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The Worst Last Day? Probably … September 30, 2008

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It happened to be this is the busiest area (from what I can see la) of the whole ERP team, it’s also the month end, there was also shit happened few days back before month end causing the data tangling and also it happened to be his last day … so he work his last day to the very last minute with us.

Cheah EL

He is our ex-colleague by now and he is Cheah EL. Taking care of the PLC, he has been the main person in the area since it was launched, knowing the inside out of the whole complicated system rather well and now all the complication has falls on me. I’m no longer doing any details job for HR which I was supporting since the day one I joined the company but I still hold the responsibility as a mentor to my another colleague.

As for PLC, I foresee my life would be rather busy and probably I have to describe it as difficult because PLC is not as simple as the concept. A lot of twist and turn around the system, multi rules for each different customer and as mention before, I was never into all this stuff until recently (exactly a month ago). Well, life goes on … this is already the third time I’m taking over leaving colleague job … hopefully it’s a hattrick rather than double salvo.

Anyway thanks lots EL for helping me out (he stayed with us til almost 12:00 am on his last day here) in troubleshooting all the problem … hope the next month end I will have no reason to call you apart from non-office related call. All the best in your future undertaking 🙂


Photoshop Effect September 29, 2008

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I’ve been trying to work on some photoshop effect for quite sometimes and I find this background is kind of interesting. Since I had cropped a picture of myself and Jane, so I just stick it to this background, added with a minor shadow touch up and of course, heal some undesire part of the image, here’s the outcome.

Photoshop Effect

I just love the background, it give me the impression of crystal lighting backdrop. Anyway it’s still a very raw image file with not much of editing or details touch up … Nice picture isn’t it? 🙂

Dream House For Sure September 28, 2008

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During the weekend, I made a trip all the way to Ipoh just to visit my grand aunt together with Jane. After all she’ve never meet Jane before and she always eager to look forward meeting her (she ask me whenever she saw me in Sitiawan).

Ok, enough of intro … now move more to the subject, her House. Fuh, I think it’s just perfect … a 3 stories terraces with surrounded community group consist of 33 houses guarded by walls and security. A house located in not really secluded but kinda quite and peaceful area … I find this place is definitely the best place to rest and relax yourself when you are done with your office load.

Just imagine, a house designed with 5 different themes, simple and easy yet look luxury. Just a few snap shot taken …

Living Room

Dining Hall


Classic Western Design

Classic Western Design

Classic Western Design

Just for Kids

Just for Kids

Japanese Alike Design

Japanese Alike Design

Japanese Alike Style

Elegant Design

Dream House

Dream House

Dream House

Mini Garden

Almost everything in the house was custom made …
How good if I can own one in Pg … probably not even enough when you strike jackpot! 🙂

27th September September 27, 2008

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Just a short update of today who’s big day!

1. Andrew Lau (my brother lol)

Andrew Lau

2. Jane Ong (my gf lol)

Jane Ong

Must be wondering why it’s my brother and not me right? I also don’t know … the timing not ngam but nvm la, wish you both Happy Birthday

Actually Max. is 7 cents? September 25, 2008

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As mention above, the reduction shall be more than 10 cents but it’s kind of surprise when Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said that the Government would be paying slightly more for the fuel subsidy as the average crude oil price would be only be seven sen cheaper but the Government had decided to absorb the difference and lower it to 10 sen. Look like they are trying to fool the people into thinking that Government is really kind and really helping to reduce the burden of the people.

Probably we can just do a simple calculation as below: –

1 barrel of oil = 158.987294928 litres [approx. 158.99 litres]
1 barrel of oil = USD105.73 [drop of USD0.88 compare to yesterday]
1 litres of oil = USD105.73/158.987294928 = approx. USD0.665
USD1.00 = RM3.42* [average USD against RM in 2008 is RM3.47]
USD0.671 = RM3.42* [average RM3.47] * 0.665 = approx. RM2.27 [average RM2.30]
Knock off with fuel subsidy of 30 cents
Final price suppose to be RM1.97 [average RM2.00]
* RM against USD as at posting time.

Through this calculation, I don’t understand how can the Government said that the maximum reduction was only 7 cents and they absorb the cost made it to 10 cents so that it help to reduce our burden? I can’t imagine as my car each fill-up requires at least 35 litres of petrol. So …

35 litres in current price = 35 litres * RM 2.45 = RM85.75
35 litres in suppose price = 35 litres * RM1.97 [average RM2.00] = RM68.95 [average RM70.00]
Actual different we paid more = RM85.75 – RM68.95 [average RM70.00] = RM16.80 [average RM15.75]
Each fill-up, I actually need to pay extra of RM16.80 or at least RM15.75.
Imagine the profit earn with the number of cars visit to petrol station each day. Hey Datuk Shahrir, what a joke man 🙂

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Only 10 cents? September 24, 2008

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It’s not the question of being grateful or thankful for what the God has give us but it’s the question of fairness? What the hell am I talking about? There’s no more fairness in this world as the chinese always said ‘没天理’.

Why only 10 cents and totaly of accumulated of 25 cents when it’s at least half of the increase 39cents. Today the fuel price is standing at rather consistent price through the month, without failed being kept below USD110 per barrel. It’s just a slight increase compare to the price we paid for RM1.92. Why the price shall not stick to somewher near RM1.92 but standing at RM2.45? I would expect at least RM2.35 for the worst case, now it’s even worst! I think they just don’t know how to look at statistic as well as figures apart from $$. The trend for the last whole month was never really hitting USD100 per barrel until two days ago which also not very high, standing at USD106.61 per barrel. Are they taking the final closing for evaluating the amount of cent decrease? If that’s the case, please … do a cut off every day for God sake because through the last whole month, we were suppose to enjoy petrol price which is lesser than RM1.92.

Yet the Government is now making another promise that even if the global market price went up, they assure the people that the price will not exceed RM2.70 (I think this time it’s easy to keep la cause the chance for it to happen is ultra low). Remember when they said petrol price only increase in August? In the end it was in June. Remember they said will increase in the rate that would not burden the people? Then they did it away with 78 cents. Remember they said want to help to ease the people burden? They only decrease the price by 25 cents when the price of oil per barrel is about the price of the time we paid RM1.92.

What people said is very right about our Government. When petrol price increase, Petronas profit was not good, when the price decrease, Petronas profit also not good, then when is good ah?

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Twilight Zone September 23, 2008

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As what Michael has been telling me, I’m now in the twilight zone … taken to the outer space by now.

Yes I admit that I’m now kinda lost in somewhere … not being able to grab hold of all the thing I’m suppose to be taking over. Yes, you are right … I’m talking about my job. I’ve been trying my best to learn but seem pretty hard for me … this might all be excuses but hey, just let me throw it out so that I hope I would feel better and continue to go on with life.

01. I’m totally new to this whole PLC stuff.
02. I have never really come accross with all the Oracle screen in the company.
03. I was given rather tight period to master all the thing that I need to master.
04. The issues of the area seem like never ending and my master seem to spend more time to troubleshoot than to pass his knowledge to me.
05. No proper documentation was in place.
06. I’m lazy to read even if there is a complete one.
07. Lack of support from the surrounding people.
08. Too much of information in too short period.
09. All has been told was just concept and flow, how about linkage and relationship?
10. I’m also stuck with my current area support as I can’t just pass all the thing I learn in two years to my successor in just two weeks.

Arghhhhh … it’s just like in the Smallville series theme song … “Save ME

The Walking £30.75million September 21, 2008

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Have you ever seen £30.75million walking? Well actually I have. It’s the £30.75million worth of Man Utd newly recruit striker, Dimitar Berbatov.

Probably I’m quick at hitting his back considering he is a new join and has yet to adapt to the Devil’s style but he’s certainly not showing his effort in the game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. I can’t believe Rooney and Park Ji-Sung were doing all the hard work trying to set up chances but Berbatov was nowhere to be seen in the penalty box, I thought Sir Alex Ferguson deployed him as a defensive midfielder in the game.

Seeing such a player is like seeing Ruud van Nistelrooy (the final year RVN) but certainly now I started to adore RVN because he has the talent to get himself at the right place at the right time even though he’s also another lazy player that tend to just walk around. At least he score … unless Berbatov start to deliver, certainly he is the worst buy contender by the mid of the season ESPN list. Probably a wrong investment, should have bought Hunterlaar or Benzema lol.

Anyway, I’m pure Manchester United fans. Cheers 🙂

Still RM2.55?? September 18, 2008

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According to the statistic of crude oil price USD per barrel, crude oil price has dropped quite a huge percentage since it reaches its peak of USD147 per barrel on 11th July 2008. Now the price has since drop to USD92.40 per barrel while today standing at USD97.16 as per updated on 17th Sept 2008. The drop is roughly around 30% to 38% as it varies day by day.

If the price has drop so much, why is our petrol price still firmly rooted at RM2.55 and not cheaper? Why it’s not reviewed during the mid September as per suggested earlier? What is the complication to review it bi-monthly basis to help to ease the burden of the nation? The price of the crude oil is definitely lower than the price when the nation was paying RM1.92 for a litre of petrol? Will the coming review price would drop to the near base price?

Crude Oil Price

Why do we deserve to enjoy lower petrol price?

1. Same old story, we are oil producing country …
2. The world price has drop lower … as low as the price when we paid for RM1.92 per litre
3. Let’s not forget our car is being tax so much that even if I managed to use my car for 20 years, there’s still loaded of balance left over

I think that three reasons is just too good to lower the price of the petrol for now at least … not til the month end as the nation is on the losing side … coz if by end of the month crude oil price increases back, then the lower of petrol price per litre will be less or even stay the same at RM2.55. If it drop further, no different what, after all they need to lower it also lol …

Please la, you guys got free car and free petrol to move around, we have to work for it … so give us what we deserve!

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So What’s The Outcome? September 16, 2008

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So what is the outcome to recent furores and chaos? Why it has always been like that in our country?

Too much pointless talking, too much dirty politic but too little action yet it’s for not logical reason. Just a few simple question … probably quite a few of you is asking too but no answer to those question yet!

1. What happened to Datuk Ahmad Ismail? No action taken against him from the authority?
2. Why is Teresa Kok being detained further and not Utusan personnel or former Chief Minister of the State of Selangor, Khir Toyo?
3. Seem like no news at all about Mongolian cases too …

Sigh, I’m just getting sick of all the thing going on … once a peaceful country become a war scene of the selfish coalition. Damages done, anger, hatred, revenge, emotion, confuse, fear … that’s some of the thing the nation is feeling right now.