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About To Rain September 28, 2010

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I guess it’s going to be raining season soon as lately, the sky is always filled with dark cloud. I heard from news that this year rain would be slightly worst compare to all this past year so traffic jam gonna be happening more often as most people would drive instead of ride then.

Cloudy Day

Rain rain, go away, come again another day 🙂


Jane’s Birthday September 27, 2010

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This is an important date to remember I supposed. As early in the morning, Jane woke up as usual and prepare to go for work while myself already took a day leave. I tend to like to leave thing late though, I went to Gurney for a walk then and grab a card and some important items. Wasn’t really occupied most of the time, so I decorated the card with some wordings on it.

The Birthday Cake

TGI Friday

As in the afternoon, I had a minor issue with the management regarding car park problem. It was a minor one but I believe if more humanity and understanding being put in by management, such issue would definitely not an issue. What I’m trying to say here is, we all do face problem sometimes and might need each other help, you’ll never know so be kind and I’ll ensure you 100% support in future if required. Anyway, just forget about it.

Jane Read Through The Menu

Jane Covering Her Face With TGI Promotion Display

At about 4:00pm, I went to the cake shop to get my cake. Oh, on this cake I wish to thank Ooi LL and Yeoh LP for their help. Thank you very much. After taking the cake, I brought it over the TGI Friday and give them all the instruction on what and when to serve it. Thing seem to be in place and I went home to get ready. Jane came back about 6:00pm then.

Jane & Her Birthday Card

Jane's Birthday Card

We left for QBM at about 7:00pm as my reservation was at 7:30pm. We reached on time, ordered our meals and then we just chit chat along. In between, I gave her the birthday card and of course, she was happy. Honestly, she thought I’ve got her nothing for this birthday though 😦 The whole event was great until … the staff of TGI Friday failed my instruction though. A change of plan was required. Errr, their fault or not? For sure but not those on shift then coz the instruction was given to a guy who has already left his shift at 6:00pm. Damned!

San Francisco & Blue Raspberry Slush

My Tennessee Chicken

Jane's Key West Whitefish

By the way, we got a free slice of cake then. They sang her a birthday song and we were happy though thing didn’t go as planned. Partly I delayed the plan as Jane wasn’t comfortable with the birthday song sang publicly so I guess she would not be able to react if I do it publicly then.

Complimentary Slice Of Cake On The House


The last and best thing of the day happened when we reached home. I parked the car but did not switch it off yet while she waiting for the door to unlock, I show her the box, the ring box. She was surprised as she won’t have thought I’ve got it. She was kinda speechless then … just smiles and then I posted her the question hoping for positive answer. Hoping for positive answer, positive answer I’ve got 🙂 Oh ya, before I forget, Happy Birthday to ya Gal 😀

Shop For Ring September 26, 2010

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I’ve been doing quite a number of survey lately on ring as which I should get as … yes, proposal ring. Basically I already have an idea in my mind of which one that I like most but just to give myself more option, I decided to shop around for another time before getting it.

My Set Lunch @Wong Kok

My Sister In-Law Set Lunch @Wong Kok

Most of the time, I went with Puah CM but this time, I brought along my sister in-law to give her opinion as I thought woman would know woman better. Anyway her role is just to give me better confirmation of my choice. We went to several jewellery shop like OE, Lazio Diamond, GoldHeart, Diamond 88 and etc. It was a bit headache then because I have more than one choices but price range is not within my budget. Instead of myself getting ring, it was my sister in-law saw one of her liking … wondering if my brother will get her that 🙂

GoldHeart Jewellery

My Small Small Proposal Ring

The Alternative Bling Bling Ring

Finally I decided to buy one from GoldHeart which is still my first choice. I love the wedding band package which is made of 100% platinum. It felt so solid but the price, wow … gonna cost me a bomb for sure. Ok now, ring checked … booking of TGI Friday checked and only left is the event itself. Hopefully thing would be just fine 😛

Earlier Birthday Celebration September 25, 2010

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Today Jane celebrate her early birthday as her actual birthday falls on Monday, so we decided to celebrate it earlier with her family. My sister in-law also followed us to her house in Bukit Mertajam for the event.

Jane's Birthday Cake

Ern Eagerly Waiting For The Cake

We left Penang at about 10:00am in the morning and I went to do facial while Jane and sister in-law went to Jane’s house. In between, they too been to Jusco for shopping and etc while my facial could easily last me about 3 hours (suffering lol).

Putting Up The Candles

And Started Singing Birthday Song

After I came back from facial, then we prepared the cake and wait for her sister’s children to come around. We then sang her a birthday song and of course Jane was very happy then. Oh present? I did not prepare any then lol. Wait til the actual day ya.

Jane Cutting The Cake

And Giving Everyone A Piece Of It

Sister In-Law Enjoying The Cake

In the night, I went back to Penang with my sister in-law as there’s no place to overnight for her and I’ve got something to do the next day.

Home Cooked Dinner September 24, 2010

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Ever since my sister in law came to stay at my place although it’s just on ‘on and off’ basis but it’s nice to have her around because she would cook dinner for us 😀 Normally she would cook two dishes and a bowl of soup.

Some Of The Dishes Cook By Sister In Law

Actually this is not the first time she cooked for us to eat but always she won’t allow me to snap photo of it as she said she’s not good at cooking and felt ‘paiseh’ of it. However today I sneakily snapped one for this post. Thank ya 🙂

Now Eiffel Tower September 23, 2010

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Haha, just a day after getting an elephant from Koed … now it’s the Eiffel Tower from Jessie. It’s probably a norm for people to get elephant as souvenir from Thailand and an Eiffel Tower from France. By the way, that’s what I’ve got as souvenir for my friend on my last visit to Paris lol 😛

Elephant & Eiffel Tower

Thank you Jessie for the souvenir, now my elephant has an Eiffel Tower by it side 🙂

Inconsiderate Driver

As on my way back today, I took the Sg. Dua route instead because I went there to order a cake and to buy my dinner at Perkaka. Heading home time, I saw this inconsiderate driver driving a old junk 80’s blue Honda Civic that stop his/her car at the opposite lane or at least 3/4 of the car body is on the opposite lane while waiting for traffic light to turn green. His act causing those turning in from the Gelugor area having difficulties and also causes slow traffic to them. Idecided not to blank out the car registration number. Shame on this idiot driver 😦 

Elephant From Koed September 22, 2010

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I think elephant seem to be a hit in Thailand … or at least in Bangkok. Everyone that been to Bangkok would buy me an elephant as a souvenir and this is the fourth elephant that I’ve got.

My Blue Elephant From Koed

Anyway, this one is rather special compare to the others, it’s made from thread that probably wrapped around a metal coil mould of an elephant thus made it a bit flexible especially with its trunk and tail. We can actually play with it by shaping it as we wish. Anyway thank you Koed for the lovely souvenir 🙂

Broken Cornish September 20, 2010

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It was a near miss for my sister-in-law when she was almost hit by the broken cornish dropped off from the corner of the ceiling and wall. It was the railing of the curtain that save her from being hit. It was a shocked to my sister-in-law, Jane and myself as we were watching a movie on tv then. A loud bang and I saw nothing wrong until I look up the corner of the ceiling.

The Broken Cornish

The Railing That Prevent The Cornish Fell

The cornish was not light and I believe if it hits, it gonna be real pain, probably needed some stitches lol 😛 I cleaned up the area and kept the broken cornish aside and will try to repair it maybe few days later.

Berbatov Hattrick September 19, 2010

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Nothing would make any Red Devils happier than seeing Liverpool doing badly in the league. I must admit that Man Utd were not doing really great but still acceptable in the sense, they are the only team that still unbeaten in the league this season. The only down side is their defending backline seem to be rather easily leaking easy goals especially in the last 10 minutes.

Berbatov's Second Goal Of The Game

Steven Gerrard With His Set Piece Goal

Anyway, the biggest game so far for Man Utd is the visit of Liverpool to the Old Trafford and Man Utd look far different from any other game, they attack and attack the Liverpool goal with almost the first 10 minutes of the game, it was all at the Liverpool half. The deadlock was broken in the 42nd minutes when Dimitar Berbatov scored with a stooping header to give Man Utd the lead at the break. The second half started brightly for United as well as Berbatov again with a spectacular bicycle kick left Jose Reina stranded helplessly as the ball hit the underside of the post and went in.

Berbatov Score Winning Goal

Berbatov Celebrate His Hattrick

Liverpool ... misery

However out of sudden, United started to suffer from their slipped like in previous few away game, they let Liverpool to come back on level through Steven Gerrard from a penalty spot and a set piece goal following two crucial fouls by Jonny Evans and John O’Shea. As the game seem to destine for a draw, Berbatov again came out winner as he beat Jose Reina for the third time in the game with a towering header that eventually prove to be the winning goal 🙂

Insurance Agent Didn’t Show Face September 18, 2010

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I’ve never been comfortable with any kind of insurance plan, even with the one and only which I’ve bought. Whenever someone mention to me of the word “insurance”, it automatically relate me to “cheat”, “scheme”, “liar”, “coward”, “irresponsible” and etc which is all negative word anyway.

Recently I have a problem with this insurance plan which my brother had bought. Once I learned about it from my sister in law on this, I text my brother get to details of what actually is the plan that he’s bought. After getting full understanding from him on what he know about the plan he bought, I become suspicious and called up the agent to explain to me instead of the whole plan. My intention is just to ensure what has been explain to my brother is the same or else I’ll advise him for cancellation instead. I made an appointment with the agent to meet today (I confirm with her on the 14th Sep 2010) but instead when I text her asking her whereabout, she was nowhere around the town.

This is definitely very bad impression for me of an agent. How could you forget your appointment that you’ve agreed and yet did not even tried to inform me earlier as below is how her message goes: –

“Hi, I didn’t go back to Sitiawan this week. Can we meet up next weekend?”

Not even a sorry was mention for the no show face event. Seriously, this doesn’t help at all but just to make me have more bad impression of all this insurance thingy 😦