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About Me

Beejay Lau

I’ve been cracking my head on what is the best way to write on About Me page. Finally I’ve come to the decision of my own preference of being simple la 🙂
Anyway all the information jotted here is correct during press time and will keep updating from time to time.

Name : Beejay Lau Chee Ming (劉志明)
D.O.B : 1st Feb
Location : Penang
Origin : Sitiawan, Perak

Beejay’s Background :
I’m just a simple kampung boy who is the second youngest in the family. I have a elder sister and brother and a younger brother. I’ve been staying with my grandparents since I was young as my dad unfortunately passed away while I was just 2 years old while my mum have to leave us to earn living in the southern region (S’pore lol).

We were practically brought up by our grandparents whom we put the most respect for. Back then, both my grandparents we working while we stayed at home taken care by great grandparents with the help of my aunts. Though then we were rather naughty, well we considered rather mature for our ages and that probably help to ease the burden of taking care of us. It must be due to the situation which play great role in blending us into what we are today.

To be continue …

Beejay’s Free Time :
As usual, I don’t like to do much during my free time. I mostly prefer to either sleep, watch movie or play games. Oh ya, day dream would also play its role during my free time. Basically I’m just another lazy fella who love to waste time but regret at the later stage of why I wasted the time doing nothing haha 🙂 Lately I love to surf net especially to those selling/buying site like Mudah.Com, eBay and etc. Also some car related forum to see if any nice item to be grab!

Beejay’s Status :
Errr, I’m in relationship for quite sometimes already but not ready to give up the my 100% freedom just yet. Probably in few years to come lol.

Beejay’s Dream Car :
I think every guys in the world will have their dream car so I am no different. My initial dream car was Mitsubitshi Lancer Evo III but then as I grew older, I’ve come accross more of it. Slowly Toyota Supra, Mini Cooper, Peugeot 206, BMW Series 3, Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic Type-R (EK Version) and etc come into my mind. On the realistic side, I set Honda City as my dream car now and I am glad I am owning one now. My hope for this dream car is to turn it into white Honda City with various racing emblem (of course the red ‘H’ Type-R emblem too) with Mugen Jazz compactible bodykit so that it would look like Type-R alike Honda City. I am just into the look but not the racing aspect so I don’t intend to modify any part of the performance area. Lately just being on speed in a Mercedes Benz SL50 rode by my cousin Adrian. He show me what is speed and that ride was seriously monster!

Updated: 27th Nov 2009
My latest dream car is again part of Honda family, Honda Integra DC5 Type-R. Hoping I would earn enough to get one soon. Good thing about it is that Jane also love the car lots … probably that would make the decision to buy it much easier then 🙂

Beejay’s Career :
Well, actually the company I am in now is my first real job. Previously I had a few part times and etc and I don’t consider that as job. Still I would start from top on this section.

I have got my first job back in year 1995 during the school holiday. I was only 12 years old then and of course, though it’s my first job but it’s not an official job. I just help out in the car workshop and that has been my regular job whenever school holiday. I would say my second job is helping out one of my relative in his second-hand car dealer shop. I help to do some paperwork and stuff.

My first real job is Software Engineer in my current company. I joined the organization just 3 days after my final year exam on 8th May 2006. I was on contract employment back then and was made permanent on 1st April 2007. I’ve been involved in various area in my job designation. I was involved in minor HR project during my initial job and then since both of my superior left for better job opportunity in mid of year 2007, I was made the main person in taking care of HR area.

At the end of year 2008, I was draft into PLC (Shipping and Warehouse) area with immediate effect due to high turn over rate. In PLC, I have learn a lot on the logic, business and mechanism used in the system. I will also involve in Costing area in near future as additional job designation which I am sure it would benefit me in picking up the total system in out.

With the latest economy crisis, I might not be getting what I was hoping which is promotion. I already self-prepared for it and might just need to extent my plan for further 6 months.

Now I am looking into the possibility to upgrade myself with some certified certificate probably from Microsoft and Oracle. Working toward the goals … 🙂

Wow, finally I’ve got my promotion but at the same time increment did not happened. Oh well, I started to plan something for myself now and let see what would happened next 🙂

Beejay’s Achievement :
So far life has been great so nothing much to complaint. I’ve got my own car, own house and probably you would say the next should be family right? Well, it’s in the planning stage now but personally I felt there are more for me to achieve in my life. Working toward it …

Beejay’s Ride:
My ride is my dear Honda City. Item has been installed on it is not much but I love it a lots. Now it has Mugen body kit front, rear and side. I also installed it with Civic Mugen spoiler which make it unique among other Honda City Mod Kaki. Recently I’ve just change the rims to Lenso SC08 15″. Not intend to make it look real nice with 16″ or 17″ as I would love the performance to stay rather than drop after mod. Next project probably would be the side step and also carbon fiber sticker for the spoiler 🙂

Updated: 27th Nov 2007
Side step project done, now planning for carbon fiber sticker project and hope to get my spoiler done by early next year.

Beejay’s Notes:
Well, I got this idea of notes from Lil and felt it’s nice to put here as some facts about myself for you attention.
1. Beejay do not take any form of alcoholic stuff (could it be liquid form or even chocolate) other than the chinese hokchew traditional ‘samsu’.
2. Beejay have already quit beef-related foods and bye bye my beloved McD Cheeeezzee Burger.
3. Beejay is 100% Man Utd fans since 1995 though for the last few years was not so much into football anymore.
4. Beejay is all the way Honda ‘kaki’ and has been going around poisoning people with Honda’s ride. At least I managed to get 2 into buying Honda so far.
5. Beejay fav sport brand is Nike but sometimes do have Reebok too … No Adidas please. (Now I do … hahaha – updated 4th Jan 2011)

Last Update 4th Jan 2011.



1. Lil - June 18, 2008

friendster is sooooo outdated… come play with us in facebook! 😉

2. chrischee18 - June 27, 2008

How you dude?

3. ~ bjlcm ~ - June 27, 2008

Yo Chris, life’s great! Just a bit downturn on the economy … hey, you got an interesting blog dude!

4. freeman - September 3, 2009

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5. Public Liability Insurance - August 9, 2010

hi bro i m from malaysia city club penang. we are from penang island and mailland and currently we start our over sea project to alor star and ipoh. and we would like u to joint us in our club. we here by invite u to joint us in our club u can visit our forum at mycityclub.friendhood.net012-477 7628

~ bjlcm ~ - August 13, 2010

Wow … wish I could have the time to join but at the same time, just wondering what project are you guys having =)

6. Lil - January 4, 2011

duuuuude, take off your dob. and some info needs updating now (see relationship status) and some info shouldn’t be here (see work stuff)?

~ bjlcm ~ - January 4, 2011

Ops, I think I’ve totally ignored both pages of mine there lol. Should update when I’m free and did I put my DOB there? Oh well … those were the day when I put it up hahaha 🙂

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