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Wong KM & Lee EF New Lovely Nest April 29, 2010

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Just a brief post on our visit to married-soon couple, Wong KM and her fiance Lee EF house in Relau. A very warming and comfortable house though it’s located in one of the congested area in Penang, I thought it’s a good place to start up with especially for those just started their career and family setup.

The Corridor To The House

Ahhau Stealing Idea For His Own House

Ahhau Want The Sofa Set

Night View From The House

Just some picture taken during the visit for sharing. Wish both of them a good start and congratulation 🙂


My Cert April 28, 2010

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After attending the Ms SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services training course last week, we’ve now got our certification that show that we’ve completed the course. Not really a proud one or at least it shall be better if it’s officially from the Microsoft.

Ms SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

Anyway, from the pre-test and post-test result, I’ve got improvement from 5 to 9 out of 10. That shall be good isn’t it? Oh well, not sure will still remember what I’ve learned there or not 😛

What A Fall April 27, 2010

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It was as early as 6:30am when I heard a loud crash noise on my apartment block. However it never cross my mind to check it out as it was quite normal that to hear all these noises most of the time. Thing goes on as usual as I prepared myself  for rush hour.

The Condition Of The Roof After The Fall

At about 7:10am, I left for my office. Usually I’ll look down the block from the corridor while waiting for the lift but today I did not do so. The lift came, I went in and press to second floor. As it reaches, the door open and to my shock there was many people gather around the lift area. I saw paramedics and a mobile bed (those use to carry the sicks/injured people) parking outside the house of a malay family on that floor. I thought someone from the family was hurt or something, so I tried to walk nearer to the balcony to avoid the crowded but to my shock, there’s a guy lying on the roof outside the balcony. I thought he was dead and damn, it was so unlucky for that guy. I ask the paramedic if the guy was dead, he told me yes. Whatever … I gave a glance and off to office.

In the late evening, I found that the guy actually survive the falls from news in The Star paper.

As for the same day, I’ve also made up my mind that I would love to handle another national team instead of holding on to the mighty Brazilian Samba, I quit as the Brazil national coach after bringing them Olympic gold medal and also their sixth World Cup title. Probably a weaker national team would bring more challenges 🙂

Quit The Brazilian Team

References: –
Tofu seller survives fall, but lands in trouble with the law
I slipped while trying to retrieve cloth, says tofu seller

Launching Countdown April 25, 2010

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It’s a launching countdown as I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the domain given by my sis as my birthday gift. She’ve been working on migrating of my current blog to the new domain while I’m trying to figure out my own themes as well as design of the layout.

Oh well, it’s not simple though … has been looking around for sample and reference. Anyway I hope beejaylau.com would be able to launch on time, yeah! 🙂 [Snapshot taken on 22nd April Night]

Freed & Integra DC5 April 24, 2010

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Honda is launching the first model for year 2010 and it’s the Honda Freed which has been launch in Japan for quite a while already before making it’s appearance in Malaysia. This model is fully assemble and import from Indonesia instead of the norm of in Thailand.

Honda Freed Front View

A unique looking MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) with great amount of glass visibility, the dashboard was designed in two tier with one flat surface as well as well as the flat surface walking floor and auto electric sliding door. The idea of the design of it is 4 seaters + idea concept. It come with 1.5 i-VTEC engine (same as new Honda City and Honda Jazz), DBW gear transmission technology with shift control. Basically the car is just nice when I took its steering for a round around the town. Quite spacious and though the cabin is huge, however the air-conditioning was not being compromised.

Honda Freed Back View

Overall I would rate this vehicle as great but not worth for its OTC price at RM112,980.00. The price is just simply too much compared to its direct competitor of Nissan and Toyota with Grand Livina and Innova respectively. Simply over-price … just wondering how would the sales be like, or would it be just another Honda Jazz sales trend? Let us see how they would fare in the Malaysian’s market.

Honda Integra DC5 Front View

Honda Integra DC5 Back View

In the night, I saw this dream car of mine, the Honda Integra DC5 Type-R at the Auto City when I meet up with my friend. It’s just simply too nice to look at, feel like wanna own one now 😛

Ice Kacang Puppy Love April 23, 2010

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Just two days back we went for movie, now today we are going for another one. This time it’s two free ticket that Jane got from her office as theres a contractor gave them 10 free tickets for the movie.

The Free Ticket

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Ice Kacang Puppy Love Scenes

Ice Kacang Puppy Love Scenes

Ice Kacang Puppy Love Scenes

Ice Kacang Puppy Love Scenes

The movie was … I would say good for Malaysian local production and bravo to all the involving members especially 阿牛. The story line is rather kampung like and not much of fantasy or special effect. It’s very localise I would say and reflect the life of many Malaysian like me.

Ice Kacang Puppy Love Scenes

Ice Kacang Puppy Love Scenes

Ice Kacang Puppy Love Scenes

Ice Kacang Puppy Love Scenes

Ice Kacang Puppy Love Scenes

Ice Kacang Puppy Love Scenes

The song is also nice and ear-smoothing. Just nice and I like the ending and it’s very near to our reality 🙂

Training Day 3 April 22, 2010

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It’s just a blink of an eyes and now it’s already the third and also the last day of the training. Not really disappointed that the training is short but it’s not really many time that we can have training especially out of office training and now we have to be back to work tomorrow. Come to think about it, sad and … lazy hehehe 😛 Ok, the last day of the training is kinda interesting as we learn on something that we never did before in office. We learn how to cache report, run it on schedular and also doing pushing of reports to user through various method such as email, ftp, share folders and etc.

Going For Line Clear

Some Old Folks Enjoying Chess Game By The Roadside

Nasi Kandar Line Clear

People Queue Up For Nasi Kandar

Chua & Din Enjoying Nasi Kandar

For our last day lunch, we went to the Nasi Kandar Line Clear (pretty funny and special name isn’t it?). It’s quite a distant away from the training center but not as far as the cendol stall. There were quite a lot of people and can see that their business is not bad. However on the environment, what do you expect when it’s just a narrow walkway or what we known as Lorong. The food is not bad and price wise, ok la … don’t expect it to be cheap when you are having nasi kandar. Overall, not bad but I still do prefer Nasi Kandar Kayu at Bukit Jambul area 🙂

Training Day 2 & Movie’s Day April 21, 2010

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Day 2 for training, today we learn some basic report creation method and how to use parameters, alignment and sub-report. Actually there’s nothing much to write about what we learn today. It’s basically some stuff that we absorb and then forget when we reaches home, needless to say for myself as now I’m actually doing some back dated update posting lol 😛

Lunch At The Continental Hotel

My Main Course (Prawn & Chicken)

However I do remember we had our lunch at the Continental Hotel (not Grand Continental so don’t get mix up). It’s semi buffet style actually as we need to order a main course and then for the soup, delicacies, fruits and drink is buffet style. I can’t recall what I ordered but I do know there’re prawns and chicken. Didn’t snap much photo though. The price is reasonable I would say, within the RM20 given for the training with few bucks of return.

When In Rome

Beth Met Nick For The First Time

Beth Took 5 Coins From The Fontana D’Amore

The Street Magician, The Male Model, The Italian Painter And The 'Sausage King'

Finally Beth Is With Nick

After the training, I went to movie with Jane on some recommended movie ‘When In Rome’. It’s hilarious though … not very meaningful I would say but it’s good to relax and to forget some office stuff movie. If you want to have something to cheer up your day, I would really recommend this to you. Try it, I think it’s just nice 😉

SQL Reporting Server Training April 20, 2010

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It has been about a year ago since I last been to training and glad that I have one now. It’s the SQL Reporting Server training which actually we’ve been using it since like 6 months ago. You might be thinking so what’s this training for since you guys already using it? Oh well, it was purely on general knowledge that we have through trial and error for the last 6 months and now we have a few question to clarify apart from exposing ourselves to the new 2008 version (we are using the 2005 version now).

Morning Jam Heading To Bayan Lepas

This time the training was held in the Wisma Boon Siew. It was a class of total 15 persons consist of 9 ERP members, 3 MES team members and 3 Operations while we also have 2 obersever [ERP & User]. Basically the first day we were taught on the installation, setup and basic function available for the product. It was pretty straight forward but purely for knowledge purposes as in the office environment, those job belong to the Infra team.

SQL Sever 2008 Reporting Services

For lunch, unlike previously they have caterer to serve the foods right at the training center, we were each given RM20 instead. We had our lunch at the nearby coffee shops. After the lunch, instead of going back to the training center, we head to the opposite direction to Penang Road to have cendol first. It was quite a distant walk under the hot sun but I really love those cendol =)

The Coffee Shop Where We Had Our Lunch

Having Our Cendol

The first day training ended at about 5:00pm.

Lunch At Villa April 18, 2010

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Normally by 1:00pm I would be leaving Sitiawan back to Penang but since yesterday I was back late, so in order to compensate to the time, I decided to move the time to slightly later as my aunt is treating us lunch at the Villa. We’ve not been there since last year November granny birthday because that was one and only time we was over charged (it was really over charged like nobody business and they probably forgot my grandpa was also operating restaurant in the past).

In the morning, I as usual wash my car and wax it. This time I wax it with the new Meguiars NXT Tech Wax 2.0. Funny isn’t it? Version 2.0. However the quality is really good, it turn my ride look brand new with its shining look. Worth buying for sure.

Before we go for lunch, we went to my aunt’s house to get some old photo from her. It’s the final part of the scanning so that I can sent the photo to Lil asap. Then we went for lunch at about 1:00pm and this time, no more over charging 🙂