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This coming week MIA July 26, 2008

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Officially announcing that I would be MIA for this coming week due to some reason including being lazy and etc. I will try to do some non-related posting maybe …

Have a nice day 🙂


Funny Answer July 23, 2008

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This is funny and kudos to the teacher for being so successful in teaching our young generation!

Fill in the Blank

Yee Chang’s Style Blogging July 22, 2008

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6:30 I was still lying
Heard my phone keep ringing
It’s time to go bathing
Thinking of it make me shivering

Morning morning already mis-calling
Miss called my friend Puah Chee Ming
Acknowledged him that I am reaching
Fetching him to start working

Reach reach rsm find parking
In the office Ms Chan was smiling
Telling me she was finishing
Assignment paper has got nothing

Switched on my pc and waiting
Started the toad to do some checking
Checked on my attendance job scheduling
Found no error in the processing

Went to Ms Chan for chit-chatting
Contribute ideas through telling
Empty assignment started the filling
With all the idea, she fill in

8:45 I attended a meeting
A meeting called by Ooi Wooi Jin
Discussed schedule for server time changing
In the meeting saw him get scolding

Meeting meeting off timing
Everyone started to ignore him
9:45 is time for eating
You know meeting is very disturbing

10:15 break time is ending
It’s time to stop bull-sh*tting
Slowly slowly each one is leaving
Or else Ray will give us the warning

10:30 is time for cleaning
5S 5S yet no one only a few is moving
Me only stayed put and do some observing
It’s time for someone to go cruising

11:00 is the most boring
Because Ocean 11 is screening
Pretend working but sleeping
I was busy doing my programming

Issues came in no stopping
Try my best to do solving
After sometimes felt tiring
Snake-d here snake-d there time passing

Lunch time is time for relaxing
Slowly slowly we were enjoying
Did the talking and laughing
1:45 we felt just like dying

Suddenly issue has stop coming
Finally left me some space for breathing
Here came the time for joking
With all the jokers gathering

Yee Chang Yee Chang posted something
Something inspire me to do this posting
Spending some time to do typing
Just to show us his skill of writing

Then you heard our dear John was screaming
Because his user is so irritating
For all he know he think he’s a King
Why not next time just be more caring

Peace is what we want for living
That is not what I was having
Thing in office is so happening
You’ll never predict the striking

Finally it’s already evening
5:31 is all we were hoping
Finally it came to fulfilling
That was when we started to do packing

SGIVC promised to call but was cheating
Then I started to do all the calling
SGIVC booking was never promising
The answer they gave was disappointing

When I reach home I must do one thing
On my PC and start browsing
ESPN & Star is for reading
Not forgeting VeryCD for downloading

Petrol price increase and increasing
Force me to cut down on my outing
Dinner outside is not longer in listing
Eat in stay in is the purpose of saving

Nearby Malay Mosque was doing some singing
Hope the God above is listening
Didn’t realise others was so pissing
Yet no complaint coz they own the licensing

In front of pc is where I am sitting
Xpertevelen my team is winning
Keep the ACE in sight for overtaking
Waiting the right time to do the killing

Now I’m here doing some blogging
I think this is kinda interesting
Don’t you think I’m now playing
Later have to do some Dot Net-ing

Sick-ing Monday July 21, 2008

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Probably it’s the weather, probably it’s the foods or probably it’s the work pressure … whatever it’s, people around me is slowly falling sick. The whole office is full of sick people (also apply to another meaning) and it make the whole place look dull and dead. Probably it’s the fault of all the backteria in the picture 🙂


A sick day of course started with sick-ing news. I was nominated to present my project in Departmental Presentation Day. Honestly, I’m not confident to take up this but instead of feeling to drag myself to agree, I think I might just give it a try. Maybe I can do better or … worst yet no harm right!??

Since it’s a sick day, so we did not eat out. Surprisingly the food in canteen tasted alright so it wasn’t that suffering afterall. Still we’ll not try our luck tomorrow though. It’s sick sick way of going through the day … half dead as if we are the walking skeleton.

My day come to life only after office hour when I used up my whole day energy to blast SGIVC for inability to get me a room in Swiss Garden Hotel Kuala Lumpur. After the phone call, I actually pity the lady who is so unlucky to handle this conversation. She was blast up to the top til she could not answer anything to me … I demanded the manager to call me tomorrow since she could not commit anything to me. Well, I did apologize to her at the end but SGIVC has been giving me so much trouble and frustration in just getting a room for two days in KL. Sick isn’t it?

Terminator Clip July 20, 2008

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Interesting clip …. Enjoy 🙂

Setup VS2005 July 19, 2008

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I’ve been planning to re-install my Visual Studio 2005 but too bad, I haven’t got myself any installer and my trial version has long expired (I think last year). Never really removed it since it’s installed in my Virtual PC Window Server 2003 and I haven’t use it for ages (use to develop application using Virtual PC instead of my real one)

Virtual PC 2007

Finally I’ve got one, Tan CS gave me a copy of VS2005 image file and with Virtual PC, it has no problem to mount ISO image file to be a drive for installation. While I’ve got nothing to do, just too bored and decided to just simply post something here. Once the uninstallation and installation completed, it mean I have to start my job d. Have a nice day!

Money Not Enough 2 – Trailer July 18, 2008

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This post has got nothing to do with Money Not Enough post on 23rd June 2008. It’s a trailer which I would like to share with everyone out there. It’s not a trailer anyway, it’s more like a reminder for movie-goer to put their phone to silent before the movie start. Great play by Mark Lee and 晖哥 in such a short clip. Looking forward for the release of this movie on 31st July 2008. Anyway a nice one … enjoy 🙂

Lucky Wednesday July 16, 2008

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Today has been a great day of all in the week. Read on to find out why lol 🙂

Nothing much special in the morning, solved some issues and user request and went for break. Of course the hottest topic of the day is about the debate between Anwar and Shabery. Heard it was boring and if this is a real competition, probably Shabery would be given little score as he’s way out of topic. Rookies …

Went to watch Premium Project Presentation and support ITD representative Chua CK and Wong SS. It’s good to learn that the project has gain RM10K for our department and would be partially use for up and coming team building activities.

The Two Presenters

The Sleeping Hong

As for lunch, I was lucky as Chang JK was suppose to treat Ng YC and Chan HH but since myself also one of the beneficiary’s lunch-mate, I get to tag along for free lunch in KFC. I’m kinda like ‘黏饮黏吃’ but who cares, it’s free afterall. Thanks Chang JK.

After lunch, office hours resume as usual. Today was a bit surprising that I did not cruise and was rather concentrate on my task. Did manage to solve a few expense problem as well. Then I got a news, not sure if it’s good news or bad news. For my tebim presentation, I was rewarded with RM300 which I was suppose to be happy with but I felt I’ve disappoint my boss with that amount (I knew she was expecting much better from me 😦 ). RM300, further headache to think how I’m suppose to do with this money which shall be shared with all the HR users It’s really a headache … (think again tmr la)

Tan EH & Myself

Ng YC Waiting For His Meal

I left office sharp at 5:38PM and make my way home to take a quick shower and read PC news info. Ng YC will be fetching me to E&O Sarkies Corner for buffet dinner (Soo’s farewell dinner). Overall the foods was just so so only. Probably I’m not used to Japanese foods and therefore I conclude that it’s not really worth it if we paid fill price Luckily this time Sharon Ooi have some kind of membership with E&O hotel and she manage to get 50% discount for us. We had raw salmon, lamb satay, crabs, prawn and etc and of course helping myself with few cups of ais-cream.

Myself & Soo-Hoo AL

Lim ML & Soo-Hoo AL

We had photo session too but I’ve not get any of it yet. Probably by tomorrow but still I post some taken with my SE K800i … not bad picture quality but still not as good as Fish new Nokia N82 series with 5MP built-in camera. After the photo session, most of the people left except for few of us, still enjoying left over food and had some jokes, chit chat and laughing all the way. By almost 10:15PM, we decided to call it the day.

Not bad isn’t it? I only spend RM1 for today whole day yet I get so much … what a blessing

Much Better Tuesday July 15, 2008

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After a bad bad Monday, a much better Tuesday came to kept Monday until next week 🙂

Today has been quite good I would say. The most happy thing was I managed to solve the program with ASP .NET and to be honest, the solution is rather simple from what I found from Google but I still need to find out how such a simple thing can solve the problem I’ve been facing for the last 3 working days. After solving the problem, my day seem to be rather easy … I even have time to look around what my colleagues was doing in the office. I even saw something rather funny, one of my office manager was caught napping but I think he got the license to do so, he was sick and on medication lol.

Although day were much simpler than yesterday, still I did cruise once a while but luckily I have got myself brand new 30 packets of mild nescafe to keep me awake til 5:31PM.

I left office right on time and fetch Puah CM back to his place. I was suppose to be back to N-Park for a change and switch on my PC to download movie but during a stop at the traffic light, I’ve got a sms from Lim ML saying that dinner has been shifted to 6:30PM instead of 7:00PM informed earlier. Well, it’s a free dinner by Soo-Hoo AL at Dragon-I in QM. So there I goes …

Nice Black Honda Civic

At QM, I was roaming around for a parking space when I saw this fully bodykit-ed Honda Civic with my fav Honda Red Emblem. Without much hesitation, I slot my car right next to it. I was thinking of posting a picture of both the Honda Civic with my Honda City but I decided against it as it’s two different car afterall. Don’t get me wrong, I love my City very much! Anyway nice Civic …

Dinner @Dragon-i

Finish with the car, I head to Dragon-I on the level 3 but there was only Teoh SH while others shadow is nowhere to be seen. Teoh SH wanted for a quick walk aroud the shops while I head down to level 1 to find the Citybank agent to demand for answer on why my application for Citybank credit card was rejected even though all the document has been submitted correctly. He agreed to find out for me and contact me tomorrow, hope he don’t FFK me lol.

Another round to Dragon-I to check if everyone is there was negative as still only Teoh SH was waiting. After not long, it’s already 6:53PM when Gary, Casey, Chua CK and Michael came. We proceed to the table with the idea of waiting for the rest while we can start to choose what we want to have. As time passed, Soo-Hoo AL came followed by Lim ML while Cheah EL completed the whole group. We have a great dinner there with myself ordered ‘Dong Jing Char Chiang La Mein’ with two ‘Xiao Long Pau’. Nice dinner and best of all, it’s free. Thank you Soo-Hoo AL.

Bad Bad Monday July 14, 2008

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It hasn’t been a great start for me this week. Probably I should blame myself for sleeping rather late lately and the accumulated result finally striking me on this cloudy Monday.

A bad day started with bad news where my PC memory module suffered minor (yeah minor only) failure but it failed my schedule job in processing the company-wide attendance record. Manual processing come into picture then thanks to recently enhancement done to the program, no hassle like previously. Once the job is done, my head started to spin. Less than an hour since office hour begin, I’ve been experiencing major knockout or also known as sailing. Gearing to the top of the speed, I’ve been cruising non-stop on and off at 9 something but thanks to 9:45am break, I’m able to refresh myself.

Back to business, I’ve been trying to workout my program with ASP .NET but it seem to be rather difficult, at least against my initial expectation. Hasn’t been productive the whole day, I actually didn’t managed to solve the program bugs 😦 . Sick feeling also sank in at the same time. Sneezing and running nose with minor headache … it seem like I’m falling down anytime then. A visit to clinic was a waste since everyone was busy then, I decided to head back to office to continue my job and telling myself I’m not sick (in the heart la of course). Kinda good at hypnotizing myself lol.

Anyhow, any bad day will ended when you are off to come home. Haha, game time seem to be able to cure my sickness and relax myself. A movie later would just do myself good and finally a good sleep would ended the day for good (hopefully 🙂 )