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Alex & Suyee May 30, 2009

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It’s nice to see your friend going into another level or I would say milestones. Congratulation to both Alex and Suyee that now they are officially married lol.

Suyee & Alex

It has been a busy week for myself but I managed to apply for half day leave yesterday to make the trip back. You know la, I gonna be one of the many Alex ‘兄弟’ to be tortured by to Suyee ‘姐妹’. Yesterday night itself we have already had a mini gathering though not with my usual buddies, somehow Nadya was there. It’s great to catch up with her and some other friends. We had it at Alex place first then Suyee’s.

Front View of Wedding Car - Peugeot 207 CC

On the morning itself, haha … as usual Malaysian time problem. Joo messaged me at 7:45am asking me to be at Alex place by 8:30am but somehow when I called him at 8:30am, he sounded just woke up and not ready at all. In the end, we reach Alex place about 5 minutes after 9:00am. Typical Malaysian I think. By then, all the ‘兄弟’ is already in place to attack to Suyee house.

Rear View of Wedding Car - Peugeot 207 CC

Upon reaching Suyee’s house, we were greeted with some fresh vege and fruits. It’s not normal vege and fruits, we have lemon (ultra sour), bananas with cili padi, fresh bitter gourd and etc. Also some sea weed passing game with our mouth, it seem like a kissing game instead. The best of all is the bird egg game. Teaming up in a pair, myself and Joo became a team. All we need to do is get the bird egg in front one side of the pants and get it out on the other side. Joo was certainly felt the tickle (sensitive area mah!!!) because he shouted loudest lol. Finally the game ended with searching for Suyee’s room key in the flour using mouth.

The final stage was all by Alex himself against Nadya who guard the room’s door. Alex was suppose to nego with Nadya and persuade her to allow him to enter the room. Well, nothing much to worry as Alex can really speak and trick with ease. All he did was telling Nadya that it’s the chinese culture stuff the be on time and he’s running out of time. Nadya taken his words seriously (Alex face can really lie!!!) and allow him to enter the room without much nego lol. Too bad for Nadya 😛

Myself & Jane

Fast forward, nothing else then as all the tradisional tea drinking session and photo taking session so we left for makan somewhere else and then head home for rest and wait for dinner time at Lido restaurant.

Nadya, Jane, Marilyn, Jackie and Shi Jil

The dinner was so so to be honest but to have it with bunch of friends especially after not seeing each other for quite sometimes, it’s great though. Too bad I did not bring my camera there to snap some wonderful moment. Well, what I can do now is to wait for the rest to compile the picture and share with me 😦

We hang out at Alex house after the dinner and finally call it the day by almost 1:00am, dead tired! Oh, not much picture I have here, maybe will do a seperate posting for picture only once I’ve got it from some of my friends. Congrate Alex and Suyee.

Side Events:
1. Today football game, my team were badly trashed, 6-1 but hey, we scored lol.
2. I strike lottery on the number 207 and so do Marilyn.


FCUK Transformer Version May 29, 2009

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My brother has just got me a new FCUK shirt lately and this one seem just to be too cool, it’s the Transformer version. Basically I’ve not bought any of it but eventually already own about 12 FCUK. Haha, I love the name of the brand lol.

FCUK Transformer Version

Beside Transformer version, I do have Batman version and my brother told me that he have got me another Wolverine version which he will post to me sometimes later. Damn nice stuff to own. FCUK

Football Training 2 May 27, 2009

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After heavy defeat in the first game, training seem to be a must to gauge better understanding among the team members. Few area requires attention was passing, shooting, balancing and … actually almost everything in football area lol.

Today we played together with several outsiders (non colleague la) and they seem to be strong. However after the first game, we are not really weak either, only need to further improve ourselves. Somehow, I think our main enemy is our own stamina which was what we lacked of during the first game. Most of us could not last the whole game to be honest.

Oh well, hopefully we can do well in the next game but hehe, I won’t be playing though lol.

I Have Lotsa Chocolate May 25, 2009

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Whenever someone is back from overseas, I bet the main gift from them would be the chocolate. I have lotsa chocolate in my refrigerator now, Bueno and Happy Hippo of Kinder, Irish Baileys alcohol-filled chocolate, Ferrero Rocher and etc.

My Chocolates

Jane’s love it a lot but for me, sometimes I do love chocolate but not most of the time because it contribute to the growth of the pimples on my face 😦

Anyway thank you very much for those chocolate lol, I love Ferrero Rocher lol

5 Goals Thrashing May 23, 2009

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5 goals, that is the number of goal … not we score but they scored against us in the first game of ours.

Hua Hee FC Team

Hua Hee FC

I believe we’ve already set a few records in the game by: –

1. giving away the fastest goal
2. concede the most goal in a game
3. having most injury player even before a game start

and I believe more record would be set in coming few games. Anyway it’s nothing to be shamed about, after all we join for fun actually, as describe by the name of our team, Hua Hee FC.

Danny in Action

Wong YL Rocket Launching Kick

Michael the Keeper

Chua & Myself Defending

Whatever it is, hope we’ll improve by the next coming game and built from then on.

RX 351 May 22, 2009

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It has been troubled me since Wednesday that I think I can’t really bear with it anymore, I need a DOCTOR!!!!!

Fuh, I never expect myself to be in such a bad shape that a short football training session actually can do such a damage to my legs. Now the muscle is pulling so hard that when I walk, I felt little pain, when I go on stairs, I felt like dying and when I go down the stairs, I felt I might just fall anytime. My bad, I did not give my legs any preperation for quite a while lol.

RX 351 by Adventist Hosp.

Luckily after visiting to the In-Plant clinic, I was given a oilment RX 351 which is actually taken from Adventist Hospital. It’s pretty amazing I would say as the pain has reduce it’s killing rate by I would say half. It gave me the deep heat effect on both thigh. Oh well, with such condition, I not sure am I able to play tomorrow, our first ever game 😛

Are You Having Fever Today? May 21, 2009

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Wow, Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 seem to be widespread through the globe now and it’s reaching the extend which our company is giving out a termometer to each staff to self-measure their body temperature in order to ensure no such cases in the office.


I overheard that each of this termometer cost at RM4 per piece so on this alone, the company has already throw in more than RM10k to combat the virus. Oh well, after measuring and get the reading, it’s requires that every staff to update the system which I’ve mention in my Built in a Day post. Basically only need to indicate you have fever or you don’t. Simple isn’t it?

Well, Are You Having Fever Today ?

Yes / No

Football Training May 20, 2009

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Hua Hee FC, that the name of the team that set up by ITD. Why suddenly football seem to be a hit I also not sure, maybe it’s because most of the guy in my department is crazy football fans.

This time round, we’ll be competing in competition with big boys because we are all very amateur rookies in term of skills, knowledge and etc … but don’t care la … just join and play for the sake of ‘FUN’ 😛

Today is the first and only training session I join before our first game on this coming Saturday. I felt so tired after just running around for few minutes … really bad stamina level I have to admit. Worst, after the session, I felt muscle pull on both my legs especially on thigh area, it was killing me for sure. I think this is a reminder to myself that I must run around more and not just sit in front of this stupid box doing typing all the time.

Anyway, with our current level from my personnal point of view, we are sure dead thrash by the opponent lol.

Built in a Day May 19, 2009

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It all took less than 1 day to built what I would say rather simple system as per requested by my superior. It’s a system to capture the fever rate of employee with several simple spec which I don’t think it’s wise for me to publish on my blog due to outbreak of the latest H1N1 flu.

My Mini System

Anyway, in less than a day, a design with some system login mechanism as well as functionality … not forgetting the overall system layout design as well. I think it’s quite impressive (not my ability la) of the overall system especially on the layout design. I find the colour is quite matching yet simple and clean 😛

Tired May 18, 2009

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Huh, I felt just real tired not only today but has been quite a while lately. Tired towards almost everything in my life … especially when it come to work work work and work.

Tired ...

How I wish to be a care-free person right now though I know what does it take to be one. Quite costly and probably at this point of life, it’s worthless!