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Trip To Sitiawan – Day 2 May 31, 2010

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Day 2 today, we would be attending to Tiong JL’s wedding later at about 12:30pm. As in the morning, we went for bak kut teh at Kat Chai but we did not order fish head this time as Fong ZY and Ng LY did not join us for the breakfast.

Sight Seeing At Lumut

The Stall Along The Jetty Area

After breakfast, I brought them to Lumut again for sight seeing since there’s nothing much to be done in Sitiawan. It’s real bored isn’t it? I do agree but I think I still love the place a lot and still love to be back there.

Tiong JL & Jimmy

Couple Drink Exchange

Anyway after getting ourselves ready, we left for Tiong JL’s wedding. Come to think about it, we actually both forgot to get our red packet ready, as for Teh CH, he forgot to take it from his bag while myself totally forgot about it :P. Luckily I was not there yet, so I went to nearby aunt’s shop to ask for red packet 🙂


Trip To Sitiawan – Day 1 May 30, 2010

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It’s always pleasure to host your friend to your hometown though I hate to say that, actually Sitiawan is just a small place with not many attraction places around … maybe I’ve been living there for the last 20 years or so, I’m so used to it that I don’t think those thing that outsider seem attactive applies to me 😛

Chai Leng Park Dim Sum

Anyway today I’ll be hosting Teh CH and his wife, Nolay as they would be down to Sitiawan to attend to our friend, Tiong JL’s wedding tomorrow. I went over the Permatang Pauh after picking up Fong ZY and Ng LY as they would be tagging along my car and had our breakfast at Chai Leng Park on Teh CH 🙂

The Taman Paya Bakau

The Monkey Business :)

Teh CH & Co In Taman Paya Bakau

The Big Monkey Family On The Tree

In Sitiawan, I place both Teh CH and Nolay at my uncle house while I went home to settle my own thing. In the evening, as mention I do not know where to bring them around, so I brought them to the Taman Paya Bakau where a lot of monkey live there. After the sight-seeing at the Taman Paya Bakau, I brought them to Lumut to buy some local seafood product.

As for dinner, we had it at my house’s grandpa home cook food. They seem to love it and was surprise that it was made by my grandpa instead of grandma 😛 They were more or less exhausted after a long day trip so at night, they did not want to go anywhere but rest at home while I went out with Alex and Suyee to Old Town (current hangout place). That very same night, I learned about another new friend who has yet to make it’s present but his name is Cayden Tan. Guess who is that 🙂

Service @Northern Garage May 28, 2010

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It has been something that I need to decide between authorised service center or outside workshop for my beloved ride. I not sure as the price differ for both too much and in service center, the technician or engineer normally do not provide what I consider as customer-aspect advise as they would normally declare item as faulty and required a change which normally would cost you a bomb. Compare to outside workshop, they would advise you accordingly if they have the knowledge and would provide more alternative. I know the decision is pretty easy to make but in term of warranty, of course service center would bear if thing goes wrong.

Subaru Impreza

Honda Civic Type-R EK9 & Toyota Altezza

Finally I choose to sent my ride for outside workshop as I found one workshop that gave me confident as well as advise. Come to think about it, even if I have it maintain in service center, my ride warranty is already over and if anything hit, I would still need to burn my pocket to repair it, so what’s the point then. After all, this workshop seem to be real professional, no dirt or trace of engine oil fluid on the floor and also everything seem to be in order. The thing that factor my decision most would be the car in the workshop when I first went there. A Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic EK9, Mazda RX7, Toyota Altezza and etc. I think that’s enough to tell me that they are able to do a good job.

My Fuel Strainer & Filter

A Honda Civic EG Dolphin Doing Dyno Test

My Ride Completed Its Maintenance

It’s the major service for my ride, as usual I would go for full sync engine oil, then we have oil filter change, gearbox CVT fluid change, petrol filter and several more item change. For the same number of item, the service center charge me at about RM700 (+/-) in my hometown while another service center quote me at about RM800 (+/-) while Northern Garage only charge me at RM600 (+/-). That’s quite a lot of differences, isn’t it?

Spotted A Nice Honda City 5G Ride In QBM

Anyway I’m not very good at explaining stuff about car and how all those thing work but feeling wise, I felt their service is just good. I would recommend them to whoever who ask me “Where is the best place to have your car taken care of?” Anyway they also have dyno service to tune the performance of your ride if you want to … the boss is also a very nice guy, always appear smiling 🙂

Wesak Day May 27, 2010

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Wesak Day is one main event in Penang and it seem like people from all over the place would just flood the temple regardless how late at night it was … so were we hehehe 😛

The Night Is Still Young

The Crowd Queue Up To Receive Their Blessing

Jane Offer Of Lotus Candle

I went for it every year since 2006 as Jane would normally want me to fetch her there so it has more or less become part of me now. At about 11:30pm at night, we reached the first temple (yes, the first because we went for 3 that night!) and instead of parking my car by the roadside, I parked it in the car park where Jane have season pass. It’s seriously a lot of people and at about 1:00am when we wanna leave, we still see people coming as if it’s not even a night. Oh well, just some SERIOUSLY loyal devotees I suppose.

The Buddha Wishing And Praying Pool

The Buddha Statue Flower Ride

Anyway it’s always nice to see such an event though I don’t like the crowd and jam … just bear with it, after all, once a year 🙂

The Pink Honda City May 26, 2010

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Today I saw one of the most rare or unique Honda City, it’s the pink Honda City which I saw in Sungai Ara area. I was at the Northern Garage to fetch my colleague Tan SK because his car broke down and needed to be left over at the workshop for repair. As we were about to leave, we saw this bright colour car park by the road side and after taking a closer look … WoW … It’s a Honda City, the same version as mine lol.

The Pink Honda City

The Pink Honda City

What a colour but nevertheless, City rockszzz! 🙂

Rides May 25, 2010

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It has been quite a while since I last posted anything on ride … haven’t really doing much attention on my ride actually so just to post two image of mine and my friend’s, Jing ride.

My Ride Honda City

Jing's Ride Honda Civic

What a nice Honda Civic he’ve got. Oh well … these images was snap last Saturday 🙂

Just Some Fart’s Facts May 24, 2010

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Have you ever wonder, what is FARTS? Probably you might just thought of smelly and embarrassing … but there’s definitely more than that. Refer to below image for some facts about our farts and it’s kinda interesting actually 🙂

Some Facts About Farts

Penang Hill Climb May 23, 2010

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Errr … the last time I went for climbing was probably already few years back and I am kinda missing those moment. Though I’ve been in Penang for 7 years, I think I never ever join anyone for climbing though most of my friend often frequent to Bukit Jambul hill.

Jane At The Beginning Of The Climb

Oh well, somehow I got to know that Jane’s uncle is actually a regular climber of Penang Hill and myself and Jane has arranged time to join him for climbing. We started from Youth Park and along the way up, there were quite a number of people. On our way up, we came to face to face with a bunch of monkeys and because Jane was carrying some item in her re-useable bag, the monkey seem to try to snatch it away from her. It was quite aggresive and I tried to scare them off by swinging the tupperware. Finally a group of cyclist came to our aids and we managed to escape from those monkeys.

On The Way Up To Penang Hill

After continuing the climbs, Jane could not go on, so I went all the way up on my own while Jane made her U-turn at about 1.7km from starting points. After about 86 minutes or maybe slightly more … I made it to the top.

The ZhongHua Restaurant

The Fish Balls

Char Siew Pao

Char Kuey Kak

We went for meal after the climb at the ZhongHua Restaurant at the Midland with uncle and it was indeed a nice place to have some dim sum though not much of choices available, but it tasted good 🙂

Lucky Jane May 22, 2010

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Today is really a lucky day for Jane … she got something that I don’t think she would ever thought of though it’s not really something great. Oh well … that’s probably down to the facts that she’ve never even earn any consolation prize in her life, so let alone other prizes.

Jane's 8GB iPod Touch

Jane's 8GB iPod Touch

Jane Is So Happy With Her iPod Touch

Tonight, she finally got her prize, not only consolation prize but it’s the grand prize … yeah! It’s a 8GB iPod Touch which is worth about RM800 in the market. Not bad isn’t it? Oh what else can you ask since it’s a free one? Maybe a 16GB one would be better hahaha 🙂

Clinic Visit May 21, 2010

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Today was the day we went for clinic visit to earn some feedback on the recently launch Clinic Portal system. The 3 clinics that we visited was Klinik Bersatu 16 Jam Lip Sin, Klinik Goh and the last was Klinik Sentosa. We received several feedback such as add-on some item to report, add in some function such as page refresh problem and some feedback on the slowness of the system. However on the slowness problem, oh well … bascially it’s the clinic PC is just too low spec that not even enough to compete against probably 6 to 7 years ago machine. Can’t believe that such machine still exists … 😛

The Old Fashion Air Cond

By the way, probably some of your never ever witness some old fashion air-cond in the photo taken above. I remember my house used to have one also 🙂