add in some entertainment to complete the whole session. Updated with quite a number of happening news as well as seeing most of them already have their other half with them. It’s happy, happy for them.

Bunch of Friends

I think I’m really losing touch with most of them and I really love such gathering to be held from time to time. Hope there’re more to come and probably by that time, some small kids would be joining in as well … 🙂


Today No Office August 26, 2008

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Haha, first of all I would like to thank to our great Penang for declaring 26th August 2008 as a public holiday for the state of Penang. Reason is pretty simple, he want to ensure all the Penangites work toward their responsibility to vote in the by-election of Permatang Pauh.

Anyway I won’t be voting for very obvious reason, I’m not Penangites so leave alone Permatang Pauh district. However I was quite surprise that our company actually comply to the declaration because previously, I was inform that those involve in the voting will be given time off or leave but definitely not for all. Nevertheless it won’t do me any harm to get additional off day lol 🙂

I’m not really into politic but it’s nice to see the opposition won the battle. Why? Pretty simple … when there’s too much of cow in a field, the grass will suffer so sometimes we need to move some cow out of the field and replace it with something else that maybe won’t bring the grass any good but at least they won’t bring any harm lol 🙂

KL Nightmare – Day 3 August 25, 2008

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Finally it comes to the last day for me in KL. However it wasn’t a great one either. A few unplanned destination add-on with no knowledge of the destination area has put much trouble to the journey. The initial plan was only on IKEA and head home to Pg but it was then added with Jalan Ipoh and Petaling Jaya SS13/6.

Having no idea at all for both place and no exact destination name could be given, I have no choice but just to drive around and look for any photo studio shop around to snap some real studio picture. After quite a while of driving, we’ve found nothing and then we head to petrol station to enquire for destination. Several suggestion was given by the staff there and again, we head out according to the direction given. I can’t remember for how long we drove around, finally we found a place with quite a number of photo studio shop. Destination 1 completed.

Then now the next destination, PJ SS13/6. Also without any idea of the area but destination is UTAR, there we go again. Another lost in the city, the whole senario was quite tense as everyone is trying to determine which route to take while I’m starting to get irritated with the whole journey. Navigator didn’t help much in this case as the route and direction given is a bit of confusing. Finally we take a five and slowly we re-start again. Driving according to the navigator plus road signs, we made it at last. Destination 2 completed.


By the time we reached IKEA, it’s already almost 4:00 pm. The whole plan was very much off the schedule but good thing is, KT called and told me there won’t be any office on 26th Aug 2008 inconjunction with Permatang Pauh by-election activity. Knowing that no office tomorrow, we decided to delay our departure time to make a slot for IKEA walk around. It’s quite an impressive place especially for those moving into new house. As for myself, there were several item which really interest me a lot but to carry it back to Pg would be a problem. Beside I won’t be moving into my new house until end of October (maybe early November) so I didn’t get myself much from there. Just a few item such as: –

1. Fanaholm series A4 frame @ RM19.90
2. Windows pane wiper @ RM2.90 each
3. An orange wall basket @ RM19.90
4. Dustbin @ RM9.90
5. Laundry bin @ RM25.00
6. Document tray @ RM18.90
7. Mini stools @ RM19.90

Time to go return to Pg. Stop in Ipoh for the famous Onn Kee ‘Bean Sprouts Chicken Rice’ a.k.a ‘Nga Choi Kai’. Reaches BM at 12:00 am plus.

KL sucks

KL Nightmare – Day 2 August 24, 2008

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I still hate KL even though it’s a brand new day after a tiring day day before. Anyway I started the day at 7:03 am today because I always have difficulties in overnight in hotel or anywhere which I’m not comfortable with. I hardly had a decent sleep. After soaking myself in the bathtub, I get myself ready for the day. Had buffet breakfast with Jane in the hotel and the foods taste good.

Crowd at the convo site

By 10:30 am, we left the hotel as Jane’s sister need to get herself to the convo site. My initial idea was a college halls or some but it caught me by surprise, it was actually a MCA halls situated by the main road. This is the first time I attended such a place for convo haha. Due to congestion of the area with both human and cars, I decided not to drive around anymore and waste petrol instead I park my car somewhere safe and turn to traditional transportation mode, I walk.

FCUK - My fav brand

It was so so so crowded and we can’t hardly move around easily. Since Jane’s sister will be moving into the halls with her mum and brother, Jane and I then heading to KLCC to kill off the time. I would say it was the best period I had from the whole trip (I know la it’s the best because I’m now updating all my backlog post mah).

Jane and KLCC

We did not buy much in KLCC as most of the thing is pretty expensive. We just walk around, did some window browsing and taking our sweet time to test out some stuff there. Jane got herself a handbag from Esprit and a puma cap from World of Stadium (a.k.a Royal Sporting House). We had our lunch at the foods court there and I can’t believe that I had the worst ever meal in my entire life. The food there sucks big time and the price is also ridiculous … maybe I’ve been staying in Pg for too long. Then we had some photo taking in the KLCC Park.

Jane's Sister, May Ong

By 5:00 pm, we started to head back to the convo site as the ceremony is ending soon. Jane’s cousin then came as well and as usual, photo session time. Snap here and there … however the sky does not look promising. It’s drizzling since 4:00 pm and then it start to get worst. Since we have nowhere to head to, Jane’s cousin suggested us to have early dinner at one of the Ampang famous Thai restaurant. It’s quite a kampung style restaurant but the food there is good and when the food is good, the price is naturally good also haha 🙂

Crowds at Thai Restaurant

The dinner was our last activity of the day before we head back to the hotel. Again, another best moment of the day. In the hotel, we had our own studio-a-like photo taking session. Then everyone started to felt the effect of the day running around … time to sleep!

Studio Photo-A-Like

KL sucks

KL Nightmare – Day 1 August 23, 2008

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Personally I’m never into KL even though most of my friends seem to fall in love with the place, I still have negative thought of it … probably I would never put myself in that kind of place for a week. Probably the most only 3 to 4 days. This time if it wasn’t Jane’s sister convo, I probably should be having great time at home sleeping or watching some soccer game.

The journey started as early as 7:00 am from BM to KL. The trip itself took me almost 4 hours and since my check-in time to Swiss Garden Hotel is at 3:00 pm, we decided to make the first stop at Berjaya Times Square. The place was very congested and we got lost at the same time. After some drive around, finally we reached the destination. We started to walk around but I wasn’t really into shopping, so I just wander around with them. Actually nothing much in that place also, it’s just the same few kind of shops but other than that, nothing special really.

Swiss Garden Hotel

Swiss Garden Hotel

We had McD as our lunch after waiting for almost 1/2 hour just to get a place to sit. Probably it’s the KL people ‘mind-your-own-business’ mentality, these people just don’t move even though they’ve finish their meals. I think these people is either selfish or stupid. Well, can’t really compare their attitute with normal human though coz KL is full of ‘ghost’ alike living thing. Probably to them it’s called fashion but Cobain once sang that ‘Fashion shit, Fashion style’.

View from Swiss Garden Hotel Main Entrance

However not all nightmare la, there’s also a surprising  thing happened. I actually met Julie there and then. No appointment no date, just fate haha. Hmmm, apart from Kean Boon, I did not contact with anyone because I think it’s a hassle to get them to find me or me to find them. After all, I need to drive Jane and the others around. Sorry ya!

View from Swiss Garden Hotel Main Entrance

The best part of the whole journey was checking-in the hotel. Finally I got to rest and I decided to stay in the hotel and take a rest while the rest seem tired too. In the night, we again make our way to another shopping complex, Mid Valley Megamall. As usual, got lost and found around the city.

KL sucks!

New Area Soon August 21, 2008

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I’ve forgotten what had happened most of my last week happening stuff … except for one. I’ll be moving to a new area soon in my career path.

Basically I’m currently handling more on administration area where I have to take care of HR business and deal only with internal users and doing most of the problem solving items. I also work minor part on account payroll while taking care of other item such expense claim and attendance processing. Mainly my job is pretty much the same apart from once a while challenging error surface and required immediate attention.

Today my boss came to me and suggest that I shall move on to another area to expose myself outside of my current working network. I was pretty surprise with that and was feeling a bit worried considering myself never been in other area since the day I started my working life in my current company. However, I believe that since other people can do it, why not me? So I took the challenge and will soon be moving into new working experience. I’m looking forward it but before that, I will have to finish my on hand task, PMI.

Anyway I think you might not know what I’m actually talking about here. Just to make it simple, I’m moving on for a better (or worst but unlikely la hahaha :)) and new working experience.

Groupwise vs Exchange August 19, 2008

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I’ve been using Groupwise since the first day I joined my current company and I’m so used to it that I find Ms Exchange is kinda like degraded version of Groupwise. Errr ok, probably some of you might not know what is Groupwise and Exchange … anyway both are an email system which Groupwise is already a history while Exchange is newly implemented mail system in my company (just only this week)

Groupwise vs Exchange

Basically, several useful function in the Groupwise could not be found in Exchange such as tracking function, mail attachment preview and etc. I’ve heard lots colleague of mine complaining about it so much that it keep the administrator for the mail system occupied 24/7 with all kind of question and request. Probably the briefing session given was not comprehensive enough to educate the user including myself.

As the conclusion, I think Exchange is not as good as Groupwise in term of functionality but still Exchange has been chosen as replacement for Groupwise … probably due to some server limitation with Groupwise that contribute to the cause. Maybe it’s just a ‘Change Resistance’ period, I’m sure we’ll get through with it pretty well if Groupwise was never exists as the benchmark. Anyway, it’s as usual … even the administrator agreed that it’s always Micro’sucks’

Overdue Picture August 18, 2008

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I was suppose to get all these picture after my Bali trip at the end of April but somehow I only managed to get it two days back.

Well, it was quite a long story to tell but to make it short, let put it as ‘lazy and forget’ to explain the whole thing. Whatever la, finally I’ve got this overdue picture and here’s two of my favourite picture taken in Redang and Bali.

Pulau Redang

For Redang, we’ll be there again in future after we learn how to swim 🙂

Tanah Lot - Bali

Bali was a family trip so we didn’t visit much places lol. Maybe I shall go another time in near future on my own.

Week 1 – 0 point August 17, 2008

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I can’t believe that I scored nothing in my first week of Fantasy Football game. 😮

I’m very very very sure that I’ve bought a team and started the game but it shows that I got 0 point for the first week league game. The screen shot taken show I do not have any player in the squad.

Fantasy Football Week - 1

Sigh, I’m now trailing Andy with 58 points, what a gap! Don’t understand how it works … probably something was not set properly as I did not read the rules and etc when I register my team. Will do so to ensure next league game … no same mistake again!

Anyway, with my initial team, I shall already having 65 points with following breakdown: –
Goalkeeper: P. Robinson (0)
Defender: D. Weather (11), R. Ferdinand (3), G. Bale (1.5)
Midfield: S. Malbranque (4), Deco (17.5), L. Modric (0.5), D. Bentley (4), J. Bullard (13.5)
Striker: D. Bent (-1), F. Torres (11)

Brand New Jazz August 16, 2008

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It was an honour to be able to have the chance to try the brand new Honda Jazz first hand. It was just my luck lol 🙂

I was suppose to tag along Marilyn to go back hometown but something happened and she can’t make it. Without much option, I have to drive back as I’ve told grandparents and Adrian that I would definitely be back this weekend.

Honda Jazz Broucher

Since I’m back, I thought maybe I should sent my City for a check-up as the fuel comsuption was very bad lately. In fact on the day I drove back, I only got 268km on RM62 … so I have not much choice either unless I’m load and don’t mind paying for the petrol price. I headed to Honda Service center and look for Nizam. Then I saw  Taffeta White and Cerulean Blue Metallic Honda Jazz was park in the service bay. Wow …

Nizam came, I told him about my problem and how miserable life could be paying for so much petrol. He told me “relax, don’t worry … I’ll get it fix for you … leave your City with me and I’ll try my best to get it right”. That’s the assurance that he gave me and I’m putting all my hope with him. Indeed he’s the only person that service my car since I started my first service in Honda Service Center Sendi Auto.

Honda Jazz - Front View

Ok, enough of the part that problem with my City … I asked him that’s the new Jazz? When gonna launch and when can get to test drive? Emmm, actually it’s not right for anyone to test drive before the official launching of the Jazz but he let me have a minor test drive around the service center compound. The car was just nice … I mean it’s real nice. The design and the handling was so much better but I don’t want to conclude anything at the moment. I have not get the Jazz to 130km/h like I did with the Honda Civic and Honda Accord previously.

I think I can only comment on the design. Sleek and aero dynamic … the engine bay is just so compact that I give more space in the cabin. I can’t believe how the engineer/designer of Honda managed to squeeze all into such a limited space yet never cause any drop in the performance. Probably it’s the power of i-VTEC. The steering is based on the 7th Gen Honda Civic design and the A-pillars is much thinner that the windshield is extended to give better visibility. According the Nizam, the Jazz is fully Japan spec so it should be nice.

Honda Jazz Interior

I not sure of the following rumours but I heard it come in two different variants. 1.5 i-VTEC and 1.5 VTEC version. Up to this moment, I’m only aware of i-VTEC. Anyway, I’ll be back again on 30th August for 45k interval services. Probably then I would try the Jazz for it’s performance lol 🙂