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Bleach (ブリーチ) is a Japanese manga turn anime series which I am currently watching as the one and only one anime. I decided to have a simple intro of the series after Stella said she still don’t know what Bleach is all about and she wanted to know more about the series in my Bleach Marathon post.

The main character of the series is a 15 years old Kurosaki Ichigo who obtain the power of Shinigami (死神/Souls Reaper) from Kuchiki Rukia. After gaining the ability, he hold the responsibility to protect the earth from Hollows attack. In the process of transfering the power to Ichigo, Rukia accidentally gave away all her power which was against the rules of Soul Society (尸魂界) in Seireitei (瀞霊廷/Court of Pure Souls). During the period of regaining her power, Rukia is not able to return to Seireitei but to rely on Ichigo for shelter.

10 Gotei Protection Squad Captains

As the result of losing her power, Rukia was detained by Seireitei when they found out about her status and was immediately sentence to death of her wrongdoing. Ichigo was desperate to save Rukia and with the help of Uruhara Kisuke, Ichigo and co. sneak into Seireitei to face uphill battles with Gotei 13 Protection Squad that form through the 13 Shinigamis of captain and vice-captain level. Along they journey, they’ve managed to fought with Shinigamis of various level and got stronger. Ichigo also managed to master Shinigami’s strongest skill, Bankai. He successfully save Rukia from being executed.

However, the whole event in Seireitei was actually plotted by one of the Shinigami of captain level, the 5th Division Caption, Aizen Sosuke. He manipulated the whole event to obtain Hougyoku (Orb of Destruction). Aizen together with Ichimaru Jin and Kaname Tousen betrayed his fellow Shinigamis to form allies with the Hollows to achieve his dream of conquering the universe. Aizen form a team by himself which is known as the Arrancar, the highest level of Hollow in Hueco Mundo … and the battles continue to roar!


Shinigami (死神/Souls Reaper) are military order of psychopomps in Soul Society who escort the souls of the dead to Soul Society through the ritual of soul burial. Their main duties is to protect human from hollows and maintaining the order in magic spells.

Hollows are evil spirit who feed on the souls of humans. Hollow is form when the soul of a dead human is neglected and over the times it changes its form into a monster with a white mask.

Arrancar is Hollow which regains the ability to reason, obtains a more humanoid form. They are the highest level of Hollow and have similarity with Shinigami in term of fighting ability and patern.

Vizards is former Shinigami who escape from Soul Society after gaining Hollow power.


13 Gotei Protection Squad Captain & Vice Captain

1st Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Yamamoto GenryuusaiYamamoto Genryuusai is the leader of the Gotei 13 Protection Squad. He possessses to most powerful Zanpaktou among the fire elements swords. Zanpaktou: Ryujinjakka (Flowing Flame Blade)
Shikai: Banshou Issai Kaijin To Nase (Disintegrate All Existence)
Bankai: –
Others: –

Sasakibe ChoutarouSasakibe Choutarou is the vice captain to the most powerful captain in Soul Society. Although he is expected to be strong however his appearance is not much and his profile remain mysterious.
Zanpaktou: Gonryoumaru (Solemn Spirit)
Shikai: Ugate (Pierce Him)
Bankai: –
Others: –

2nd Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Soi FongSoi Fong is one of the two female captain in Soul Society. She was the subordinate to Shihouin Yoruichi and her goal is to surpass Shihouin Yoruichi. Master of Arts-of-Demon.
Zanpaktou: Suzumebachi (Sparrow Hornet)
Shikai: Jinteki Shakusetsu (Sting all enemies to death)
Bankai: –
Others: –

Oomaeda MarechiyoOomaeda Marechiyo seem to be the weakest of all vice captain. He never dare to cross his captain, Soi Fong.
Zanpaktou: Getsuburi (Five-shapes Head)
Shikai: Bu-tsubuse (Smash Him Into Bits)
Bankai: –
Others: –

3rd Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Ichimaru GinIchimaru Gin is the one of the 3 Shinigamis that betray the Soul Society. His personality is inscrutable and is willing to do anything to reach his goal even if it’s to kill his own subordinate. He left with Aizen to Hueco Mundo.
Zanpaktou: Shinsou (Divine Spear)
Shikai: Ikorose (Shoot to death)
Bankai: –
Others: –

Kira Izuru

Kira Izuru is very loyal to his captain, Gin. Enrolled into Shinigami academy with Abarai Renji and Hinamori Momo but he rose quickly to become the top of the class.
Zanpaktou: Wabisuke (Apology)
Shikai: Omote Wo Agero (Raise your head)
Bankai: –
Others: Ability to doubles the weight of anything it Zanpaktou hits

4th Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Unohana RetsuUnohana Retsu is the captain of the healing-oriented division. Kind and peaceful appearance, she is very respected by fellow Shinigamis.
Zanpaktou: Minatzuki
Shikai: –
Bankai: –
Others: Ability to heal those injured inside her zanpaktou stomach in its shikai form

Koutestu IsaneKoutestu Isane is the vice captain of 4th Division Squad who possesses slight combative nature. She is extremely loyal to her captain, whom she idolizes.
Zanpaktou: Itegumo (Frost Cloud)
Shikai: Hashire (Dash)
Bankai: –
Others: –

5th Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Aizen SousukeAizen Sousuke, ranked as the second strongest Captain after Yamamoto Genryuusai. He is the mastermind of Gotei 13 Protection Squad betrayal together with Ichimaru Gin and Kaname Tousen. He made his own plot plan even 100 years ago. He is a very wild but patient and calm person while his appearance as a kind and supportive Captain made his highly regards as one of the best captain.
Zanpaktou: Kyouka Suigetsu (Mirror Flower, Water Moon)
Shikai: Kudakero (Shatter)
Bankai: –
Others: Ability of complete hypnosis

Hinamori MomoHinamori Momo is a very talented and passionate as well as good at demon arts. She is very loyal to her captain, Aizen that when she found out her captain was murdered by her long time friend, Hitsugaya Toushirou, she tried to kill the murderer.
Zanpaktou: Tobiume (Flying Plum Blossoms)
Shikai: Hajike (Repel)
Bankai: –
Others: –

6th Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Kuchiki ByakuyaKuchiki Byakuya is the leader of the noble Kuchiki clan, a highly respected clan. He is potrayed as arrogant, self-minded and emotionless personality that at one point he show no mercy to the fact that his adoptive sister, Kuchiki Rukia will be executed. His power and fighting ability is superb and his speed is unmatched in the Soul Society.
Zanpaktou: Senbonzakura (One Thousand Cherry Blossoms)
Shikai: Chire (Scatter)
Bankai: Kageyoshi (Blossom Brutal Shadows), Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (Thousand Cherry Blossoms Brutal Shadows), Shuukei Hakuteiken (White Imperial Sword)
Others: –

Abarai RenjiAbarai Renji, the man who aim to one day surpass his captain as his dream. He has great respect and fear of his captain although he does not outwardly seem to have much respect of his captain. He is one of the few vice captain that has the ability to reach Bankai.
Zanpaktou: Zabimaru (Snaketail)
Shikai: Hoero (Howl), Higa Zekkou (Baboon Fang Breach)
Bankai: Hihiou Zabimaru (Baboon King Snaketail)
Others: –

7th Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Komamura SajinKomamura Sajin is a mysterious individual that hide is appearance from the others. He has great sense of honour being particularly devoted to Yamamoto Genryuusai. He is good friend of the 9th Division Squad Captain, Kaname Tousen and he believe Tousen will return to Seireitei one day. Ever since Tousen left Seireitei, he has removed his helmet to show his true form of a wolf.
Zanpaktou: Tenken (Heaven’s Punishment)
Shikai: Todoroku (Roar)
Bankai: Kokujoutengenmyouoh (Black Cord Heaven’s Punishment Buddist)
Others: –

Iba TetsuzaemonIba Tetsuzaemon, formerly member of the 11th Division Squad. He is very image of Yakuza with garish tattoos and a tanto (dagger) zanpaktou to be secreted in his kimono. He is a talented combatant and master drinker.
Zanpaktou: –
Shikai: –
Bankai: –
Others: –

8th Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Kyouraku ShunsuiKyoraku Shunsui, the most carefree and peaceful captain of all. He has the impression of being a lost man in the world of women, sleep and sake. However in reality, his fighting ability is second to none and he is a highly skills and intelligence person. He is one of the first to graduate under Yamamoto Genryuusai. His Zanpaktou is one of the two twin-blade in the Soul Society.
Zanpaktou: Katen Kyoukotsu (Flower Sky, Crazy Bones)
Shikai: Hanakaze midarete (Flowered breeze flutters), Kashin naki (Flower god weeps), Tenpuu midarete (Heaven’s gale blows), Tenma warau (Heaven’s demon laughs)
Bankai: –
Others: –

Ise NanaoIse Nanao share much in common with her captain such as intelligence, compassion and sensitivity but she is very disciplined compare to her captain. She work tirelessly to keep the squad in order and has quite good relationship with her captain.
Zanpaktou: –
Shikai: –
Bankai: –
Others: –

9th Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Kaname TousenKaname Tousen is a blind captain but despite his disability, he is very much capable fighter with strong sense of justice. He is also a staunch advocate of taking the path that leads to the least amount of violence. Tousen is the only captain that immune to the power of Aizen’s Zanpaktou. With his believe that Aizen plot to overthrow Soul Society would prevent the maximun amount of violence, Tousen has joined in Aizen in Hueco Mundo.
Zanpaktou: Suzumushi (Pure Insects)
Shikai: Nake (Sing)
Bankai: Tsuishiki Enmakoorogi (Cricket Demon Of Darkness)
Others: Crimson Flying Locusts

Hisagi ShuuheiHisagi Shuuhei was a top-level academy who was offered a ranked spot in the Gotei 13 Protection Squad even before he graduated. He is a brave and talented Shinigami.
Zanpaktou: –
Shikai: –
Bankai: –
Others: –

10th Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Hitsugaya ToushiroHitsugaya Toushirou is nickname of Tensai or Genius. He is the youngest captain in the Gotei 13 Protection Squad and despite his young age, he is one of the more mature captains, level-headed and perceptive. He has the most powerful ice-type Zanpaktou in Soul Society. He is also has strong relationship with Hinamori Momo of 5th Division Squad.
Zanpaktou: Hyourinmaru (Ice Ring)
Shikai: Souten Ni Zase (Sit upon the frozen heavens)
Bankai: Daiguren Hyourinmaru (Ice Ring of the Great Frozen Hell)
Others: Ability to control weather (snow and ice)

Matsumoto RangikuMatsumoto Rangiku quite a capable and loyal vice captain. She is the only friend of 3rd Division Squad captain, Ichimaru Gin and is also the only person whom Gin unwilling to interfere with.
Zanpaktou: Haineko (Ash Cat)
Shikai: Unare (Growl)
Bankai: –
Others: –

11th Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Zaraki KenpachiZaraki Kenpachi is probably the most fear and powerful captain in Gotei 13 Protection Squad considering his fighting ability. He is the only captain wielding nameless blade as he does not know the name of his Zanpaktou. However his spritual power is strong that the he possesses terrifying strength in combat and colossal spritual pressure. He hide his true power from enemy by wearing a eye mask. In short, Zaraki enjoys fighting with all his strength, he does not seem particularly concerned with winning or losing; the joy of battle is all that matters to him.
Zanpaktou: Does not have any
Shikai: –
Bankai: –
Others: –

Kusajika YachiruKusajika Yachiru is a bubbly and cheerful personality vice captain. She was found by Zaraki after one massacres, and her fascination with blood brought her to the attention of Zaraki. She possesses enormous strength and speed but has an horrible sense of direction. She is consistently sweet and cute, somewhat airheaded, and totally devoted to her captain. Since she is a vice captain, it’s believe that underneath that cute exterior lies a dangerous warrior.
Zanpaktou: –
Shikai: –
Bankai: –
Others: –

12th Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Kurotsuchi MayuriKurotsuchi Mayuri is the 2nd generation leader of The Bureau of Technology. He has great passion in experimenting his enemy to achieve better knowledge of their ability and strength. His greatest success is his experiment in creating of his vice captain by binding a soul to a body.
Zanpaktou: Ashisogijizou (Legshredder Priest)
Shikai: Kakimushire (Pillage)
Bankai: Konjiki Ashisogijizou (Golden Legshredder Priest)
Others: Ability to paralyze and poison

Kurotshuchi NemuKurotsuchi Nemu is created by her captain by binding  a soul to a body. She is totally devoted to him and will sacrifice herself for him or his cause.
Zanpaktou: –
Shikai: –
Bankai: –
Others: –

13th Division Squad Captain & Vice Captain

Ukitake JuushiroUkitake Juushiro is a noble and clever man who cares about his subordinates. He is a reliable and strong fighter but unfortunately he has frail health and is ill most of the time. He graduated together with 8th Division Squad captain, Shunsui under Yamamoto Genryuusai. He own another one of the only two twin-blade Zanpaktou in Soul Society.
Zanpaktou: Sougyo no Kotowari (Parable of Twin Fish)
Shikai: Nami kotogotoku (Be as the waves), Wa ga tate to nare (Become my shield), Inazuchi kotogotoku (Be as lightning), Wa ga yaiba to nare (Become my blade)
Bankai: –
Others: –

Shiba KaienShiba Kaien is member of a noble clan who is also the vice captain the 13th Division Squad. Unfortunately he was killed in a battle with a powerful Hollow which killed and possessed his wife.
Zanpaktou: Nejibana (Twist Flower)
Shikai: Suiten wo sakamake (Boil the Liquid Heavens!)
Bankai: –
Others: –

— To Be Continue —



1. dann - March 28, 2009

this is great. keep it up!

2. ~ bjlcm ~ - March 29, 2009

haha, keeping it up but not yet complete yet … will try to put all characters in!

3. Aizen - October 20, 2009

For ya info Shuhei Zanpaktou name is Kazeshini…. To release in shikai form – Kai (relaase) Kazeshini

~ bjlcm ~ - October 24, 2009

Hi Aizen,
Thanks for the info … I’ve got to know quite a number of zanpaktou name through current anime thanks for Muramasa 🙂
Probably will try to spare some time to update it again.
Thanks for viewing!

4. Christian - December 30, 2009

Incomplete and somewhat inaccurate. And bad grammar. Nice try, but learn a little more first.

Biggest error here is to call Byakuya the fastest, Yourichi (spelling?) is second to none, and proven faster than Byakuya, even when carrying Ichigo, as well as having the nickname “Flash Master”.

5. ~ bjlcm ~ - January 3, 2010

Thanks Christian for your comment but please keep your word polite

1. Grammar is bad but that’s my level and I don’ stop blogging just because I have bad grammar.

2. It was not mention Byakuya is the fastest, please read properly that “his speed is unmatched in the Soul Society” and Yoruichi is not in Soul Society anymore.

3. Yoruichi is mention in the post so your spelling is definitely wrong.

In conclusion to this, I think you did not read the post 100%. This post obviously not updated since ages back just in case you don’t realise, so read if you like and comment in polite. Maybe you don’t read 100% because I got some bad grammar here 🙂

Maybe you should learn more from Aizen, provide info in polite manner. Appreciate for info but I haven’t have time to update it.

6. Yee Huey - February 1, 2010

BJ, Think got more information can be updated d! Go go go 😛
Nice one ^^

~ bjlcm ~ - February 2, 2010

Haha … yalol got a lot a lot of new info can upload to it but now really lazy lol. I wait til after cny only work on this one already la. Now gonna have busy time to move my blog to my own domain name soon 🙂 yeah yeah!

7. Neliel - March 28, 2010

Just want to say that Zaraki does have a zanpakto, he just hasnt been able to find out its name.

~ bjlcm ~ - March 29, 2010

Hi Neliel, yup … I believe he should have one too and can’t wait for it to shown up! Was expecting one in Muramasa moment … still waiting! I’m Zaraki big fans yeah!

8. froilan ragudo - April 5, 2010

SHIBA KAIEN is like ICHIGO WTF……….!!!!

~ bjlcm ~ - April 6, 2010

Haha, that’s japanese manga … same face, different hair style and that’s it, new character! 🙂

9. Blackhart - July 6, 2010

I believe that there is another way to spell captain of the second squad’s name, Sofion.

~ bjlcm ~ - July 6, 2010

Yes, there’re several version so I just pick one lol. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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