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Fire Drill November 30, 2010

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Annually my company would be having a Fire Drill practise and demonstration to keep us aware of what to do during the actual fire events. There would be demonstration of how to put out small fire using fire extinguisher and the rescue during emergency. It was evaluated by the Fire Department for grading to ensure the company internal Emergency Response Squad is up to the task.

Hiding Away From Sunshine

Strange Weather After Office Hour

For us employee, we enjoy seeing the demonstration and taking the drill as time off since we’ve been through it  for years. Anyhow, kudos to the ERS team 🙂


Washing My City November 28, 2010

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It sound like a big task to wash a City … it’s my beloved Honda City. It has been quite a while since I last wash it and it’s very dirty now. Today I did extra cleaning to it, that’s the engine bay. It’s full of dust so I applied a layer of vinyl and rubber protection shine to it to make it look glossy and new. As for the body, it’s just normal wash and wax job.

Honda City Engine Bay

The Engine Cover

Air Intake Box

The After Wash Honda City

Within 3 hours, ta da … the car is well clean now. The only sad point is the front part has some slight damage due to accident damage last time. Still wondering want to repair it or just leave it since it’s just a small part of it … or shall I do it for once and all to white City 😛

Kuan CH Moving Out Finally November 27, 2010

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Finally, the last person that stay at the apartment that we were staying during our university time has decided to move out. It has been almost 4 years and 6 months since I last move out from there and between the period, I’ve move twice with once to a rented property and now own property. He too finally got one, at the Bukit Minyak area of a landed property instead.

Khoo YL & My Ride

Kuan CH Bukit Minyak House

Nice Sliding Door For Kitchen

The Kitchen Setup

Khoo YL and myself went to his place at 10:00am in the morning. We started to move his 6 years accumulated assets one by one into our car. Is it a lot? I not sure but definitely a lot to me. We move in three cars with all fully loaded. His new house in Bukit Minyak was not bad. He got his renovation done by his relative so it’s much cheaper compare to outside. Everything were well in place but only the living room and kitchen is done. As for the rest, he would be doing it slowly bit by bit. After everything were moved, we went for lunch at the nearby place before we headed to our own direction.

Camera Fair In Gurney

Our Fav A&W Meal In Gurney

And Our All Time Fav A&W Rootbeer Float

In the evening, I went out with Puah CM to the Gurney to check out camera price at the camera fair held there. For both camera that I’m looking at, the price was not cheap at all and the whole deal is much expensive compare to outside reputable shop that I’ve done survey on. I drop off Puah CM at her his wife-to-be shop as he would be going back to his hometown in Perlis.

Taking Half Day Leave November 25, 2010

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It’s a real frustration to learn that the cancellation of my brother was not successful and the reason given was the submission was late. I seriously thought that I’ve did my part really well with all the follow-up but the agent hasn’t been helpful throughout the case. I called up the agent and demand explaination from him, to my surprise instead of admitting to his delay in various area, he claimed that I was late and causing the cancellation was not accepted. All I was trying to do was asking him to explain on the delay but he seem not to care. On top of that, he twist around his words and started to blame us of fooling him. He even said that we shouldn’t buy the policy in the first place if we were to cancel it. Damn, I was real on fire when he claimed that I cause the delay and to add up with the statement that we were fooling him is making me real “HOT”. Finally he did a mistake by daring me when I told him it’s not good if I complaint to the company on the actual facts that the insurance policy was not sold by him instead it’s his mother in-law. He dare me to complaint by thinking that his mother in-law is a relative to my grandma but that is definitely a big STEP-ON-TAIL that I will let him suffer regardless who his mother in-law is to me. I decided to lodge a complaint to the company of the agent and also appeal for the cancellation to be re-consider by putting up every single event details in mail. So that’s all my half day leave was all about, went to the insurance branch in Penang to get advise on what to do and how I can do it to ensure he’ll get it from me. Partly also because I wanted to get more rest after being real busy early of the week 🙂

Second Presentation November 24, 2010

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Driving all the way back from Sitawan to Penang is tiring enough for me after a long day … but it’s not the end of it yet. At about 11:00pm, I reaches Penang, the first thing in my mind way my presentation. I regretted putting it to the last minutes but it’s not the time to be sorry for myself now. I need to get something out of it quick. Off I started my material preparation now.

Presentation Slide

Burning midnight oil, just like during my schooling time … it was crazy for me … my focus started to disappear at about 2:00am and that was then I decided a short good sleep would do me good. I did not sleep in the room instead at the sofa in the living room. I set my phone alarm at 4:00am and I guess right after that, I was already ZZZzzzz-ing off. However even before my phone first alarm goes off, I was already awake. That’s the sign of being worried and the my mind is telling my body to work. I continue with the presentation slides until 7:00am. Off the office to continue. Finally everything was completed by 12:00pm and then I started with practise before went for the presentation as the last presenter of the day. Tiring and I’ve only sleep for about 6 hours since Monday night til today with all the travelling and etc, I guess I’m dead tired by now … and yes I am 😛

Grandpa 49th Days November 23, 2010

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It’s just like everything happened yesterday yet it’s already the 49th days of grandpa leaving us (not exact 49 days though because the calculation did minus a few days according to chinese custom). It’s as early as 8:00am the prayer were being held at home. It’s actually a ceremony to move my grandpa altar to be placed together with our ancestor altar. The ceremony involved of burning away all the prayer item which was used throughout the 49th days process and the ashes from the burning of incense is being collected to represent grandpa and these ashes would then be put together with the ancestor incense pot. It’s just a quick process and everything was over in less than 30 minutes 🙂

The Mantis Prawn

Mud Crab

Flower Crab

In the afternoon, my leng-lui aunt treat us lunch since most of us is around for the prayer. We went to a seafood restaurant in Kg. Cina and the name of the restaurant is Ah Pek Lee Kou Fuk Seafood. It’s not bad especially with the butter fried baby octopus. It taste so different from those I’ve taste somewhere else and everyone seem to love it. The soup was nice too … clamp soup and the foods there were fresh as well. I guess it’s the best of all that I’ve eaten so far and probably would be our next frequent restaurant lol 🙂 Too bad it’s not suit for Lil with all this seafoods lol 😛

The Clamps Soup

The Steam Rays Fish

The Butter Fried Baby Octopus

The Assam Prawn

I left home for Penang at about 8:00pm instead of early next day morning because I was worried that I won’t be able to wake up on time. Apart from that, the main reason was I wanted to go home early so that I can prepare my next day presentation slides in Penang instead of doing it in Sitiawan and then being too tired to drive all the way home. I won’t want to risk my life over the presentation anyway 🙂

I’m Floating November 22, 2010

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It would be a real tiring for me today … probably tomorrow as well. As I’ve been busy preparing for presentation slides since yesterday night, I didn’t sleep much. In office today, I was busy doing touch up for the slides and then it’s time to practise a bit at least before the actual presentation. Finally it’s the presentation time … I don’t know if I was doing ok with it but I just wanted to get over it quick.

Stuck In Jam After Office Hour At The Tail of Tan SK's Honda Integra

After work, I went home right after the last bell because I wanted to catch a little bit of sleep before doing a short journey back to Sitiawan for grandpa’s 49th days prayer. I thought of going home early tomorrow initially but I heard from grandma that the prayer would be held very early in the morning, so I changed my plan instead going back home late at night. I started my journey at about 1:00am and reaches Sitiawan about 3:00am 😛

Presentation Material Preparation November 21, 2010

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Sigh, one of the thing that I don’t really like to do what preparing for presentation. It’s something that I would not put as priority for sure and as usual, I would just relax most of the time until last minutes to prepare for the presentation material. I seem like something that only happened to my team member, not the others 😛

Presentation Slide

Tomorrow would be one of my two presentation for this round. It’s about 7:30pm only I started my presentation preparation. Starting off from scratch … it’s a real pain in the arse to do it. For the whole next 6 hours, I just sat in front of the PC doing the presentation animation and contents. I felt like dying but I would be dead if I don’t do it. Either way, I’m doomed and it’s just the matter of being doom in a better looking way or not. Luckily my presentation is at the afternoon session, so I can still do some touch up in the office in the morning session 😛 I have another one coming on Wednesday, now I’m starting to get worried about it 😦

Company Annual Dinner November 20, 2010

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Picked up my lucky draw  free Spa Treatment at the Shangri La Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa voucher from QBM.

Free Spa Treatment Voucher

The Voucher

4 years in the company but this is the second time I would be joining for company annual dinner. The first I skipped for … I also can’t really recall the reason and then last year there was no annual dinner as it was replaced with a Foods Fair Carnival. This year, here I am again but our annual dinner has been more or less the same every year. It’s always at the PISA with Eden catering.

Company Annual Dinner Slip

Anyway since it’s free, why not right. It’s better than nothing but this time around, no luck in the lucky draw 😦

Jane’s Sprained Her Leg Again November 19, 2010

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It happened 3 years back and we thought her right leg was already fully recovered but just now, Jane sprained her leg once again. It was so bad that her leg was swollen and she could hardly walk without pain. Seeing her suffering, I brought her to the traditional massage center in Farlim as it was already late evening and no doctor in hospital is available for treatment I suppose.

Traditional Massage & Bone Setting Center

We went to Farlim’s Hor Chin Seng Traditional Massage & Bone Setting Center. It was actually a unit at the low cost flat in Farlim which was quite … you know those creepy type. We were about 5 to 6 behind the queue and finally it’s her turn for treatment. We told the sinseh of her leg condition and I not sure if what the sinseh said was true or not, he told us that Jane’s leg was not recovered at all in the sense her last treatment 3 years back was just to ease the pain and blood clot in it but never set the bone back to its position. Therefore she would often feel like tripping as well as weak support for her ankle.

The Center Business Hours

So what the sinseh did was put an alluminium plate which is wrapped together to her ankle, this would required at least 7 to 8 treatments to get it fully heal. During the treatment process, she would need to avoid foods which has ‘poison’ like some seafoods as well as eggs and chicken. I guess all that she can eat now is just vege and pork hahaha 🙂 Oh no, I would be taking the same foods for dinner too lol