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April Month End April 29, 2009

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As each month end passes by, Month End Closing seem to be getting easy and easier. Still remember my first month end closing was certainly the worst because I did not really understand what I was suppose to do. Just follow blindly on the guide given by the previous developer and that was a real pain in the arse.

Now thing is much better. Month End Closing was never really as scary as what I imagined. I probably needed only 2 hours to close everything if all go smoothly. It was just pure great feeling that I’ve managed to simplify step in the whole process 🙂


Cameron Trip – Day 2 April 26, 2009

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Date: 26th April 2009 6:00 am
Location: Puncak Arabela, Cameron Highland
Participant: Myself & Jane, Jesse & Lee JL, Fong YJ & Jelly Wong, Tan BC and Tei YY

6:00 am
After having good rest, we were about to resume our day 2 activities. Woke up at 6:00 am, shower myself with hot water from the heater seem to be very refreshing but it’s chilling the moment the heater is off. What a temperature in Cameron, how nice if Penang is the same 🙂

 Morning View of Our Rented Bungalow, Puncak Arabela

By 7:30 am, everyone is more or less ready to hit the road again. We did not have anything for our stomach because we shall be having our breakfast at our first destination.

7:30 am
We made our way to the BOH Plantation at Sungei Palas. I was a bit worried then because I thought the road might be rather sloppy steep slope and would be a problem for my ride to reach the top. Anyway it turn out not as sloppy steep as being told or imagine but we were not able to enter the plantation when we reach because it was 8:00 am then and the plantation is officially open at 8:30 am. Having not much choice, we just parked our car and have a simple photo taking session.

BOH Sungei Palas Tea Centre and Factory

Jane & Myself

Jane, Tei YY & Tan BC Feeling The Chill

My City Waiting for Its Turn

 Fong YJ Taking Flower's Picture

This is the Flower Fong YJ Took

8:30 am
Finally the plantation is open for visitation. Still we were the first batch of visitors lol. Our aim is to get the best seat at the balcony which is 20ft overhanging platform which allows amazing view of the greenny tea plantation.  We had our breakfast there with myself had Earl Grey tea while Jane had Teh Tarik. We also had sandwishes, Strawberry tart and nasi lemak there while enjoying the cooling weather and the pleasant view.

Jane & Myself @ BOH Tea Centre, Sungei Palas

Greeny View of Boh Tea Plantation

Our Breakfast Set

Side Order, Nasi Lemak

Jesse Enjoying The Scenery with Her Teh Tarik

After the breakfast, we proceed to the factory side where we learned on how tea was made through several processes. It was just a simple tour without any tour guide.

Jane & Myself Along The Route to Tea Factory

Witness The Tea Making Process

Tan BC, Myself, Jane, Jelly Wong, Fong YJ, Tei YY, Jesse & Lee JL @ BOH Tea Centre, Sungei Palas

The Kungfu Masters

11:00 am
We left the BOH Plantation for Kea Farms. It’s kinda like market but most of the item solds are roughly the same like strawberry, tomato, vege and etc. Myself and Jane bought quite a lots of vege for our coming week supply.

11:45 am
Our last destination in Cameron Highland was the Cactus Valley. Well, I insist not to buy any cactus because every time I bought or got cactus from someone, it never seem to be able to live past 3 months. They bought a few and Jane got herself one too.

Enjoying Strawberry @ Cactus Valley

Jane & Jesse Spoilt of Choice on Which One to Choose

12:30 pm
We left Cameron Highland heading to Ipoh for lunch. We had 豆腐花 at Ipoh New Town and switch over the Ipoh Old Town for 雞細 Kuey Tiau Soup. Before we head back to Penang, we stop by Pasir Pinji to have Ipoh famous 花生糊 and 麻芝.

Enjoying The 豆腐花

Ipoh famous 花生糊 and 麻芝 @ Pasir Pinji, Ipoh

The 花生糊

That’s it, that’s my 2 days trip to Cameron Highland with bunch of friends. Nevertheless, it was a great trip to have. I really enjoy it lots lol 🙂

Cameron Trip – Day 1 April 25, 2009

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It has been quite a while since my last travel around and it was good idea of Jane that we have a short travel to Cameron Highland with some of her friends.

Date: 25th April 2009 6:00 am
Location: Penang E-Park & N-Park
Participant: Myself & Jane, Jesse & Lee JL, Fong YJ & Jelly Wong, Tan BC and Tei YY

5:30 am
Woke up at 5:30 am for me wasn’t a big problem since that’s my usual waking up time. Get myself ready and it was made simpler since most of the stuff already packed on day before :).

6:00 am
We went over to N-Park to fetch Jesse and Lee JL. Fong YJ already hit the road by then because he need to fetch his gf, Jelly Wong and together with him were Tan BC and Tei YY.

Misty Road Ahead ... Go Slow lol

Along the long journey to Ipoh, it was rather misty especially after Sg. Perak. It was rather hard to drive fast but since I’m not into speeding, that was ok for me lol. Anyway our first destination is to have breakfast in Fushan Dim Sum in Ipoh.

8:00 am
Roughly around this time, we reaches Ipoh town and heading towards to Ipoh New Town for Fushan for our breakfast. We were there much earlier while Fong YJ is still on their way there after picking up Jelly Wong. I parked my car illegally at the taxi parking bay but I was real lucky because someone came into the shop informing the patrons of the arrival of MPI officer. I moved my car to another parking lot and one guy saw my car out, he just dashed in without knowing who is coming. I heard from Jane that the guy got a ticket even before he get down from his car. Pity fella. Fong YJ and co. arrived not long after that.

Fushan Dim Sum - Famous for their 虾餃

9:30 am
We continue our journey to Cameron through Spg. Pulai route. On the way up, we come across with one of the legendary ride, Mazda RX7. Since we were not really in rush, we made our trip an easy and relax one.

On the way up with Mazda RX7

11:00 am
Our first destination is Cameron Valley at Tringkap. It was just a brief stop to catch some fresh and cooling air of Cameron while enjoying some refreshment. I ordered myself a cup of Cameron Valley tea of lemon grass taste. I find it so so but Jane claimed it taste like tradisional oilment smell 😛

Tringkap Cameron Valley Tea Shop

Cameron Valley Lemon Grass Aroma Tea

Lee JL, Jesse, Jane, Myself, Tan BC, Tei YY, Jelly Wong and Fong YJ @ Cameron Valley, Tringkap

11:30 am
Next destination was not in our road map, we just hit it when we saw it. It was the Rose Valley also at Tringkap. Oh well, I’ve been there everytime I visited to Cameron so it’s nothing new to me. Of course, lotsa roses and cactus while we enjoy some easy walk around the area, snapping some photo for memories and appreciate the beauty of the plants there.

Rose Valley @ Tringkap

Roses in the Rose Valley

View of Tringkap from Rose Valley Top

Myself, Jane, Jelly Wong, Fong YJ, Jesse, Lee JL, Tan BC and Tei YY @ Rose Valley, Tringkap

12:30 pm
We head toward the Bee Farms near Brinchang before we went for our lunch makan. The sun started to shine so bright then that even the windy and cooling air could not hide the heat away from us. Not much about Bee Farms, so we just too a few photo and grab some honey before leaving.

Bee Farms @ Brinchang

Jesse, Lee JL, Tan BC, Jelly Wong, Tei YY, Fong YJ, Jane and Myself @ Bee Farms, Brinchang

12:30 pm
Since it’s rather warm outside, we decided to have some indoor activities instead of outdoor. Our next destination is the Time Tunnel. It’s not really a fantastic place to visit but nevertheless, this is definitely the place that brought back my childhood through all the item displayed in the building. It was lovely to learn that most of us share most of our childhoods with those lovely toys and etc.

Old Packing of Some Famous Cereal Drink

Before Darlie, It was Darkie

Childhoods Toys

Tei YY & Tan BC in The Late 80's/Early 90's

2:00 pm
It’s lunch time lol … hungry hungry after drive and walk so much. We just simply choose a restaurant and ordered few dishes of local foods for lunch. After lunch, we proceed with our next destination at Puncak Arabela which is also our rented bungalow.

Our Rented Bungalow @ Puncak Arabella

It was quite a nice place though the last time I went, I stayed just nearby but I didn’t realise of this area. It’s a big bungalow that cut into 4 partitions. We took one without kitchen since we did not plan to cook or anything. All we need was just a place to rest and overnight.

3:30 pm
Our next destination was never visited due to some ill informed information. It was the waterfall. According to the information provided by the owner of the bungalow, all we need is just 15 minutes walk from Parit while the local who tour guide told us it would requires almost an hour to reach. Feeling rather confuse, we take no risk since we were on our own without much knowledge of the rainforest. We just look around and then left for Brinchang again for Big Red Strawberry Farm.

They said "Follow this direction and walk for almost an hour to reach waterfalls!"

We might not make it but it's still fun lol

4:00 pm
The one and only strawberry farms in our road map, the Big Red Strawberry Farm at Brinchang. We parked our car down hills while we walk up the hills to the farms. They don’t just plant strawberry but also other types of vegetables such as butterhead and etc. We had some photo taking session there and then and some refreshment as well.

Big Red Strawberry Farms @ Brinchang

Can You Guess Which is Who's?

The Strawberries Girl, Tie YY, Jesse & Jane

Butterhead Plant

Red Coral Lettuces

Parsley Plant (Look Like Miniature Tree)

Our Strawberries

Refreshment @ Big Red Strawberry Farm Cafe, Brinchang

5:30 pm
The Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant is one of the landmark in Cameron Highland and how could I missed it right!? There we were after the Big Red Strawberry Farms. It was awesome and beautiful with those flowers and well taken care landscape.

Myself & Jane @ Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant

6:15 pm
It’s time to do some pasar malam shopping at Brinchang. It was quite a big one but unfortunately, most of the stalls is selling more or less the same item/product. This make it rather dull and boring though a lot of people especially the local were still around for it.

Lee JL & Jesse Walking The Pasar Malam @ Brinchang

Jane & Myself Walking The Pasar Malam @ Brinchang

7:30 pm
For dinner time, we had steambot in one of the local restaurant along the Brinchang road. Not really a bad idea to have steambot especially the weather is getting cold as the dawn evolved.

Myself, Jane & Tei YY Waiting For Steambot

The Food is Here, Let's Steam!

9:00 pm
Calling it the day. We head back to Puncak Arabela to settle down and to have a good rest after a long long day 🙂

Putting Up The Visor April 24, 2009

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Ok, after a week of taking it down, now it’s time to put it up again. It seem like my whole week is all about taking down the visor, clearing off the gum, preparing the visor with double sided tape and now it’s time to put it up. With 3M double sided tape, I am kinda of confident that even rookies able to do it by their own what’s more it’s me who do it 🙂

In The Process of Putting Up The Visor

Actually it’s not really that hard to do. I’ve seen the accessories shop fella do it, so I just copy as what they did. Just that they applied some kind of primer which they claim would make the visor stick better (I don’t think so … that’s why mine came off lol) while I applied nail polish solution as replacement. Anyway I assume the primer they use is to ensure the surface is free of debris or other material which would not give the gum better sticking ability.

In The Process of Putting Up The Visor

Ta ..daaaaa … it took me about 30 minutes to get all 4 visors up. I would say even you can do it. No problem …. and now my City look nice and pretty again lol.

Mission Accomplished

Clearing off The Gum April 23, 2009

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It’s kinda pretty pain in the arse to clean the remaining of the gum as mention earlier. Previously I’ve tried a few method including using cooking oils, toothpaste and ‘土油’ but none of it give much help.

Finally today I went over to Kg. Jawa Petronas to buy get my car gas filled up and get a half bottle of 250ml petrol at the same time as suggested by my colleague Tan SK that it would help much to clear off the gum using petrol.

I started my task at 10:10pm clearing the gum on the front left hand side door and it took me quite a while to clear it. It’s indeed much easier to clear as during the weekend, I cleared my back left hand side door using almost 3 hours and now it took me less than an hour to do so. However with 2 doors to go, I ended up finishing everything at almost 12:30am next day but everything is worth it as it’s totally clear now. Damn, my hand smells of petrol now … wondering if it would burn lol!

3M Double Sided Tape & Visor April 21, 2009

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Last Saturday when I just finish washing my City, I realise that the tape that stick my visor to the car has come off. It was not coming out as whole but I worried it would totally come off when I am driving on high speed on the highway thus I decided to remove it.

3M Double Sided Tape

It’s not the first time I find the visor coming off. Probably it’s something to do with the double sided tape used by the accessories shop which is not good quality one. Therefore I’ve got myself 2 rolls of 3M double sided tape through my colleague. According to many, 3M is the best in the market now but unfortunately there’s also a lot of fake 3M. Luckily the one I got is genuine 3M.

Honda City Visor with 3M Tape

While I am still trying to clean the remaining of the initial tape that still stubbornly stick to my car’s door, I’ve now get the visor ready with the new 3M double sided tape taped to it. I believe by tomorrow I shall be able to clean off whatever remain on the door and able to re-stick the visor onto it. Hope everything would goes as plan but cleaning off the remaining is kinda pain in the arse!

Hanging The Clock April 20, 2009

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Jane has bought a Seiko clock, just a simple looking clock for almost 2 weeks but I’ve not able to hang it on the wall because I do not have the equipment to get it done.

Kraft Power Drill

Finally last Friday I’ve borroweda power drills from Chang JK. Though I have got it on Friday but I was not able to drill the hole due to it’s already late at night of Friday and Saturday and Sunday is a rest day. What to do, I stay at apartment so have to be more considerate.

The Simple and Easy Seiko Clock

Today after office hours, I did not stay back and head home asap. With the drills, I managed to made a hole on the wall. A expandable plastic screw holder and an inch screw, it is ok simple for me to tighten it. After tighten it, there goes the clock. Finally we have a clock hanging in our house! 🙂

Intel Pentium Core 2 Quad 9550 April 19, 2009

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I’ve rush all the way back to Penang just to make it to the PC Fair. My only item to get is the external mini hdd ide casing but unfortunately I couldn’t find one decent looking casing from almost every single booths in the fairs. It’s fairly disappointing though.

My External Mini HDD Casing

Anyway, I’ve got Adrian a processor for cheap, well … at least for him it’s cheap. Intel Pentium Core 2 Quad 9550 processor price at RM999, without much hesistation he decided to get it. Oh well, it’s pretty hard to find though because this time PC fairs focus is on minor accessories and external HDD like FreeAgent, Buffalo and etc.

Intel Pentium Core 2 Quad 9550

I can’t even find more than 3 booths that offer Gigabytes Motherboard and even with the 3 which I found, they do not sell the latest X-series of motherboard that could support Quad 9550 processor. Anyway, probably Adrian will need to find it himself lol.

What a PC Fair, boring!

Ants Killing April 18, 2009

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Oh well, I’m not cruel person and I always felt it’s wrong to kill an ant. They are just such an innocent creatures but just because they creep on our foods and etc, they are being killed without mercy.

Mass Ants Killing Grave

Anyway I felt bad today because I’ve indirectly killed quite a number (I mean probably more than 100 ants) of them without realizing what I’ve did. You can blame me for being careless or just the nature curiousity of those ants.

I pour some cooking oils into a container with the purpose of trying to get rid of the double sided tape which is making my car look ugly. As it’s took me quite sometimes to remove it, I forgot that I’ve an appointment with Alex for supper until he turn out on my house. In hurry, I just left the cooking oils without pouring it away and off I’m out from there.

Mass Ants Killing Grave

When I came back, I was surprise with what I saw. The colony of ants just drowned in the cooking oils. I never knew cooking oils do attracts ant but it’s facts that they just died. It’s pity but nothing much I can do apart from putting them away. Pity those ants and I am so sorry!

30°C … Hot Hot Hot April 16, 2009

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Have you ever really felt being in Sahara? I bet it could be worst but it’s not any better for 30°C for a working environment lol but well, that’s the temperature reading in my office nowadays. Quite common I would say.


Thing seem to get worst when air conditioning on started right at 5 minutes before official work hour and is down officially 5 minutes after working hour. Sometimes when you need to stay back for some urgent item, it’s like caught in the hell.

Anyway I do pity two of my office operation colleagues who work on shift. They have to bear the stuffy office for at least 1 and 1.2 hours if working on morning shift and worst, 5 hours if working on afternoon shift. What a great control … bravo to the people who come out with such a brilliant idea!