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Annoying Orange With iPhone (Apple) March 31, 2010

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Annoying the iPhone (Apple) then scare of the Blackberry 🙂 Enjoy lol

By the way, there’re two episode in between which I don’t find it nice. It’s the Annoying Orange with Luck O’ The Irish and Annoying Orange with Cheesy, maybe you can find it from Youtube


Chan HH’s Birthday March 30, 2010

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Birthday celebration has been a norm in our office nowadays and today is the birthday of a best friend of mine who is also my colleague, Chan HH.

Chua CK, Ang KT, Tan PE and myself share among ourselves and got her a birthday cake, the very same birthday cake I’ve got on my birthday. Oh well, it’s because the cake was specially make for Ang KT who is a vegeterian lol 🙂

Anyway Happy Birthday to ya 😀

Bad Weather March 29, 2010

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Everything just seem normal at 5:30pm when I left the office. In just split second, the sky started to turn darker and darker as I make my way home.

I was just less than 15 minutes, the sunny day of Penang has suddenly turn into some kind of disaster movie alike where the sky turn real dark and just when I parked my car, the rain started to drop as if nobody business. Real scary … 😛

Perodua Family Day March 28, 2010

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It’s the day that the Perodua is rewarding it’s loyal customer with a Family Day to give some joy and fun. The event started at about 1:00pm or at least that was what we were inform. Though not as grand as thought but not bad, there’s free flow of drinks and also noodles available.

Various activities were being held with gift is distributed for each winner of the game. Jane got herself third place in the balloon blow-til-it-burst game while I join the coke drinking game without any result 😦

As for lucky draw and Guess-The-Balloon-In-Viva, we did not get any as well. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun day to be 🙂

Blue Reef Fish & Chips March 27, 2010

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Today our dear friend Ms Diong … that’s rather formal but hahaha, Diong FW is down in Penang with her family for a walk and also visit her younger sister who is studying in USM.

Since she’s down, myself and Marilyn thought it would be good if we meet up to have dinner or something which we’ve planned much earlier. Just that we totally have no idea where to go for it. Finally we went to the Blue Reef Fish & Chips at Tg. Bungah area. It was actually located in the residential area so I guess it’s not possible for me to find it if not of KH recommendation 😀

I not sure what was the name of my order but all I know was it’s a salmon meal. Not bad, the taste is just nice and I heard from Marilyn that it’s the Chef Recommended meal. We were having some good time catching up with our life until suddenly the whole place just … pop, the light was off. It’s the Earth Hour from 8:30pm to 9:30pm today and Blue Reef Fish & Chips is definitely contributing the it so … not bad, we had a candlelight dinner then.

The Candlelight Dinner During Earth Hour

The night was called off slightly earlier as Baby Ian was seem to be in some discomfort as he cried and cried til he was drop. Exhausted and tired I guess, finally he fell asleep in the car. Poor little Ian 😦

Preparation For Sharon’s Farewell March 26, 2010

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It would be just a week away and Ms Sharon would be leaving us for good to start up her new chapter of life.

As a token of appreciation, one of my colleague took the responsibility to make a short video as a lifetime memory for her. We gathered in the conference room to get everyone to give a short speech or few words for Ms Sharon and also the card signing activities.

Hopefully everything would just turn out to be good! I’m in charge of the card which I bought from Memory Lane at QBM and also get all the people to sign it. Instead of just sign it, I thought it would be good if each and every signature on the card is accompany with a small photo so that Ms Sharon would be able to know who is the owner of the signature!

My Red Honda Emblem March 25, 2010

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After waiting for about a week, finally I’ve got my first ever original red honda emblem. I was suppose to get it yesterday however due to the package was posted to my colleague house and he did not went home on Tuesday night, so I have to wait til today.

Nevertheless, it’s not a perfect item to be honest but for a re-con item, I think the condition was just superb. Both of them emblem is the same in size so as expected, it would not fit 100% onto my ride but for sure it would fit the back one. The one on the front probably need to have something to help cover the edge to fit it. I shall see how then but I’m not sure when I will put it up, as for now maybe not.

Just a snapshot of how red Honda emblem look like on the back of my ride 🙂

FB Post March 23, 2010

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Just a simple post in FB can actually bring a lot of attention and sometimes even if you don’t mean what you really want. Oh well, just a post of frustration but I guess that’s just cool that I let it out …

Lil must be laughing by now I suppose 🙂

The Missing Button March 22, 2010

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It’s pretty hard to find to what I wanted to find, the missing button that would complete my key conversion project.

I’ve been asking around various Service Center and for one and another reason, it seem like nowhere I am able to find it. I tried asking from Team City but no positive news so far. Hopefully I would be able to find one asap 😀

Spending @Mudah Again March 19, 2010

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It has been quite a while since I last have any spending transaction from Mudah.com, probably last I got anything from Mudah was the Type-R Metal Plate.

Anyway today I spend on another Honda stuff, this time is the Red Honda emblem. It’s not brand new stuff instead it’s a re-con item from original Honda Integra DC5 Type-R from Japan. I know it not gonna be 100% fit on my ride but I believe the back portion should be no problem. Regarding the price, I think it’s not good to disclose it here as I know many of you out there might think that I am crazy or something. Oh well, just an image of how the Red Honda emblem look like but that’s not the actual stuff anyway, need to wait for it to be delivered 🙂