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Started Working Again January 30, 2009

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Still very much in holiday moods, I realise that working life has started again as if I have not had real holiday yet.

Well, you might be asking why not I take the Friday leave to make it a whole week holiday but it’s actually the month end support. I think it’s important to ensure the month end could be close smoothly and after all, it’s my job to support the month end so that is why I am back on Friday to work.

The people in office is not many, most of them still on leave and though some is back, the mood of holiday is still there. Nothing much happened really and everything in office just seem to go on smoothly.

Chua Inspecting The Wine Made Country

At the night, my boss Ling invited everyone in the department to have a CNY celebration at her house. It was a crazy night that started off kinda slow. We had KFC and Dominos Pizza and some snacks. We chit chat and watch Nadal vs Verdasco on the channel 813. Then there came the ‘God of Wine’, Mr Koay and Mr Koed and with Chua already waiting in the house, the celebration kicked off officially.

They Are Having Fun

There were games of ‘007’ and the loser of the game need to drink as punishment. Since I do not drink, I am very much escape from the hell. They had some cards game as well and the whole celebration went on til midnight with lotsa laughter and joy. It’s a nice party though I don’t drink … I can feel the joy of everyone there except for Michael who is waiting for Chua to sent him back to office because he carpooled  there.


3rd Day of CNY – Travelling Day January 28, 2009

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Early morning of the 3rd day of CNY, after a good sleep throughout the night I felt much better and is 100% fit to travel back to Sitiawan. Well, the reason I am in Penang is actually to fetch Jane to my hometown lol :). I reached Sitiawan at 11:14am.

After having my lunch, Serena and Keith came. They ask me if I would be able to fetch them to buy a camera usb cable and cooling pad for the laptop. It suddenly come to my mind and  without much hesitation, I asked if they would like to go Ipoh to buy those stuff. Sound crazy isn’t it since it can be bought in Sitiawan itself. I also don’t know why I come out with the suggestion.

Before heading to Ipoh, I went to Alex’s house to pay him a visit as well as to collect some ang pau. I left for Ipoh at around 1:30pm and reaches there about 3:00pm and I felt it’s kinda long considering normally I took me around 1 hours to do so. Well, lotsa cars along the way I suppose. Even in Ipoh itself, we were caught in traffic along the way especially on the way to Jusco.

It took me quite a while to find a parking space in Jusco. Myself and Jane did some window shopping while Serena and Keith taking their own time to search for their item. We went to order 30 pieces of “siew pau” for Alice and continue with our window shop til we were both got tired. After collecting our “siew pau”, we left Jusco and decide to head to the town to have “taufu fa” and soya bean drink but too bad, the shop is not open yet. Probably still celebrating CNY. Since it’s so much people everywhere and not knowing where to go to next, we left Ipoh at 6:00pm.

For the day dinner, I visited Old Town for the third time in 4 days because my aunt brought my grandparents and grand aunt to try out the foods there. I had “kai xi hor fun” and my usual drink “xi mut” tea. After a day of much travelling around, myself and Keith went for a full body massage session before call it the day 🙂

2nd Day of CNY January 27, 2009

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The first day just gone and the second day is already here. I’m starting to feel the heat of the weather and with my constant shifting from warm places to cold places in short period of time regularly, I find my body is starting to take its toll. Sore throat and running nose, slight fever is working on getting myself shut down.

Hmmm, doing nothing much today. I was just resting myself as much as possible because in the afternoon, I would be heading down to Penang again to Jane’s place before fetching her back to Sitiawan.

After taking rest and medicine, I felt much better and while I am still feeling good, I decide to move on with my plan of the day. Praying hard that the traffic would be smoothed along the way, it turn out to be otherwise. A few minor accidents occur along the way (real minor) but Malaysian is just typical Malaysian (Yup, I know I am Malaysian too). They just have to slow down along the way to take a look on what happened by the road side which causing a long jam on the highway. Just never learn to be less KPC.

All's Well, End's Well 2009

I made it to Penang after almost 4 hours reaching at 6:33pm. Jane book me a movie ticket for “All’s Well, End’s Well 2009”. Not really a great movie but good for a few cheap laugh for myself especially when you’ve watch the previous two product from year 1992 and 1997. This is totally outclassed by the first two which starring Stephen Chow. Nevertheless, hope for All’s Well, End’s Well for everyone.

WBA 0 - 5 Man Utd

After movie, we had Nando’s as dinner/supper while I had a cup of hot chocolate and soup of the day to ease my stomach from having medicine empty stomach. Call it the day at 11:30pm and skipped the chance to watch Man Utd thrashed WBA 5-0.

1st Day of CNY January 26, 2009

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Well … the normally grand Chinese New Year celebration is now taking its less-vaganza this year as the colourful and brightly burning fireworks is burning so much lesser on the sky. I still remember the crowds it used to attract at 12:00 am sharp where everyone gathered by the road side to enjoy the fireworks and noisy but meaningful firecrackers ‘ping pong piang’ sound as well as the smokes of the post-fireworks and firecrackers filling the sky but that seem like not the case for this year.

The burning 'Ong Lai' by the empty road

Anyhow Chinese New Year is important to the chinese. As usual, chinese people is rather superstitious and this year it was told that we are not suppose to wear brand new clothes on the 1st day of cny. It’s claimed that it would not bring good luck for the year and of course myself who not really believe but not taking the chance as well.

One of the few fireworks

Waking up not really early, after getting myself done … I fetch my granny to the temple to pray as what I usually the first thing I do every 1st day of the chinese calendar year. I prayed for a lots of thing because I am greedy but I do pray everyone to stay healthy throughout the year lol 🙂

Myself with Leng Lui, Sharon

Helping out at home and being a chauffeur fetching people all over the place was my whole day activities because no one else drive at home and those who drive were busy so no choice la. I think during the CNY, I can easily hit up with 1000km a week.

Myself with Mui Teng

However the best part of CNY is always on the foods. Grandpa’s cooking is always the best. ‘Kiam Chai’ Duck is the best for me every year and also looking forward for ‘Chai Boey’ which would only be made available on the 2nd day of CNY.

Mini Gathering @ Old Town

At the night, I had dinner with my mum’s and grandma (maternal side) before heading out for a small gathering with my buddies at Old Town. Gosh, for two days in a row I’ve been to the same place for gathering. Well, I do hope more for next year CNY if more people is able to come back 🙂

Andy’s Birthday January 25, 2009

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Yo, today is the big day for my beloved cousin Andy. As usual the year comes and goes and it’s again another year older for him (myself is pretty soon as well) but whatever it is, hope the older you get, the wiser you are.

Myself and Andy

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Chinese New Year January 23, 2009

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Just a quick one since I will be going back to my hometown this afternoon, I want to wish all of your Happy Chinese New Year and wish all of you Good Luck & Good Fortune.

Happy Chinese New Year

I shall be on MIA until next week. Have a nice holiday and drive safe for those travelling.

Card Taken From 123 Greetings

Bleach 203 January 21, 2009

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This week episode 203 of Bleach anime has been released and today downloading of it seem to be good. I’ve managed to finish it in less than an hour. Great moment is coming with this as the starting of Karakura Town war.

Bleach 203

This week title is ‘Karakura Town Gathers! Aizen Versus Shinigami’

Not A Good Day To Start With January 19, 2009

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I never felt better on Monday for several reason and of course the most obvious one would be I need to work after two days of break.

However this particular 19th January 2009 certain falls into my worst Monday of the many. Two specific news which does not really help is certainly worsen the day.

1. My company will have another round of 4 days of shut down due to economy down turn and it has been decided to be on 2nd, 3rd, 13th and 23rd February. While I understand that this has been practise by several big organization but I just simply hate it.

2. This would be rather personnal at this point of time so I don’t want to leak any unwanted news. One thing for sure, I would have more workload by then.

Bad bad Monday 😦

Farewell Dinner For Fish January 17, 2009

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Chicago Rib House

Yesterday for about 36 persons gathered together in Chicago Rib House in AutoCity for Fish’s farewell dinner. It was a fantastic sight and probably the grand-est farewell dinner so far ever being organized. Fish must be a popular figure to everyone lol 🙂

Many of the 36 Attendees

Many of the 36 Attendees

Well, talk about the food I had there first. I ordered St Louis Pork Rib combo with BBQ chicken which serve with broccoli and coleslaw. It tasted nice but it’s kinda hard to have the pork rib as I would really wish to use my hand yesterday instead of fork and knife. Anyhow, I ‘take it’ at the end. As for the drink, I had three big glass of ice lemon tea (bottomless mah) and the meal come with sea coconut puding alike desert which is nice. Probably I would bring Jane there one day soon.

St Louis Pork Rib Combo with BBQ Chicken

Finish on the food, it’s time for Fish to give his farewell speech. It was a funny one which I recorded the video using my camera phone. Quality not very good but who cares, it’s a funny one mah. You hear quite a eerie laughing voice of mine in the video which I myself didn’t really realise it though my friends has been telling me that I’ve got myself some weird laughing voice 😦

Fish & Beejay

Anyway, it is a nice one. We enjoy ourselves there and had quite lots of jokes and talk. Again, I wanna wish Fish all the best! Take care

Bleach 202 January 16, 2009

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The moment of the week is always on the new episode of Bleach anime and this week, it’s already the 202 episode being released but I’ve got not much time for it til today.

Bleach 202